Sneak Peek #7 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Marcelle!

Only 4 days left to enter the Ultimate Giveaway (ENTER HERE)! Value over $700! To all my fellow Beauty Bloggers…this is a wonderful opportunity to expand your makeup and skin care collection and try out products/brands you may not have had the chance to try yet!  Check out the other Sneak Peeks at the end of this post to see what you can expect from this Phenomenal GIVEAWAY!
Our 7th Sneak Peek is featured by Marcelle! This Canadian Brand focuses mainly on Skincare but they also have a fabulous line of cosmetics. I have used their products many times and Marcelle always delivers exceptional results! Continue reading

Sneak Peek #6 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Barefoot Venus!

Barefoot Venus
As we slowly reach the end of the Sneak Peeks into Ultimate Giveaway (ENTER HERE), our 6th Sneak Peek is featured by Barefoot Venus! This Canadian Brand is my all time favorite bath care brand. I use them religiously! Everything is flawless in production with amazing scents, textures, and they all preform as well as they claim possibly better in my opinion! I own a ton of Barfoot Venus Products as they are a must have for every bath I take! Plus…their packaging is so adorable that I display my collection loud and proud in my bathroom as part of the décor :)

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Interview with International Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ~ Lance Blanchette & GIVEAWAY!

Lounge Hair Studio Lance Blanchette

It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to meet with Lance, a true artist and entrepreneur. His down to earth, friendly personality made me feel like we had been friends forever. As we casually talked over a cup of joe I quickly realized that this guy (my new BFF, lol) was a true professional. His experiences within his field is Astounding and Noble to say the least. Continue reading

Sneak Peek #5 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Annabelle Cosmetics!

Annabelle Cosmetics
Our Fifth Sneak Peek into the Ultimate Giveaway (ENTER HERE) is featured by Annabelle Cosmetics! Annabelle® was one of the first Canadian brands to work with bloggers, having its own beauty and trend blog and is today staking its claim on social networks as one of the most affordable brands to its consumers.
I have known and loved Annabelle products since first I started wearing makeup some many years ago but it was not until I began my research into Canadian Cosmetic Brands that I found out that they were in fact a Canadian Company! So needless to say, I was thrilled when they agreed to take part in this event! Continue reading

Interview with Makeup Artist to the Stars ~ Janine Holmes and MAC Giveaway!

Janine Holmes Makeup Artist-in action 1

Janine is definitely a role model to those who seek a freelance career in Makeup Artistry.  Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, her savvy business sense, drive, determination and passion for what she does has gotten her to where she is today.  Janine has answered a few questions below to help all of learn a few tips and tricks from a true professional :) Continue reading

Sneak Peek #4 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Lise Watier!

WOW! We are on our 4th Sneak Peek into the Ultimate Giveaway already! With many more to come! This Sneak Peek is brought to you by Lise Watier! Lise Watier is probably one of the most well known Canadian Brands. Their fresh pallets every season are always to die for and you can always count on a good quality, up to date line. They also have a extensive skin care line as they believe that great makeup begins with great skincare! As do I!
If you are just starting to follow this event, let me brush you up quickly….

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