TULA Probiotic Skincare Review

Tula Skincare We all know how essential Probiotics are for your digestive well being. Well now, you can get the same benefits out of you skincare with Tula Skincare, with Probiotic Technology! Tula’s products use a unique blend of ingredients harnessing the power of probiotics to create a healthy, radiant, age defying glow. The topical use of probiotics has been shown to help stimulate the skin’s protective mechanisms, guard against acne and UV-induced damage, and improve skin’s elasticity and collagen production. Tula Skincare ingredients list has everything you want and need in a skincare line. Aside from the benefits of probiotics it includes; Vitamins A C & E, antioxidants and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

I used Tula’s Skincare line for 5 weeks and I was amazed with the results. My skin felt clean without that feeling of being sucked dry of all my skins natural goodness! My skin felt truly refreshed, and had a definite glow that it didn’t have before. I did not get one simple pimple! Not even a teeny tiny one!! For us oily skin girls that says a lot! The moisturizer soaked in just enough to keep my skin feeling silky smooth without feeling heavy at all. Would I recommend Tula Skincare? Absolutely! Aside from the luxurious feeling this line exudes and the tiffany blue packaging that looks fabulous on the counter, it really does live up to it’s claims. Read on to find out how each product will transform your skin!

TULA Probiotic Skincare Purifying Face Cleanser ~ $25.00USD

TULA Probiotic Skincare Purifying Face Cleanser

Products Claims

An all-in-one, foaming face wash designed to help remove makeup, cleanse pores and nourish skin. This clear, fragrance-free gel cleanser goes deep into the pores to help remove grime and condition skin, resulting in a more radiant complexion.

TULA Probiotic Skincare Illuminating Face Serum ~ $75.00USD

TULA Probiotic Skincare Illuminating Face Serum

Products Claims

Designed to help you radiate from the inside-out, Illuminating Face Serum is your skin’s ultimate daily diet. This light, easily absorbed formula helps to promote softer, even-toned skin, diminish the appearance of dark spots and helps to maintain a fresh, youthful-looking glow.

TULA Probiotic Skincare Hydrating Day and Night Cream ~ $49.00USD

TULA Probiotic Skincare Hydrating Day and Night Cream

Products Claims

Like a multivitamin for your skin, this rich, age-defying moisture cream, infused with a nourishing skin diet of Probiotic technology and nutrients, delivers intense sustained hydration and complexion-fortifying antioxidant protection to visibly reduce fine lines and help improve skin’s smoothness, suppleness and youthful appearance.

TULA Probiotic Skincare Revitalizing Eye Cream ~ $49.00USD

Tula Skincare Eye Cream

Products Claims

A rich, rejuvenating cream that provides your eyes with the tender loving care they deserve. Packed with TULA’s signature Probiotic Technology and nutrients, this creamy formula hydrates skin and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

*These Products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own with the utmost honesty. Please see my disclaimer HERE for more details.

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