Casual Curl Review and GIVEAWAY!

Casual Curl

Have you always wondered how woman get these beautiful, natural, loose curls? We have all tried and failed at many attempted hair styles as it never quite ends up the way ‘she had it’ :/ However, with Casual Curl, even the most novice of us can create fabulous loose curls with ease and satisfaction.

Not to brag…but…I am pretty darn impressed with myself that I was able to create the look above on my lovely model in approx. five mins, and I started on wet hair!!! Plus, it is so easy that anyone can do it!

There are a few different ways you can achieve different looks, and if you check out the casual curl website it has a ton of how-to videos.

I chose what I thought would be the quickest and simplest way. I am very busy (as we all are) and don’t always have a ton of time on my hands to do my hair the way I would like it to look everyday. One thing I do however is blow dry my hair and that is one thing I love about this product…there are no added steps! All you are doing really, is drying your hair as you would anyways…well at least I do 😉

  • You simply take the casual curler and roll it up a piece of your hair from bottom to top as you would with a curling iron.
  • Place your blow dryer into the end (the curler is most suited to blow dryers that have a nozzle length of approx 120mm and a diameter (at open end) of 40-45mm. Most major brands like Parlux, Wahl, Remington and Babyliss have styles in this category) The hot air penetrates through the holes of the curler allowing your hair to dry around the barrel.
  • Once that piece is dry or close to- it, remove the hair dryer and remove the barrel by rolling it back down in the opposite direction.
  • Repeat until all your hair has been dried and curled!
  • Add hairspray or your product of choice to help the curls last all day. (I didn’t use any products for review purposes and the curls came out amazing and lasted most of the day)

Casual Curl

The Casual curl is available in 2 sizes (3 & 4cm) and 6 trend setting colours! They cost $34.95AUD each and are available in duo packs which saves you dollars on 2 🙂 The 4 cm curler is better for thicker, longer hair, where the 3 cm curler is suited to finer, shorter hair.

Create smooth, relaxed waves, without frizz or flyaways.
Unique CASUALCURL brush heats from the inside, so hair will not
dry out. ~Casual Curl~

Casual Curl Sizes

On January 29th, they are having a 50% off sale where you can pick one up for only $17.50AUD!!! They also have other promotions for further discounts. Check out their site and all the info is there 🙂



Win your very own 4 cm Casual Curl!
There will be TWO WINNERS!

Casual Curl


Open to US and Canadian residents only.

Giveaway will open from January 27th ending on February 10th midnight PDT.

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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