4 thoughts on “3D Lashes

  1. How long, in your estimate, does it take to apply? Looking at your mascara and and fiber I don’t see a huge difference and maybe that’s because you have naturally beautiful lashes. Just wondering if it’s worth the effort because I really want to try these.


    • It takes no longer than applying regular mascara. I didn’t apply the fibers very heavy as I have naturally long dark lashes. However, if I chose to I could have applied much more for an ultra dramatic look. If you are looking for an easy alternative to false lashes then this mascara is definitely worth it and takes literally no effort to apply. Go for it girl!!


      • My friend uses Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes and has a very hard time trying not to get the fibers in her eyes. With that said, it takes her a very long time to carefully apply. I have been going back and forth deciding wether it was worth the risk. Thanks for your opinion.


      • I haven’t tried the Tarte one, but I can’t imagine it being much different. I never have a problem with getting the fibers in my eyes. I suppose it could be possible that because of my long lashes there is more to stick to??…so less fall out?


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