Sneak Peek #6 into the Ultimate Beauty Giveaway! Barefoot Venus!

Barefoot Venus
As we slowly reach the end of the Sneak Peeks into Ultimate Giveaway (ENTER HERE), our 6th Sneak Peek is featured by Barefoot Venus! This Canadian Brand is my all time favorite bath care brand. I use them religiously! Everything is flawless in production with amazing scents, textures, and they all preform as well as they claim possibly better in my opinion! I own a ton of Barfoot Venus Products as they are a must have for every bath I take! Plus…their packaging is so adorable that I display my collection loud and proud in my bathroom as part of the décor 🙂

~Product Details~

Coconut Kiss Instant Hand Repair ~ Value $15.99CAD
Nurture dry, wounded hands back to health. Protective Mango & Shea butters, moisture giving Olive oil & shielding Soybean oil, work hand-in-hand to help rebound and recuperate from harsh dehydration.
Lilly Pilly Velvety Powder ~ Value $15.99CAD
Sprinkle super silky freshness onto shoulders, legs, décolleté and hair. Oil-absorbing cornstarch and silky-smooth silica infused with delicate fragrance is perfect whenever your body & locks need uplifting. P.S. you’ll love it on your bed linens too!
Vanilla Shake Bath Soak With Cocoa Butter ~ Value $12.99CAD
For seductively soft sweet-scented skin, just add your little indulgence to steamy running water. Slip in and let the cocoa butter filled water tickle your fancy and velvetize your skin. 

~ About Barefoot Venus ~

Our guiding principle at Barefoot Venus is to support a lifestyle of beauty and wellness through the simple pleasures of our natural, aromatic bath and body experiences. Soaking in a calming sea of bubbles, moisturizing with mood inspiring lotion; cleansing with Mother Nature’s earth and sea substances. Turn your everyday routine into an opportunity to indulge your spirit, letting beauty bloom, and wellness flourish.

Feel Good about yourself and your place in the world and allow your confidence and beauty to radiate and inspire.

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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