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Lounge Hair Studio Lance Blanchette

It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to meet with Lance, a true artist and entrepreneur. His down to earth, friendly personality made me feel like we had been friends forever. As we casually talked over a cup of joe I quickly realized that this guy (my new BFF, lol) was a true professional. His experiences within his field is Astounding and Noble to say the least.

BIO: Lance Blanchette is the International Artistic Director for Proformance®, a line by the creators of Senscience® Liquid Luxury (Shiseido prestigious hair care line). Lance is also co-owner of The Lounge Hair Studio. Lance Blanchette’s career has been nothing short of a dream. After an extensive first career in banking, Lance moved to blend his academia with his latent artistic skills and what emerged was a skill set which has catapulted him into international notoriety on both stage and TV.

Keeping abreast of the latest developments both technically and artistically in the world of hairdressing, Lance manages to accommodate a full clientele in between his world-wide educational travel, which takes him everywhere from Asia to Europe, South Africa and South and North America.

Lance travels worldwide; from North and Central America to Asia, Europe and Australia sharing his artistic ability and passion for his craft. He is a regular guest on local and international television, lead hairstylist for Fashion Week in Australia and his work has been published in USA, Canada, Asia the United Kingdom and Australia.

Tell us a little about yourself…What inspired you to get started?  How long have you been in the industry?

Well…  I did hair for fun when I was younger and after a 10 year stint in the banking industry I decided to give hairdressing a go.  I have been in the industry for almost 20 years now.  

As a busy hair stylist and shop owner in the Vancouver, what does a day/week/month look like for you?

That is a loaded question.  It depends on the week.  The “normal” week will find me working on my clients all day.  My days vary in time as we have a flexible work week and our days are from 10-8.  I work behind the chair 4 days a week.  In my “off time” you can find me preparing for my many shows that I do world-wide.  Then I may be doing a show in Capetown, South Africa and then a shoot in LA.
My busiest year found me every two weeks in completely different parts of the world and working on my clients in between…  Between you and me – it was a bit much…  {Laughing}

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

I have worked on so many great projects but the two that challenged me the most, stressed me out the most and gave me the great sense of accomplishment were the lead hairstylist for 3 designers for Australian Fashion Week: Bianca Spender, Nicola Finetti,  Camilla Franks and coming up with my first Global Collection for PROformance Hair Care. It was a collection called Reflective for 2014.

What are the upcoming trends?

I always love this question.  I like to say that people are the trend-setters – that and the moment.  The days of definitive looks seem to have had their day.  Sure we can say that someone like Riahana has a great look.  But not everyone wants it nor will wear it well and people know that today.  People want to look the best they can.  Having said that if you are going to wear your hair short – make it playful.  A textured, choppy look (not to crazy – unless you carry it well) is a great way to have a pick me up.  If long, please keep it healthy and keep the front light for this year.  A long soft fringe is a great way to keep the face open and still have long hair that is not too high school (unless your in high school – then a one length is great).

What are the biggest mistakes woman do with their hair?

I find that mistakes that women make change with the changing times.  At the moment I find that there are so many good hair care products that finding the right one is not too hard with the right guidance from your stylist but where people make the biggest mistake now is on choosing hot tools – such as blowdryers, curling and flat irons.  I was a bit reluctant when it came to ionic blow dyers but there really is a difference – even if it is just hot air.

What ingredients should we be looking for in a shampoo/conditioner for strong, healthy hair?

This requires a very in-depth answer – as it depends on your hair texture; is it fine or coarse, on the age of your hair: is it mature and lacking amino acids, is it chemically stressed not to be confused with damaged hair, is it dry naturally or is it normal?   Once you determine these things, the next thing is to choose the products that will work best.  I would however like to talk about one buzz word that marketers use to outmaneuver the competition.  And that is the word Sulfate and links to cancer.  The first thing to understand is that there are good sulfates and bad sulfates.  You want to avoid laureth sulfates and look for lauryl sulfates.  Although close to each other the lauryl sulfates are not cancer-causing like their counterpart.

Argan Oil is all the rage these days! What are thoughts on this?

Argan oil is another buzz word catching the attention of the world but on the good side.  Like many of its predecessors, it is known to calm frizzy ends, moisturize and add shine to hair.  It has led to a number of product lines looking to take advantage of this miracle product found in nature.  Does it work?  A simple yes is my answer.  Does everyone need it?  If you hair is short – not necessarily – your hair is probably healthy and shiny already.  If it is long – yes to add shine and moisture but watch how much you use if you like volume.

How about for those lacking in volume that really want to pump it up and look runway ready?

I am so glad you asked this question.  All lines that I enjoy working with now have a hair powder of some kind.  Whether you want unbeatable lift in a blow dry or a “gritty feeling” to put your freshly washed hair up for the office dinner or the weekend getaway.  Used correctly at the scalp it brings your hair to life.

If you could give any celebrity a hair makeover, who would it be and what would you do?

What a fun question.  Well…  I would pick Scarlett Johansson and I would pick her – just because.  She is beautiful and I love her with shorter hair.  A layered bob, opening up her face to accentuate her cheek bones. I would be open to giving her a fringe but will have to talk to her in person first…  lol!  She has great skin tones and although I have seen her as a red head (and hated it), I think that she would look great with accents of apricot and pearl (seashell) blonde.
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