Wavy Transition Makeup Brushes Review

Wavy Transition Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes are an essential part of any makeup application. And if used correctly, you can create magic on your face! However, not all brushes are created equal so it’s important to choose wisely when spending your hard earned money.

I am a tad bit Brush obsessed (to put it lightly) So this review comes from a place of the utmost knowledge. I own and use high end brushes ranging in price up to $150 each as well as brushes that cost next to nothing yet somehow managed to last and be a very critical tool in my makeup arsenal.

I could tell right away that I was going to love the Wavy Transition Brushes. The thick, dense brushes, are perfect for contouring and blending! I like the weight of the brushes and how they felt in my hand (Very important to me). The synthetic fibers work with liquids, powders and creams.

The Silver Collection can be purchased at a reduced cost for the entire 10 piece set (Face Sculpting kit & Eye and Detail kit) or you can purchase the kits separately.

Wavy Transition Complete Silver Set ~ $39.00USD

The Silver Collection is an assortment of high quality makeup brushes with silver ferrules. The Complete Set features 10 hand-selected brushes designed to blend foundation and eye shadow perfectly. Each of these brushes are highly dense with extremely soft bristles made for liquid or powder cosmetic applications.

Face Sculpting Kit Silver ~ $24.00USD

Blush – apply and blend blush.
Powder – apply and blend loose and pressed powders.
Contour – blend powders, liquids, and highlighters to create a well defined look.
Domed Contour – create a chiseled and sleek look with contouring products.
Kabuki Blender – blend colors to remove harsh lines.

As far as the face brushes are concerned, the only one I didn’t particularly like was the Powder brush. But that is more of a personal opinion as I prefer a looser, longer bristled brush when applying finishing powder. The Domed Contour Brush was by far my favorite. A unique shape perfect for applying your darker contour color below your cheek bones. The Blush Brush, when using powder blush, allows the color to be applied only to the desired area without the powder landing everywhere else on your face!

Makeup Brushes Face

 Eye and Detail Kit Silver ~ $23.00USD

Blender – blend eye shadow.
Sweep – apply eye shadow to the lid.
Angled – apply and blend eye shadow on the lid.
Crease – domed brush perfect for adding color to the crease area.
Contour – small contour brush perfect for blending around the nose.

The Eye and Detail brushes are made up of the same durable components as the face brushes. I have really been enjoying the small blender brush for buffing out my under eye concealer and the crease brush is a miracle worker!

Makeup Brushes Eyes

I did find that The Silver Collection is lacking in smaller more detailed eye brushes, however, Wavy transition does offer another brush set which includes these missing pieces. It is called the Complete Set Natural, currently sold out. With a much lower price tag of $19.00 for the 24 piece set, I would have to assume that the quality isn’t as up to snuff as the sliver collection.

I had no problems with these brushes, they blended my makeup effortlessly, they cleaned up nicely and they did not shed. I would highly recommend this collection to anyone looking to purchase new brushes. The value, quantity and quality is simply unbeatable. They definitely have given my high end, costly brushes a run for their money as they preform just as well, if not better.

 *These Products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own with the utmost honesty. Please see my disclaimer HERE for more details.

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  1. Perfect! It’s horrible, I know, but I own only one brush, and I use it to apply powder, blush, bronzer. I don’t use brushes for eyeshadows, only my fingers. I don’t use makeup too often, so it hasn’t been a big deal, but I want to purchase a good set and you’ve just made up my mind. 😊


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    What are your favourite brush sets?


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