Ben Nye Banana Powder Review

Ben Nye Banana Powder Kim Kardashian

Ben Nye Banana Powder wins the prize by a land slide for the most Hyped about product! It’s know wonder since it’s favored by the likes of Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic who created Kim Kardashian’s famous highlight and contoured look.

But is this Powder really all it’s cracked up to be? Will it give you that stunning highlighted look that Kim has? I put it to the test and the results are in!

Before I go on to telling you my thoughts on this so called Magic Powder, lets quickly review what this powder is and formulated to do…

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder is part of the Bella Series which constitutes four different color choices for light to medium skintones. The brand also carries another luxury powder series called Mojave for medium to dark skintones.

Ben Nye Luxury Powder

Ben Nye Mojave Series1


The luxury powders are a micro-milled loose powder, that claim to provide a superior matte, silky and subtle finish. They are a substitution for your HD powder, however the luxury powders provide a hint of color so you aren’t left behind with a white cast.

With 10 color choices to choose from, why is the banana powder the most popular?
Well, it’s been said that the banana powder is the most versatile color as it will suit almost all skintones. I call total BS! Mrs. Kim made this particular color famous simply because, it is what she uses.
She has olive skin, so of course she would use the banana color with the yellow undertones.  If Kim had skin like Nicole Kidman or Taylor Swift do you still think she would be using banana? Highly Doubtful!
She would probably use Cameo and then we would all be talking about and buying “Ben Nye Cameo Powder” and IT would then be the most versatile color.
My opinion, yes, but it makes sense does it not? And one more quam regarding the marketing of this product…if the entire Bella series is so called Neutral and Translucent then why so many colors? Just saying :/

On with the Review….

I have quite a bit to say so instead of rambling on I figured I would list my views in point form 🙂

  • This powder will suck ALL of the oil out of your skin making it much more suitable for oily skin.
  • When applied under my eyes as a highlighter, it made me look 10 years older as it took away all moisture and made any wrinkles under my eyes look HORRENDOUS!
  • This product is to be used VERY lightly or you will be sorry…trust me!
  • Made my pores much more noticeable.
  • Not a big fan of the shaker bottle. Makes a mess and it’s hard to get just a little on your brush :/ However, I believe they have since changed the design.
  • The Banana color worked for me as I have Olive skin.
  • It definitely left behind a slight ‘yellow’ color. For those with pink undertones, beware.
  • The Price is Excellent! I picked up this bottle for $10.00USD
  • It does feel very silky and nice

Ben Nye Banana Powder Kim Kardashian

I was so excited to get this product and was left feeling completely disappointed.
I tried to make it work, I really did! But at the end of the day, it just isn’t for me. Maybe if it was a pressed powder I would use it blot my shiny areas on the go…I’m trying to be positive here :/
I do believe that this powder could work wonders for those with perfect skin; Pore free, wrinkle free…someone like Kim Kardashian who has the money to make that happen 🙂

I also picked up a couple of Ben Nye Lip pencils as they were super cheap! Somewhere around the 5 dollar mark.
I will start by saying that the pencils glide on effortlessly with highly pigmented color. They apply matte and feel dry on the lips immediately. Great right? Nope! They look and feel dry but they smudge and bleed horrendously! Take a look at the picture below…you can even see that color has bled into the wood of the pencil. I definitely would NOT recommend these liners.

Ben Nye Lip Pencil Really Red


Ben Nye Lip Pencil Spice

What Ben Nye Products have you tried?

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

65 thoughts on “Ben Nye Banana Powder Review

  1. I know, there are some total disappointments with this powder. Not to mention the shit flies everywhere!! But, I have 2 amazing used I found with it!! Here’s what I found that I love, besides it is 6 USD

    1. Awesome as a highlighter shadow for your eyes. Use it under your brow and brightens and blends nice without shimmer. Also is nice above the brow if you are into those real perfected brows.

    2. Cleaning up the cheek contour. Yep!! It’s called baking and after you apply your contour, with a shadow brush draw a line where you’d like the contour to stop. Do the rest of your makeup and then dust it off. Your contour… Will be perfection and no one will know why:


  2. Currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it’s virtually impossible to get my hands on this product…and I’ve tried, trust me! So when I came along a Yellow based Inglot powder, I was intrigued. It’s from their new contouring/highlighting line – I don’t know what it’s called, but it is magnificent! I’m doing a review of it soon on my blog! 🙂


  3. Aw, I really like the Banana powder! I think it really helps to brighten my undereye area and keep my concealer from creasing. But every face is different, to each their own 🙂


  4. So contouring with powder is the way to go? I have stayed away from major contouring because I didn’t want to put all those heavy layers on, but this is genius!


  5. Superb review!
    As will many other’s I’ll admit I’ve been curious about this almost silly ramped up powder.
    And, it sucks when no matter what you try or do while attempting to remain hopeful the product is an epic fail, so gotta say I feel your pain. >3


  6. I went to a beauty store that sells Ben Nye and a really-helpful saleswoman steered me away from the Banana Powder. For the heck of it, I tried a lighter shade for my skin tone and was turned off by it because my skin is so dry. Looking at your lip pencil photos, I thin Ben Nye should do more product development. Thanks for being so detailed in your review.


    • I’m glad you at least opted to try a shade that is right for your skin tone.
      It’s funny how everyone claims to love this powder yet so many people on this thread have agreed that it is not al it’s cracked up to be.

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      • I’ve learned I’ve got to try everything myself, especially if it’s heavily hyped. I think some people might like the Banana Powder because they think they look more like Kim K. (I mean Mrs. West) or can at least get one step closer to her lovely appearance by applying the same product she does. We’re all too different for a one-product-suits-all in makeup. Besides, I’m all about looking like my best self, not someone else’s.


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