Liebster Award! I was Nominated!

liebsterWow!  I am incredibly grateful for all of the nominations! 4 lovely ladies have recently nominated me for the Liebster Award!

I’ll be honest and tell you that I wasn’t exactly sure what this award was….so I did a little poking around and came to find out that it is an award that acknowledges up and coming bloggers.  It’s a friendly way of getting to know other bloggers, their interests, and to encourage newbies to keep up the good work as it is being recognized!

I am not sure what the rules are about accepting this award from multiple bloggers, but since I’m not much of a rule follower anyway, I thought I would go ahead and fulfill all 4!

There are a few rules that come with accepting this award:

  1. Acknowledge the blogger that was lovely enough to nominate you
  2. Answer the questions they set.
  3. Nominate 10 different bloggers for the award (they must have less than 200 followers).
  4. Inform these beauties you have nominated them.
  5. Post 10 questions for them to then answer

Sounds simple enough…here it goes!

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the four ladies that have nominated me. They all have wonderful blogs filled with useful information, tips, reviews, and exquisite photos.  I highly encourage you to check them out!

They have each prepared a list of questions for me to answer:

The Amateur Indian asks…

If you could have a celebrity as your BFF, who would it be?
Jennifer Aniston.  She seems incredibly down to earth.
The classic, what can’t you live without if you were stuck on a deserted island?
My Family
Do you believe in the supernatural?
Your go to guide for a night out look?
My closet 🙂
Do you agree that less is sometimes more?
Your favourite makeup company. EVER.
Favorite outdoor activity?
If you were on the cover of Cosmopolitan, what look would you go for?
Sophisticated Sexy 
What is it about blogging that you enjoy?
The idea of knowing that I may be helping someone
The song that is stuck in your head right now. 
I’m Yours ~ Jason Mraz

Everything Beauty for you asks…

10 Weird facts about you
I always wear undershirts. I drink WAY too much coffee. I wear UGGS whenever I can. I never die my hair. I hate mornings. I love visiting Vineyards. Sometimes I call in sick to go to the beach. I create weekly schedules to keep myself organized. I play beer league softball.
What are your fears and why?
That someone close to me will get seriously ill or die.
Where would your ideal place to live be?
Somewhere Tropical
What made you start your blog up?
I was always reading other beauty blogs and constantly researching products etc.  I thought, if I start my own blog, then all of the information I am seeking will be in one place!
What is the main focus of your blog?
Beauty Reviews and Tips
Where did you go on your first ever holiday? How old were you?
Montreal for my first birthday 🙂
What is your favourite genre of film and why?
Chick Flicks! Need I say more?
What is your favourite type of music and why?
I love anything I know the words to because I love to sing!
How do you want your life to be in 10 years?
Happy and Healthy
What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
I had two wonderful children

My Beauty Center Asks…

If you could do anything, what would your ideal career be?
Home Décor Shop owner
What do you prefer, liquid foundation vs. mineral powder foundation vs. tinted moisturizer?
Tinted Moisturizer
What is your favorite makeup product?
BB Cream
How would you define your everyday style?
Comfortable Chic!
If you participate to a survivor challenge, what is one thing that you will take with you to help you out?
A Blanket…I wouldn’t last long if I was cold
What is your favorite color?
If you could have lunch with any person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
What is one main goal you have in regards to your blog?
To produce quality posts that people enjoy
What is your choice of perfect relaxation?
Tropical vacations
Leather pants, yes or no?
If you can pull them off…be my guest!
What do you see in yourself as your main strength?

Last but not least, Little Miss Yami asks…

What’s your morning beauty routine?
Click Here to See!
Favorite place to buy makeup?
Favorite palette?
Urban Decay Ammo 2
What’s the worst brand of makeup you’ve ever bought?
One time I forgot my makeup bag while travelling so I just bought a ton of cheap stuff to make do until I got home.  Needless to say, it all went in the trash when I got home.
Did you do your makeup on your wedding day? or Prom Night?
I did my own makeup on my wedding day
Liquid or Mousse foundation?
Liquid…haven’t tried mouse yet
How do you feel about BB creams?
Have you tried a foreign makeup line?
No. I would like to though.
Are you an ambassador for a makeup brand?
What’s your favorite brand of mascara?
Click Here to See!

And now for my list of Nominees (In no particular order) Drum roll please…

Questions to my Nominees:

  1. Married, kids, single, live in BF?  Lets hear the goods!
  2. What shoes do you wear most often? Include Pic if you can!
  3. Current occupation
  4. Do you or would you make your own skin care products?
  5. Favorite Healthy Snack
  6. Do you use body or face oil? If so, which ones?
  7. Do you use a special program to edit your blog pics? If so, which one?
  8. Must watch TV show
  9. Favorite piece of furniture you own…include pic if you can!
  10. Favorite clothing store

I hope all of my nominees are able and willing to take part. If not, please let me know so I can nominate someone else.

Thank you again to the wonderful ladies who nominated me!

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