Beauty Swap International! Canada ~ Ireland


Ok everyone… I must admit that this has been such a fun experience! From getting to know another wonderful blogger (Stephanie at Eat Sleep Chic), learning about products from my own country and others… and of course, the shopping! Then comes that magical day when your package arrives, full of spellbinding products that you have never even heard of before! To get the full scoop on what the swap is all about, the rules we set out etc. please Click Here!

Brands and Products I chose from Canada

Lise Watier

Canada’s most popular High end Makeup Brand.
What I chose… a shadow/glitter duo as Stephanie at Eat Sleep Chic said she likes Glittery things 🙂
I also picked up a glitter brush for ease of application.
And of course I added a shadow palette as you can never have enough eye shadow!


Marcelle is a Canadian Skincare and Makeup Company that is highly over looked. Their skincare products are phenomenal and rank up there with the best, however they just don’t have the ability to market themselves as such.
What I chose… a glittery black liquid liner for those fun nights out!  
Beauty Swap


Anabelle is a sister brand to Marcelle. This line focus’ solely on Makeup where Marcelle leans towards skincare. Annabelle was one of the first Canadian brands to work with bloggers, having its own beauty and trend blog and is today staking its claim on social networks as one of the most affordable brands to its consumers.
What I Chose… Anabelle had a great range of lip products so I picked up a glittery pink gloss, a nude liner and a nude twist-up lipstick.  Stephanie chose nude as her go-to color, however, I also threw in a funky blue metallic eyeliner!


Vasanti Cosmetics was created by three Canadian women and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after Canadian-made beauty brands.
I have never tried this brand before but was pleasantly surprised at their collection.
What I Chose… A voluminizing black Mascara and a pure mineral shimmer powder. Stephanie, you’ll have to let us know what you think!


If you’re a Canadian beauty lover, then you have definitely heard of this brand.  It is exclusive to shoppers drug mart and it’s makeup line is outstanding! Highly pigmented colors, wide range of selection and style.
 What I Chose… A Deluxe Brow kit. Stephanie said that her current obsession is brow kits, so I found this one that has multiple color options, wax, shapers and tools.
 Beauty Swap

Just for fun….

And of course, it wouldn’t be a beauty swap without adding in a little bit fun!
I included a Tank-top with a Canadian flag on it. I told Stephanie that since she is a traveller, she should wear this loud and proud when she leaves the Country as it’s well known that everyone loves Canadians, therefore she would get a warm welcome where ever her travels would take her 🙂
I also added a couple of adorable travel laundry bags for her intimates 😉
I found this cool (Canadian) product that sanitizes your cosmetics. The brand is called Beauty so Clean. I’ve never tried it but now I’m thinking I should have picked one up myself!
I found these cute rhinestone tweezers so I had to get them because I thought they went perfectly with the Studded Makeup bag I put all the makeup in.
 UPDATE: See Stephanie’s first impressions on her products from Canada HERE!

 What did I get from Ireland?

Beauty Swap

Since I don’t know much about the products, please visit Eat Sleep Chic to get the full details 🙂

~ Hair Care ~

Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Mask and Treatment.

~ Makeup ~

MUA Bronzer, Lipstick and Gloss, Essence Lip liner and Fuchsia Brow kit

~ Body Care ~

Soap and Glory Body Butter, Exfoliating Foot Peel

~ Nails ~

Cute Fashion Press on’s, Fur-Effect Nails, Dry press on nail polish

~ Self Tanner ~

Cocoa Brown Tanning kit, Saint Moriz Instant Self tanning Spray

~ Just for fun ~

Instant Designer Soles for your high heals! Super cool!


   I would say that my first Beauty Swap was a HUGE Success! I am so thrilled with everything that I received from Stephanie and can say that I have made an awesome new friend! I can’t wait to try out all my new products!!!

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  2. I love the idea of this! I recently joined Ipsy, and I loved getting products that were new to me. A beauty swap is like that but even better because it’s product from around the world.


  3. That is so cool!! It’d be so neat to have someone send you their top beauty products from another country – love it!


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