12 Beauty Secrets That Every Woman Should Know!


We’ve all done it…stared in envy at another woman for her beautiful skin, perfectly shaped eye brows, shiny hair etc. We sit and wonder, what is she doing that I’m not?! Keep reading to find out some beauty secrets guaranteed to have those woman staring in envy at you next time!

1. Lavish Lashes

Looking to add a little extra Oomph to your lashes but those falsies in your drawer are just too much for the occasion? Apply a strip of false lashes meant for your lower lashes on the top from corner to corner.  They will thicken your lash line without adding too much length.

2. Minimized  Mid-drift!

Look great in your bikini by making your waist look narrower! Take a white pencil liner, beginning below the rib cage, outline an egg shape on each side of your waste.  Fill in the area with a self-tanner that is one shade darker than your natural skin. Allow to dry. Apply a second layer inside the outline as well as blending just outside the outline to make a seamless look!

3. Laborless Liner

Apply perfect eyeliner by drawing three dashes, one in the middle and one on either corner of your eye. Now, connect the dashes for a perfect line! Also, to avoid uneven lines, apply your liner with your eyes open.

4. Luscious Lips

Get smooth, quenched lips. Exfoliating your lips is just as important as your face. Gently rub them with a face cloth every night before bed.  Follow by applying a hydrating eye cream to your lips!

5. Oil Slick Trick

We’ve all been there when we hit the bathroom at lunch and scream in terror for what is happening on our face! Soak up the oil with a blotting sheet or anything that will absorb the oil…then lightly mist your face with toner (then pat dry) now dust a light layer of loose powder all over. Ta-da! Ready to face the world again!

6. Eyebrow Envy

Keep unruly brows looking polished with a slick of clear brow gel. Dab highlighter directly under the brow bone — you will achieve an instant eye-lift effect! Something else to keep in mind…The space between your eyebrows should be equal to the width of your eyes, and start where they line up with your nostrils.

7. Locks of Love

Looking for thick bouncy hair? Start using a shampoo with Keratin! Keratin is a proven protein formula. Protein is just as necessary for your hair as your body and will keep your hair shinny and strong. The most common reason for weak, lifeless tresses is lack of protein held by your hair.

8. Water Woes

Wash your face with cool water. It promotes blood circulation which helps give your face vitality! Who doesn’t want brighter, firmer skin at no cost?! Something else to keep in mind….excessively hot water will strip healthy natural oils from your skin too quickly and cause skin to dry up so keep those shower temperatures down!

9. Tanned Tyrant

Love the idea of self-tanning but hate the look of streaky, striped skin? Mix your self-tanner with moisturizer before applying!  Brilliant!

10. Sleek Sleep

We all have that favorite way we sleep.  That position that helps us drift into dream land…but did you know that sleeping on one side of your face repeatedly will cause deeper wrinkles on that side of your face! To avoid these “sleep lines,” switch up your pillow case to a silk or satin one.

11. Glowing Goddess

Ever wonder how some woman have beautiful dewy glowing skin? Can their genetic luck really be that good? Of course not! They just use the right tricks 😉 Use highlights on the apples of your cheeks, middle of your forehead and chin and the bridge of your nose…all those places that sun would naturally hit.  This is a sure hit to make everyone in awe of your skin!

12. Perfect Pores

Spoil yourself and get a professional microdermabrasion done. You will see visible, instant results!

What’s your Beauty Secret?….

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26 thoughts on “12 Beauty Secrets That Every Woman Should Know!

  1. I love this, I have the most unruly eyebrows ever, the highlighter trick really does wonders. I’m really loving your blog. Thanks for the follow :).
    – Mas-


  2. Great tips! Gonna try the eyeliner and tanning one (although maybe not now since it’s winter!).

    Coincidence: I just wrote a blog about applying lipstick on dry, chapped lips… Never thought of applying eye cream to my lips!


  3. Great tips I will definitely be trying some of these! I love using grape seed oil for taking off my makeup. It also works wonders for fine lines and dry skin and it has a lot of vitamin c and anti oxidants in it. Another little trick I discovered is to mix some powedered foundation or translucent setting powder in with my liquid foundation to help keep oil at bay. It really helps my skin stay oil free during a busy work day.


  4. Coconut Oil! I use it for everything. As an all over body moisturizer, in my hair, as eye makeup remover, on my cuticles. I’ll mix a little in with my conditioner when I want to do a conditioning mask. I’ll mix coconut oil, sea salt and lemon juice as an exfoliant. And it smells so good. ( I know what my next blog post is going to be about, lol)


  5. I *just* heard about exfoliating your lips yesterday…it sounds crazy, actually! I battle with very dry lips and they’re constantly cracking and peeling and ugh…I’m not sure if exfoliating them would be helpful or not, but worth a shot! Thanks for sharing!


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