Tips for Picking the Perfect Everyday Necklace! My Favorite: Gold Sideways Key Necklace from Nostalgii

Solid Gold Key Necklace

We don’t always have the time to swap out our jewelry daily to match our outfit du-jour. So an everyday necklace is a must and needs to be considered part of your wardrobe basics! Not all pieces are fit for everyday so I have put together a few key tips on picking just the right necklace!

Let me start by telling you a little bit about my favorite everyday necklace 🙂

This timeless piece is a Solid 14k yellow gold handmade sideways key necklace by Nostalgii. It is the perfect item that adds a little depth, shine and femininity to even the most basic outfit.

My Nostalgii necklace is very durable as it is fabricated from the highest quality materials (as all of their pieces are). Gold will never tarnish or fade so this necklace with always look brilliant! It lays perfectly around my neck allowing me to wear it as an everyday piece.

I wear it to bed, in the shower, ‘when’ I work out, I only take it off when I chose to wear a different piece for a special outing or outfit. And let me tell you that my necklace looks as good as it did from the day I got it!

Tips for Picking the Perfect Everyday Necklace!

1. Strong like Bull! Your Everyday Necklace should be constructed of durable, dependable materials. This will be the necklace that you wear most often so it is important that it will with-hold the test of time!

2. Keep it simple! Your Everyday Necklace should not be distracting with too many elements or details. A simple charm or diamond is perfect!

3. An everyday necklace should be one solid, neutral color. Think about what you wear most often and choose a color that will compliment.

4. Maintenance…as if we don’t have enough to do right?! When choosing an everyday necklace, keep in mind that materials such as silver will tarnish and anything plated will eventually turn with time and wear. Having to constantly clean or replace your piece is not ideal. Higher carat Gold jewelry is your best bet because it retains its shine and appearance with relatively little maintenance.

5. Let your personality shine through! Choose a piece that means something to you. Whether it represents your personality, a hobby that you love or even a person. This will ensure that every time you take a look in the mirror and see it draped around your neck it will put a smile on your face and a smile is the key to true beauty 🙂

Take a look at some other necklaces by NOSTALGII. All pieces are customizable! Yellow gold, White gold, Rose gold, length, engraving etc.
With mothers day fast approaching, wouldn’t a disc charm necklace with your mothers childrens or grandchildrens initials be perfect? You could add as many engraved disc charms as you wanted or needed.
Or for an anniversary, a date stamped bar necklace in roman numerals of their wedding date…or any special date for that matter.

Trendy Gold Necklace

 Do you have a favorite Necklace? I’d love to see it! Tweet me @Livingdisrobed with a picture of your most treasured piece using hashtag #MyFavNecklace 🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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