Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash Set Review

Urban Decay Full Frontal lipstick Stash Set

I absolutely love Mini Lip sets! If you love lipstick and love trying new colors then this Limited Edition set is for you!  Also, as lipsticks can be very expensive and there is nothing worse than picking one up to find out that the color just isn’t right for you. With this set, you are able to test drive these lippies before committing to a full stick.

A Limited Edition Mini Lip set of  6 Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks and a full size 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil.

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash $39.00

I love these Lipsticks! They are long lasting, highly pigmented, and have a wonderful smooth texture on the lip. When it was time to remove the swatches I placed on my arm, soap and water wouldn’t do the trick.  Out came the Makeup remover and Voila! That just goes to show the stating power of these lipsticks 😉

I must admit that I was pretty disappointed when I opened them for the first time…as you can see in the picture below, some had been rolled up to the lid and stuck on there when I pulled them out! RRRR!!

Urban Decay Full Frontal lipstick Stash Set

I love the fact that this set comes in its own case for easy storage and access. Plus, it comes with a universal Lip Pencil!

Urban Decay Full Frontal lipstick Stash Set

Urban Decay Lip Pencil

The Lip pencil in color Ozone is a clear pencil that can be used for any color to help extend the length of wear and stop bleeding. It is smooth to apply, dries quickly and does all the things you would like a lip pencil to do. Personally I would prefer to use a colored pencil. However, this will definitely remain close by in case I don’t have a pencil to go with my lipstick of choice that day. This pencil is also beneficial if you are concerned of your lipstick wearing off and to have just a pencil line remaining….which certainly isn’t the best look! This will eliminate that concern for sure.

Urban Decay Full Frontal lipstick Stash Set Swatches

From Bright Fushia’s to Nudes, a Cherry Red and a Festive Berry, this set has something for everyone and would make the perfect holiday gift!

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

13 thoughts on “Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash Set Review

  1. I don’t think shops around my area sells mini lipsticks, but I wish they did. There were many times when I brought a full sized lipstick just to find the shade looks horrible on me when I get home. The colour Gash looks pretty sexy, I will need to check it out.


  2. Those colours are absolutely beautiful! It’s a shame Urban Decay doesn’t deliver to Germany. I’d love to try them out. Gash, F-Bomb and Liar look gorgeous!


  3. I bought this as well! If anything, I’m just a little disappointed at how small they are! Then again, how often do we really finish up an entire tube of lipstick! HAHA


  4. Wow the poor lipsticks! Sorry to hear that…The colors look great though! I love Crush, even though I would probably not be caught dead wearing it, Liar, and Gash. I wish I could pull off a color like Crush ;(


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