Sneak Peek #3 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Face Atelier!

Face Atelier
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Our third Sneak Peek into the grand giveaway is featured by Face Atelier! Another Fabulous Canadian Cosmetic Company! The force behind FACE atelier is Debbie Bondar, a successful businesswoman with almost twenty years of niche retail experience. Her latest venture is FACE atelier, a carefully edited collection of versatile, sophisticated makeup and tools that simply work.  And work simply.

~Product Details~

Power Play Lipstick ~ Value $22.00CAD
Seal it with a kiss, using FACE atelier’s high performing lipsticks, available in matte, satin or frost finishes.   FACE atelier Lipsticks are extremely well-pigmented ensuring long-lasting results.  They are also hydrating and moisturizing due to the high content of emollients in the formula. 
Lip Glaze ~ Value $26.00CAD x2
Impossibly shiny and smooth as glass, our non-sticky, moisturizing formula is a cinch to apply with its sanitary, slant-tip applicator.  Highly concentrated and pigmented, long-lasting Lip Glaze gives a high-shine effect while hydrating and mositurizing your lips.  And as per usual (for FACE atelier), a little goes a long way

~ About FACE Atelier~

At FACE atelier, you are your beauty icon.  We believe that being beautiful is all about being the best  that you can be.  FACE atelier refuses to present an image of how we think a woman should look.  Instead, we strive to provide you with sophisticated and versatile makeup that helps you look and feel beautiful.  FACE atelier is makeup that simply works.  And works simply.

Who is the FACE atelier woman?  It is anyone who wants to look and feel her best, and knows that makeup is one of the many tools that women have to accomplish that goal.  It is someone who more often than not, wants to start the day by putting her best face forward.  Looking good is the best revenge against the trials and tribulations, large and small, that women face every day.

The founder of FACE atelier, Debbie Bondar, herself fifty years old and the mother of two grown daughters,  is committed to helping women of all ages realize that there is nothing wrong with them as they are.  Rather than trying to defy their reality, she urges women to embrace it.

Look good, feel good, be kind to yourself, and celebrate who you are.  The ideal FACE atelier woman is you.

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