DIY Photo Light Box

DIY Photo Light Box

Tired of struggling to create those perfect images for your blog or website? With this DIY Photo Light Box, your pictures will look professional!

There are so many different ways to create a photo light box and most of them cost mere pennies by using a cardboard box and some tissue paper, however, with a house full of kids and having to taking pictures everyday I wanted to create something that was going to withhold the test of time (plus, curious kids with sticky, oily, dirty little hands, animals and of course my own clumsiness!) I didn’t want to have to constantly be fixing or running to the store to purchase new supplies when the cheaper version fell apart.

How I was going to build this indestructible box raced through my mind for days yet it wasn’t until I hit up my local craft store for a different DIY project that my vision became reality when I saw these Silk Screens! (Silk Screens are mesh cloth stretched over a heavy wooden frame)

DIY Silk screen

I bought three silk screens. Two of the same for the sides that measure 16×20 and one for the top measuring 18×24 inches. You would be able to make this bigger or smaller depending on what you need it for or the space you have available.

Now all I needed was a solid base and Back. Off to home depot I went and picked up some White Hard Boards. Hard Board is basically Peg board without the holes. It is a thin yet sturdy piece of pressed wood. I used this type of board so that my light box wouldn’t be too heavy so I could move it around if needed, plus, it comes in white which is ideal for the purpose of the light box.

Step 1: Cut the hard board into 2 pieces that fit your desired sized which will depend on the size of the silk screens you purchased. *See step 4 – the back piece should be cut a couple inches higher than the silkscreens to allow for the top screen to be attached to.

Materials for DIY Light Box

Step 2: Create a small frame on the bottom using some 11/16 In. x 11/16 In. mouldings. These pieces of wood are super cheap and the frame definitely creates extra stability, so don’t skip this step! 😉

DIY Light Box wood

Step 3: Time to start piecing your Photo Light Box together! Start by taking your framed base that you created and attaching the two smaller silkscreens to each end using wood glue and a few screws or finishing nails.

Easy DIY Light Box

Step 4: Add the pre cut back piece of hard board. I used wood glue and then finished it off with a few finishing nails for extra stability.

Step by Step DIY photo light box

Step 5: Your Photo light box is almost complete! Here you could do one of two things…You could simply attach the larger silkscreen to the tops of the smallers ones and the back piece of hard board and call it a day.  I however, chose to allow the top silkscreen to be removable. I didn’t want it just to be placed on top as a simple bump would allow it to potentially fall so I added some of the left over mouldings around the edges of my photo light box as shown below. This creates a perfect nest for the top so that it is stable with the ability to have it easily removed.

Photo Light Box

Yay!! Your Photo Light box looks fabulous and will last much longer than a cardboard box 🙂

DIY Photo Light Box

Now all you need is a back drop and some lights before you can begin to make magnificent photos!

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on fancy photo lamps or bulbs. I simply picked up these great lamps at walmart for under 10 bucks! They attach to where I want them and they are flexible which is great as you will need  to adjust the height and depth of your lights depending on the size of the product being photographed.

Photo Light Box Lamp

You DO however, NEED to purchase the correct bulbs! You need to purchase Daylight Bulbs! Just your regular everyday light bulbs but they will say ‘Daylight’ rather than soft white etc.

DIY Photo Light Box Bulbs

I use Poster board from the dollar store as a backdrop. They come in an array of colors and cost a buck  so I can replace them whenever needed. I’m sure there are plenty of other back drops you can use, just use you imagination 🙂

DIY Photo Light Box

*Tip! I use double sided tape just on the top two corners of my backdrop (poster board) to allow it to stay put and hang beautifully. I didn’t have any handy so I use my Flash Tape meant to keep your clothes from opening up. Hehe!

DIY Light Box

Here is list of the items you will need to purchase to create your photo light box:

  • 3 Silkscreens (your choice of size)
  • White Hard board (amount will depend on the size of box you will be building)
  • 11/16 In. x 11/16 In Mouldings
  • Finishing nails or small screws
  • Wood Glue
  • 3 Lamps (maybe an extension cord as well so you can place your light box were needed and have enough outlets for the 3 lamps)
  • 3 Daylight Bulbs
  • Poster board

*Tip! When taking your photos, turn off the other lights in the room and close the curtains or blinds if you have them.

Make sure to check out my previous post on how to create great photos for your blog. It offers great ideas and tips on how to take photos with your lightbox.

Need a quick lesson on how to use your DSLR properly? Check out this post from fellow blogger Millie from on DSLR Basics. Not only does she create step by step instructions on how to use some of the main ‘important’ settings, she also links to other posts that further elaborate if needed. Great Read!

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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