Why is writting my “About Me” page so hard?

As a new blogger I have been struggling for some time now trying to write “about me”.

Countless hours writing and re-writing what I think I represent while still being interesting enough to the outside world. The truth is, I am who I am. People will either like me, my posts, my blogs, my tweets etc. or they won’t. I need to accept that not everyone will like me. I may not become the most popular in my niche and I am ok with that. This is something I have always struggled with. The need to be perfect. The need to have everyone like me.

I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I won’t go into detail with that now, but every day I learn that there are many people out there that suffer from the same condition. I would love to hear about it if you suffer from it too!

When I made the decision to start blogging, I knew that it was going to be a feat. Constantly questioning if what I have wrote will be well accepted. Numerous drafts sitting, waiting to be published but the need to make them bigger and better holds me back from pressing that publish button. I am working on this.

I don’t have a picture of my face on my profiles. Why? I’m not sure exactly. Am I afraid to show my face to world? Afraid that that will expose who I really am? Why does that matter? The day will come and I will hesitantly press that upload button. That will be a proud day for me. A leap forward.

Although sometimes it feels this way, this condition does not define who I am.

I am 32 years old. I have two wonderful boys. I am amicably divorced after 10yrs of marriage. I am now with a wonderful man who also has two kids of his own. They are great kids too and all the kids get along great!…thank god!

I work full time, I have a great career, however I am not passionate about what I do.

I am however, passionate (Obsessed) about skincare, makeup, fashion, home décor etc. My eyes light up when I see beautiful things, when I create beautiful things.

My anxiety helped create this passion because when I do something, I do it full force! I spend hours upon hours researching products and brands to assure that the Cost vs Quantity vs Quality is the best choice I could possibly make.

My Blog will primarily be about beauty, fashion, and home décor. However, as a mother, anxiety sufferer and a human being, sometimes I will stray from my niche and discuss things that are important to me and my life. And that’s ok.

Thank you to everyone that supports me and my journey through this blog. I am incredibly grateful for all comments and likes as it keeps me motivated knowing that someone out there is listening.

47 thoughts on “Why is writting my “About Me” page so hard?

  1. I had the same thoughts when I tried writing my “About” page! Mine still doesn’t say very much about myself, but I completely understand the hesitation. I have been debating starting videos for YouTube, but the fear there is so huge – and the worst critic will be myself. You are not alone, keep doing what you’re doing 🙂


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  3. Great blog that you have here! Thank you for checking out my blog and for following me. I really appreciate it. I may not have found your blog otherwise. I had a chance to read over some of your postings and you have some very interesting and good information to share. I will keep reading. Keep up the good efforts!


  4. I suspect the about page is a struggle for many of us. I’m listening to a great book right now that you might relate to as well (I don’t know, I’m only going by this post, but am sharing it anyway): Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Thank you for following my blog.


  5. I feel ya re: anxiety. I love that the blogging community is a fairly open place regarding mental health issues and feel so much more open to discussing my issues than I did before blogging.

    On the topic of the About page and how much to reveal, I completely understand. In fact, I understand so well that I blog “in secret”. Oh, yeah and I usually edit a post on average 27-30 times before posting :). UGH – help!!!

    Welcome to the blogging community! Loving your blog so far!!


    • Thanks for the comment. It really helps knowing I’m not the only one out there who “blogs in secret” and hesitantly publishes every post! We are definitely not alone out there 🙂


  6. Thank you for the follow. I have changed by about page probably 15 times since I first started my blog in April 2014. It is hard to label, explain yourself or life in a few paragraphs. Like the quote from Blindside says…we are onions to be peeled a layer at a time. How do you sum that up? Looking forward to reading through your blog. Tina


  7. It can be hard to talk about ourselves. And even though the internet can provide us with a certain level on anonymity you are still putting yourself out there for judgement and critizism. I don’t have GAD but it was still difficult for me to create my about me page. Several re-writes later I’m not sure that I’m happy with it, but I console myself with the knowledge that I can change it. I will change it because I am going to change through out this process. I understand where you’re coming from. I’m a mom, 32, and even live on the same on the same side of the world (I’m in Tacoma). You’re not alone, we’ll all be here with you.


  8. I don’t even need to read more than this to know this blog is amazing. This was just glorious! Thank you for sharing your story with us 🙂


  9. Hello
    When I read this post, it reminded me of how I felt about starting a blog. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your thoughts with us. Im glad Im not alone.
    I love your blog by the way 😃 The posts are so beautifully written. Xx


  10. I seriously felt like I was reading a story about myself. This made me realize that I am not alone and there is someone feeling just exactly the same as me. This is one of the most inspiring posts that I have ever read. Thanks for inspiring me!!


  11. Hi! I just came across your blog and I can totally relate to this feeling. I recently started a blog myself and in the beginning I struggled a lot, wondering if my content would be liked by others. And my about page, forget it…it took me ages to write and even then, I tweaked it a lot. I still struggle with that a bit but I’ve been learning to just let go. You can’t change who you are and remember you have a lot to offer in the blogging world!

    Keep doing what you’re doing, I love your blog by the way! : )



  12. I really loved reading this post. It’s made me feel so much better and ‘normalise’ the situation that we both seem to have in common!
    Maybe one day we will be able to post our pictures or be comfortable with writing facts about ourselves for tags, but for the moment your blog is so amazing and I’m so happy that I have discovered it!
    I would love to nominate you for the very inspiring blogger award. If you wish to complete the tag then please do let me know as I’d love to read your responses! But if not then just take it as a huge compliment that you and your blog inspire me:)

    You can find the tag on my page here xx


  13. Hi! When I read your “about me,” it seemed as if I was reading my own life. The anxiety, the number of children you have, even your age. 🙂 I am happily married though. One thing that I have learned is that when we function in our gifts, we are blessed. Forget the person next to you, because they can’t show you who are, only you can own and walk in your greatness. Have a great day and God bless!! Xx!


  14. I too have generalized anxiety disorder and I feel like I was reading my own thoughts in this post! I am also having trouble forming my “about me” section. It’s really hard to summarize everything I’m passionate about into one articulate sounding post. I had a hard time getting myself to start blogging and sometimes I find myself questioning every little detail of what I post. I’m glad I finally got started because I think its helping me with my anxiety and perfectionist tendencies. I agree with Humaria that blogging is a cathartic release. I think your blog is awesome, I love home decor and makeup too. Thanks for sharing about your anxiety, it made me feel happy to know I’m not so alone feeling the same way 🙂


    • I’m sorry to hear you have anxiety too. It really is an awful thing to have and people truly don’t understand unless they suffer from it as well. Feel free to contact me anytime if you just want to chat 🙂
      Don’t let anxiety get in your way of your blog…I should practice what I preach I know!! You’re doing a great job, it looks amazing!


  15. Blogging is a cathartic release, a learning process and a great way to connect with new people. Welcome to the blogging world! I’ve been blogging in various forms since I was a teenager and honestly some of the most amazing people I have connected with through this form. I cannot wait to read more of your posts!


  16. I too started blogging with the same reservations as you did.. I am glad I am not alone .. But we are a blogging family and this idea of an open diary without being judged is sure way to connect with the world where you get nothing but support and make new friends .. Welcome dear 🙂

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