Urban Cowgirl ~ Get the look!

Guess Outfit

Upgrade  from Frumpy Farm-girl to Urban Cowgirl with the look I created from GUESS Jeans. A little bit Country, with a lot of Sass!

It’s no secret that I LOVE GUESS JEANS! I own a ton of them in every color, shape and Style. I also own a few dozen Guess handbags, mainly because they are fashionable yet affordable which allows me to switch it up for whatever look I’m going for that day.

With that said, the rest of their stuff is usually a hit or miss with me. Not because they don’t make great clothing, but because at the end of the day I’m a mom and walking around in sequence and rhinestones on my shirts doesn’t always work. However, my recent trip to my local GUESS store had me inspired when I came across these rockin’ open toed booties! I didn’t leave that store until I had an entire outfit to go with the boots I fell in love with.

All for the love of beautiful Shoes….

Olevar Peep-Toe Booties ~ $199.00CAD

SUPER CUTE! Enough said 🙂

Guess Boots

Lexi Denim Shirt ~ $89.00CAD

Denim shirts are everywhere these days and I have officially jumped on the bandwagon! Comfy, cute, trendy…what more can you ask for?

Low-Rise Moto-Seam Destroyed Skinny Jean in Linen Wash 4 ~ $138.00CAD

These Jeans are Distressed but re-inforced from the inside…love this as I have a tendancy to put my foot right threw the holes sometimes when I’m putting on my jeans :/ They have a zipper up the sides at the bottom which gives them a leg up on the other white jean options.

Laced Heart Belt ~ $48.00CAD

Guess Belt

I adore this belt! Not usually a big fan of hearts (as I’m not 6 anymore) but this one caught my eye.  Especially with the Cowgirl theme I was aiming for. Large buckle and distressed leather makes this belt a perfect accessory to this outfit!

La Vida Logo Mini Cross-Body ~$75.00CAD

Guess Purse

I’m a huge fan of all Mini Cross-Body purses these days. Easy to wear and doesn’t weigh you down as there isn’t enough room in these beauties to jam your entire life into!

Transform this look for summer with a few minor adjustments. Swap out the jeans for some frayed white cut offs. Add a tank and leave the denim shirt open for a layered look and ease of removal if it gets too hot 🙂

What’s your favorite Jean Brand?

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  2. This is a great look post. I think this is a super cute outfit and I love the boots soo much. Would you mind looking at my newest post and giving some feedback? I’m a new blogger and I would really appreciate all the feedback I can get. Thanks 🙂


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