Interview with Makeup Artist to the Stars ~ Janine Holmes and MAC Giveaway!

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Janine is definitely a role model to those who seek a freelance career in Makeup Artistry.  Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, her savvy business sense, drive, determination and passion for what she does has gotten her to where she is today.  Janine has answered a few questions below to help all of learn a few tips and tricks from a true professional 🙂

BIO – Janine has been a prominent figure in the Canadian Makeup and Hairstyling industry for over 13 years, working at events ranging from the MMVAs and the Junos to the Toronto Film Festival and Toronto Fashion Week. She started out with MAC Cosmetics shortly after becoming certified through George Brown College. It wasn’t long before she was training other MAC artists across Ontario, passing on the latest in makeup trends and techniques every season. Janine is experienced in many types of makeup application, such as fashion, bridal, photography, television, film, body painting, airbrushing, and special FX. Since 2009 Janine’s freelance career has taken off and she has had the opportunity to work with prominent photographers, directors, fashion designers and well-known music talent such as Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, Robin Thicke and Demi Lovato.

When did you know that “you’ve made it” as a makeup artist?

I would never say that I’ve ever “made it” but one thing that I can do is gauge my growth as a freelance artist. For the past 5 years every year has been better than the last and my clientele has been growing bigger and bigger. I don’t do much advertising so much of it is word of mouth and networking. A career highlight that I’ve had was when I was able to travel to the beautiful Islands of Seychelles in Eastern Africa for a series of photo shoots last year. It was a phenomenal experience and one that I will be telling my grandchildren when I’m older.

I see you have worked with quite a few celebrities…any gossip you can share?

Oh I wish I had some juicy gossip for you! But honestly I tell everyone that celebrities are just regular people like you and I. Everyone I have worked with is very nice. Ok ok I know that’s the not the answer you wanted….so I’ll tell you this, I know at one time there was speculation that Lady Gaga was actually a man. I can tell you that 100% she is a woman. When I did her makeup back in 2008 she was wearing a black top and really tiny neon-yellow underwear. And let’s just say there was no bulge of any sort!

Give us 3 of your best makeup tips!

I love to recommend to clients to do your eye makeup first and then foundation. It makes for a much cleaner application and if there is any eye shadow that falls from the eyes it’s easy to clean up with a wipe. Also your skin will be fresher if left until last.
Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Moisturizing is so important for your skin. Whether you have normal, dry, oily or sensitive skin it is important to always moisturize before applying makeup. Prepping your skin before makeup will help revitalize your skin and give it a healthy glow. I also cannot stress enough the importance of hydrating within by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. If your skin is dehydrated it will look more dry and wrinkled and your makeup will not go on as smooth. My clients will usually look at my skin and ask for me to make theirs look like mine but I tell them my skin looks the way that it does because I have cared for it since I was 15 years old.
“Tightlining” the eyes is my all-time favorite makeup trick. Tightlining, for those who are not familiar, is where you apply eyeliner (shadow, pencil or gel) directly to your lash line from the underside of the lash line. It defines your eyes and makes them look brighter, bigger, and more awake. It can also make your lashes look a lot longer and fuller. Once you get good at it, you can do it within seconds and it really makes a tremendous difference in your look.

Cream blushes…how do you apply them? After your foundation before you powder? Wouldn’t that cover it up?

A good rule to follow in makeup is “creams with creams and powders with powders.” If you use a cream blush its best to blend it over a cream based or
liquid foundation. Once you have applied the cream blush to your liking you can then lightly set with a powder overtop. It is also good to apply a cream blush with a dual fibre brush like MAC’s #159. It has synthetic bristles that are longer to grab the product, then the lower natural bristles will buff the cream blush beautifully onto the cheeks.

What is your go-to mascara?

I have always been a big fan of Covergirl mascaras. My favorite everyday one is their LashPerfection Mascara in Very Black . My favorite one that I use in my kit is their Professional All in One Waterproof Mascara  also in Very Black. I find these mascaras are long wearing, they don’t flake or smudge and the black is a true black. And best of all Covergirl Mascaras are cheap & cheerful!

What is super trendy right now?

I work on the Maybelline Makeup Team for Toronto Fashion Week and I am privy to seeing and executing the top trends for the seasons. A big makeup trend for this summer is big bold eyebrows. Think of Broke Shields’ or Madonna’s brows in the 80s but a little more tamed and groomed.  To create these trendy brows, I recommend using a brow pencil to shape and fill in any sparse areas and a clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place.

What is your favorite Canadian Cosmetic Brand and why?

I would have to say MAC Cosmetics is my favorite Canadian Cosmetic Brand. Not everyone knows this but MAC was originated in Toronto. I worked as a Trainer with MAC for 7 years and I know their products in and out. There is a familiarity and trust with their products. Whether I am doing makeup on a bride, an actor or a  odel, they all want their makeup to last a long time and I know MAC products will do just that.
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Janine Holmes Makeup Artist
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