How to Create Great Photos for your Blog Posts!

Photo TipsSo this post is long over due as I have had a few hundred requests to share my tips on how I create my photos! This along with many other blog questions has made me decide to create a new series…Blogging Tips! I hope you are as excited as I am as I can’t wait to share my successes and pitfalls to help out my fellow bloggers.

So to get things rolling, the top 2 questions that I always get asked are, How do I take my photos and what camera do I use? So that my friends is how I will start off this new series 🙂

First of all, allow me to disclaim that I am in NO WAY shape or form a photographer. I struggled for a long time trying to take those perfect pictures to showcase my products in the best way I could. Always missing that opportunity of the day when the natural day light is at it’s best for photos I soon realized that there has to be a better way! So on to google I went and this is what I came up with….

The Photo Light Box!

Photo Light Box

What is a Photo Light Box and how do they work?

Light boxes work by confining the light from a lamp into a closed chamber and releasing it through at least one layer of diffusion material. As the light passes through the translucent fabric it scatters, producing a very even and soft result.

DIY Photo Light Box

I built this light box as a DIY Project and will share with you how I did it next week!
*You can purchase them as well, but now you’re talking about a serious investment.

I was so freakin’ excited when the box was complete and it was time to take my first pictures! I also had recently bought an amazing camera ~ The Canon Rebel T4i ~ and it was time to make magic! But that was all a dream and I suppose I was naive to assume that it was going to be that simple. So allow me to warn you that buying or building a Photo Light Box and using the most amazing camera will NOT instantly make your pictures fabulous! I learnt this the hard way 😦

Canon Rebel T4i

 Sure my camera has all the abilities to enable the perfect light and speed and whatever else these fancy cameras do but if you don’t know how to use them; the settings, (and there are ALOT) then save your money unless you are willing to put in a lot of time, effort, research and probably some classes to learn how to use the darn thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my camera! I use it all the time to capture those precious moments. It has many built in settings to make taking nice pictures easy. But to use in conjunction with the light box was just way out of my league.

So what camera do I use then??

My Iphone!

Iphone 6 Lipstick

I recently purchased the Iphone 6 but have taken most of my pictures from an Iphone 5C. In my opinion, they produce the same quality for the purpose of light box photos.

I would say that 95% of my photos are taken from my phone. I can’t tell you the science behind it but for whatever reason, it works amazingly with my light box! I wish I could tell you that that was it. That I take pictures on my phone and upload them to post and Voila, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Editing is the key to great Photos!

I edit. I edit ALOT! On the plus side, all my pictures are on my phone so I have an endless array of photo editing apps to choose from to make my pictures just how I want them. Some times, I will use up to 6 different apps just to get the right effect.Yes it seems like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. I now know exactly what I want from each app and am able to edit a picture in just a few minutes.
Also, a major bonus is that you can edit anytime, anywhere!

TIP: My favorite app is Camera+. The BackLit Scene Option is by far the best tool I have ever come across!

Camera+ App

I also have a fancy photo shop program on my PC that I will use at times, but again, the learning curve is steep and for now, the simple, easy to use apps do the trick for what I need them for. They don’t always turn out great, and sometimes I cringe at what I am uploading but I do my best and that’s all I can ask  of myself.

The drop cloth on the back of my light box is simply poster board purchased from the dollar store. It allows me to take pictures without any creases or edges. I have a ton of different colors that I intended on using depending on the product to be photographed, however, I tend to stick with plain ol’ white as I like simplicity and I guess it’s just my thing.  But of course, using props and colors will definitely add some life to your photos if that’s what you’re going for.

TIP: I use Makeup Sponges to prop up products or to get a pencil to stay put without rolling away. Because of their texture, they don’t slide around therefor keeping the product right where I want them.
(I would use a much smaller piece for the pencil if this were for a post so that you couldn’t see it. I am simply demonstrating the method I use)

How to take photos of Makeup

Before and after Photos

You can see that without propping up some of the items the photo lacks depth.

Photo Editing

Propping up some of the items, you can see that products are stand out more and that you are able to keep the products still and showcase the brand .Photo Editing

This pictures speak a thousand words…Editing makes all the difference!

 Photo Editing Makeup

  Tip: Always copyright your photos! You have put so much time and effort into them…be proud of your photos and don’t let anyone else take the credit that you deserve.

If you have any questions or suggestions for future posts in my Blogging Tips Series please comment below and I will do my best to accommodate any requests 🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  1. I’m so glad I came across this post. You give some awesome advice. I am such a photo editor as well and it irks me when I see people comment things like “edited to death!” or “this is so filtered” etc…I’m always just like, ummm…..YEAH! They probably spent 15 minutes editing the crap out of that photo….ON PURPOSE lol. I love taking photos with my phone as mine also has a super decent camera but I also really love the editing process and I love filters. I don’t feel like it’s deceitful at all! A good edit can bring so much more to your blog posts or social media or whatever! Thanks so much for sharing with us!


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  3. Also, I couldn’t find your about me section but I just wanted to say, scrolling through your blog, it’s quite interesting and fun! I’d love to stay for your journey and see what else you’ll be posting 🙂 I’m glad I found you 🙂 xx


    • Thanks! My about me page has been in the works for the past year. Haha. I suppose trying to write a short paragraph on the complexities of my life has me baffled. Thanks for reminding me…I will try to get one up soon.

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  4. I use a white cardboard piece for the background but I don’t have a box or white lights. That set up looks amazing 😀 Great post. Thank you for sharing your tips! I’ll look into getting the light box.


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