Sneak Peek #5 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Annabelle Cosmetics!

Annabelle Cosmetics
Our Fifth Sneak Peek into the Ultimate Giveaway (ENTER HERE) is featured by Annabelle Cosmetics! Annabelle® was one of the first Canadian brands to work with bloggers, having its own beauty and trend blog and is today staking its claim on social networks as one of the most affordable brands to its consumers.
I have known and loved Annabelle products since first I started wearing makeup some many years ago but it was not until I began my research into Canadian Cosmetic Brands that I found out that they were in fact a Canadian Company! So needless to say, I was thrilled when they agreed to take part in this event! Continue reading

Interview with Makeup Artist to the Stars ~ Janine Holmes and MAC Giveaway!

Janine Holmes Makeup Artist-in action 1

Janine is definitely a role model to those who seek a freelance career in Makeup Artistry.  Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, her savvy business sense, drive, determination and passion for what she does has gotten her to where she is today.  Janine has answered a few questions below to help all of learn a few tips and tricks from a true professional :) Continue reading

Sneak Peek #4 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Lise Watier!

WOW! We are on our 4th Sneak Peek into the Ultimate Giveaway already! With many more to come! This Sneak Peek is brought to you by Lise Watier! Lise Watier is probably one of the most well known Canadian Brands. Their fresh pallets every season are always to die for and you can always count on a good quality, up to date line. They also have a extensive skin care line as they believe that great makeup begins with great skincare! As do I!
If you are just starting to follow this event, let me brush you up quickly….

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Interview with Essie Canada’s Lead Nail Artist ~ Rita Remark ~ POP UP GIVEAWAY!

Rita Remark

What a delight it was to meet this bubbly, upbeat, professional woman! At 26 years old, and working for Essie Canada…I have to hand it to her…she did it right! Rita lives in Toronto, Canada and travels abroad with Essie for all sorts of events, promotions, media appearances, the list goes on. All you need to do is type in her name to google and you will see for yourself that she has made quite a name for herself. And of course, doing all this with perfectly manicured nails! Not an easy task as we are all too familiar with ;) I had the pleasure to sit down with Rita and ask her a few questions, including her best nail tips! Also, essie graciously gave me 6 of their hottest new shades called the neon collection 2014, so of course I am Giving it away to one of my lucky, loyal readers! You can find all the details below. Continue reading

Sneak Peek #3 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Face Atelier!

Face Atelier
International Cosmetic Giveaway Valued over $700! Ladies…this is an incredible Giveaway, please enter so you don’t miss out on this phenomenal Prize! See full details and enter contest HERE!
Don’t ever miss out on a giveaway again! Visit my Giveaway Page for details :)
Our third Sneak Peek into the grand giveaway is featured by Face Atelier! Another Fabulous Canadian Cosmetic Company! The force behind FACE atelier is Debbie Bondar, a successful businesswoman with almost twenty years of niche retail experience. Her latest venture is FACE atelier, a carefully edited collection of versatile, sophisticated makeup and tools that simply work.  And work simply.

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Sneak Peek #2 into the Ultimate Canadian Beauty Giveaway! Beaute Cosmetics!

Beauté Vernis - The Eden Collection
Have you entered the Ultimate Canadian Beauty Giveaway? One Grand Prize valued at over $700!! Open Internationally!
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Our Second Sneak Peek into the grand giveaway is featured by Beaute Cosmetics! Beaute Cosmetics is a luxury Canadian beauty brand that is seen on Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez,  Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift just to name a few!

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