3 Foundation Tricks You Have Never Heard Of!!!

Foundation Face

Creating that flawless look while still looking natural can be tricky but with these simple Tips and Tricks you can achieve a perfect canvas for any look!


Does it seem like your pores grow 3 times their size once you’ve applied your makeup? Yuck! Everyone has them and everyone wants to minimize them and now you can! When applying your foundation, use a blurring brush. However, it’s the technique that will minimize your pores…Apply in a circular motion clockwise. Now reverse the motion to counter-clockwise. Continue buffing the areas in need until your pores simply disappear! Complete the look by applying a thin layer of finishing powder by pressing the powder into the skin, gently dabbing the areas where your pores are most noticeable. And Voila! Goodbye Pores!

My favorite Blurring Brush is Urban Decays Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

Urban Decay Foundation Brush


Loose PowderYou must be thinking i’m nuts to even speak of such thing! This goes against everything you were ever taught right? The truth is, that if you apply a small layer of powder before your foundation, your foundation will last all day!!! Also, the need to set your foundation after foundation is applied is now totally unnecessary so you will eliminate that unnatural powder look. If you feel that you need to rid any shine, simply apply a small bit of finishing powder only to those areas of need such as your t-zone.


Oil and WaterThis is SOOOOO important for every one to know! Oil and Water don’t mix! We all know this and now it’s time to bring that train of thought into your cosmetic routine. Woman all over the world complain about their foundations are lifting, melting, separating from their face. Whatever you want to call it, most of the time we blame our foundation. However, if you have dry skin, chances are your moisturizer is an oil base. Then you apply your water-based foundation and wonder why it doesn’t stick to your face?! Oily skin moisturizers are primarily water, so make sure you use an oil-free foundation.

Please keep in mind that just because your moisturizer or foundation has oils in it’s list of ingredients, doesn’t necessarily mean it is oil based. Read the ingredients, and if the oil properties are high up on the list then it’s safe to say it is an oil base. Oil ingredients listed near the end means that there are only small traces and this will not interfere.

Bonus Tips!

Beauty Blender~ Using a brush or Beauty Blender rather than your fingers. Using your fingers to apply foundation warms the foundation making the foundation thinner in some areas creating an uneven look.

~ Spritzing your Brush or Blender with water or a hydrating mist will give your foundation a more natural look.

~ Apply highlighter under your foundation for a Natural Glow! Perfect for Oily skin types if you are using a Matte foundation!

~ Start by applying your foundation to the center of your face blending outward. The foundation will become thinner as it reaches the edges of your face creating a much more natural finish.

What are your favorite foundation tips!! Let’s chat below  🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  1. Absolutely love this!
    I nearly always use my fingers to apply foundation and get sick of the little bits that build up and I don’t get along with a foundation brush! and now I can try something different, going to invest in a beauty blender:-D



  2. Great tips!

    I’ve just invested in a beauty blender and I’ve fallen in love with it – it definitely gives a more flawless finish.

    Haven’t heard of applying powder before foundation but am excited to give it a try! Thank you 🙂 xx


  3. Also I shared this on my blog’s Facebook page!! I have been starting to share posts that I feel are really great and need to be shared! 🙂


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