Ipsy Bag!! May 2014 ~ Canada!

Ipsy Glam Bag May

Yay! It’s Ipsy time again!

What is Ipsy you ask? It’s a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Each month you receive a cute little bag filled with 4-5 sample and full size products.  It’s only $15 a month and it’s such a great way to expand your skincare and makeup collection as well as try new products that you may never would have tried before. Plus, this subcription is available in Canada, where beauty boxes are limited.

My initial thoughts on this months bag was a bit underwhelming.  It’s not horrible by any means, but I think that because last months bag was so fabulous that maybe my expectations were too high…there’s always next month! Check out last months glam bag HERE!

 ~The Bag and the Theme ~

Fresh Picks!

What a great Spring theme! The Bag itself this month is awesome…great neutral colors and it’s fabric. Much better than the cheap plastic ones 😉
Ipsy Glam Bag May Bag


~ Pur-Lisse: Hydra Balance Moisturizer ~

$55USD 1.7oz

“Achieve beautiful balance with this delicate hydrating moisturizer. Infused with our unique, exclusive peptide complex, Lotus Lupine 5, Vitamin E and our secret blend of French Marine Plants, skin becomes dewy and supple – pure harmony.”

~ Pur-Lisse ~ 

Ipsy Glam Bag May Pur Lisse

~ Jersey Shore Sun: Pure White Mineral Sunscreen~

$40USD 2oz

“Sans Tan contains Vitamin D3 because it’s a valuable addition for a sunscreen. Vitamin D3 production is suppressed by sunscreen use, because the enzyme that converts D2 to the active D3 does so by absorbing UV radiation. Blocking UV rays with sunscreen, or avoiding the sun altogether inhibits this process. Sans Tan has SPF 35 Anti-aging, Broad Spectrum Protection. Sans Tan does not contain a sky high SPF which can lead to a false sense of security & compromise sunscreen stability. Sans Tan has SPF 35 Anti-aging, Broad Spectrum Protection. Sans Tan does not contain a sky high SPF which can lead to a false sense of security & compromise sunscreen stability.”

~ Jersey Shore Sun ~

 Ipsy Glam Bag May Jersey Shore

~ Hey Honey: Take It Off Exfoliating Mask~

$35 USD 1.7oz

I did get a chance to try this product out. Personally, I’m not a peel off mask fan.  I find them messy, sticky and a pain in the ass to take off! This product does not differ from any other peel off I have tried.  However, the bits that I was unable to remove by ‘peeling’ were easily removed with toner.If you like peel off masks, then I don’t see any wrong with giving this product a try. It certainly didn’t make my face turn green or anything!

“Instantly renews skin, leaving it refreshed and clean after only a few minutes. This gel mask helps promote a smooth and clear complexion for a post facial feeling. Take It OFF is quick and easy to use, so exfoliating you can feel beautifully refreshed,radiant and ready to go in just a few minutes.”

 ~Hey Honey ~

Ipsy May Glam Bag Hey Honey

~ Pacifica: Duo Eye Shadow~

$14USD palette of four.

To be honest, I’m not to thrilled with this shadow.  I like that it is a natural, vegan product but it’s simply not pigmented enough for my liking.  If you’re a natural look lover, then maybe give this a try. With that said, I have tried some Pacifica products before (non makeup) and I really enjoyed them.  My all time favorite is the Kona Coffee Sugar Detox Whole Body Scrub! It smells sooo yummy and it exfoliates very well. If you like coarse scrubs, then this one is for you!

Back to the eye shadow…These duo were created especially for the Ipsy subscribers…

“The Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo are coconut infused mineral eye shadows that are a perfect addition to any makeup collection. Packaged in a beautiful travel ready recyclable container, these exclusive duos are customized just for ipsy! These shades can be found in the Pacifica Mystical and Charmed Palette. Smooth application with gorgeous color pay-off.”


Ipsy Glam Bag May Pacifica

~ Avene: Thermal Spring Water~

$18.00USD 10.58 oz

I was so so happy to get a travel size of this thermal water. I use it quite regularly in the summer to keep my face moist while the sun sucks the life out of me 🙂 This product has so many great uses. I actually recently included it my “Must haves for a day at the beach” post…check it out!!

“Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes, softens and calms skin. Achieve maximum hydration.”

~ Avene ~ 
Ipsy Glam Bag May Avene

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss

35 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag!! May 2014 ~ Canada!

  1. I got the other eye shadow duo, it takes a lot of product to make that dark plum actually show up. I love the Pur-lisse moisturizer though, and have yet to try the Honey mask. I also got a nice blending eyeshadow brush. Pretty happy with my bag this month and it got to me in 8 days, which is awesome for Alaska.


  2. I love what you got! The shadow, and sans tan are the only things we got alike! I also got some hair Creme, which I love, and honey night cream. The boo boo concealer is nice, but my teenager grabbed it and is in love. Lol! Digging your blog! Xo


  3. Nice I got same bag as you this month and it was my first time ordering Ipsy. I have to say its so much better than birchbox. I am loving that thermal water spray since it is so hot right now.


    • I can’t get the birchbox in Canada but i’m happy with Ipsy so far 🙂 Just got off the waitlist for Top Box, so i’m really looking forward to getting it in June! It seems REALLY good!


      • Oh I haven’t heard of that one! Be glad you never got Birchbox I gave it a chance, me and a girlfriend did and we both cancelled. The samples are really tiny and useless. How many samples of body wash does a person need? Honestly that is the last thing I want. Even if you change your preferences it still felt like I was getting the same crap. My blog is nothing about makeup but I am a makeup/beauty product fanatic so I will keep checking on ya!


    • No it wasn’t full size…that would have been nice though 🙂 I haven’t tried it yet…I assume by your comment that you really like I? What’s the fuss about?


      • I’m old….lol I just like it but at $55 a bottle – gah! I want a travel size for my suitcase but can’t seem to swap for one….I ended up buying a SPF full size on ebay but I still want a travel one of the regular and the spf formula. Waiting for Total Beauty to get it on their site. If you don’t like it, I’ll gladly trade you for it.


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