MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection Review

Mac Bao Bao Wan Collection

You will never guess what the lady at the MAC counter told me about the Bao Bao Wan Collection!

When MAC releases a new collection it flies off the shelf and unless it is becoming a part of their permanent collection, you must grab it right away (preferably on the day it launches in stores) or you will miss out as what you see is all they will be producing.

Take the Cinderella Collection for example. It sold out in 20 mins upon hitting the shelves! That’s insane!! So, needless to say, I missed that boat which is probably for the best as it seemed to be a collection for the fairer beauties and I have olive skin.

So on to the next collection, the Bao Bao Wan collection! I was instantly drawn to the rich golden tones with pops of vibrant colors. Beautiful!

I told the MAC consultant that I would take one of everything! (The collection isn’t that big) 1 shadow palette, 3 polishes, 4 lipsticks and a highlighter. Of course they were sold out of everything expect the palette and one of the polishes. I paid for the two products and headed to the nearest MAC to piece together the rest of the collection. 8 MACs later, I had 1 lipstick, all 3 polishes and the eyeshadow palette. Whomp, whomp!

So in my travels to the numerous MAC stores, some of the stores didn’t even carry the collection! So as any one would do, as I was on a mission…I asked one of the MAC ladies how come not all the stores are carrying the collection and which ones are so I can narrow down my search a little bit.

Her response…”The Bao Bao Wan collection is intended for Asians so they are only carrying them at locations where the traffic is mostly so.” I was appalled! Made for Asians?? It’s makeup for crying out loud! So let me get this straight….non Asians should not be wearing vibrant nail polish? A lightly golden highlighter? The lipstick colors are only to be worn by Asians? Come on lady!

I am not Asian and I LOVE the collection! As I’m sure many others would too if they had the chance to see it in their local MAC store that may or may not be located in a community where Asians make up the vast of the population. Absolutely ridiculous!

Anyways…Enough with my rant, and onto the review of the products that I was actually able to get my hands on 🙂

 Bao Bao Wan Jewels Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Palette $54.00CDN (Limited Edition)

This is a great palette that can take you from day to night. This palette boasts highly pigmented colors in a creamy, lightweight hybrid, offering original effects. These shadows can be applied wet for super saturated color with metallic brilliance, or dry for sheer coverage with a soft, sparkling finish. As with the rest of the Bao Bao Wab collection, this palette has a pearlized finish.

MAC Bao Bao Wan Eyeshadow palette

Bao Bao Wan Lipstick $21.00 CDN (Limited Edition)

I was only able to find the color Forbidden Sunrise, a Creamy Matte Orange. It is highly pigmented and long lasting. It feels very comfortable on my lips as most MAC lipsticks do. Orange was kind of last season, so we will see just how often I reach for it.

The other three unattainable colors are gorgeous!!  It’s a shame they were sold out 😦
Romantic Breakdown ~ Sheer Nude (Lustre)
Burmese Kiss ~ Bright Coral pink (Matte)
Lavender Jade ~ Dirty mauve with gold pearl (Matte)

MAC Bao bao Wan Lipstick

 Bao Bao Wan Studio Nail Lacquer $16.00 CDN (Limited Edition)

These Polishes are fabulous!! They are vibrant and fun with multi-dimensional pearl properties. They are quick to dry and need two coats for full coverage.

MAC Bao Bao Wan NailPolish

 Bao Bao Wan Beauty Powder  $33.00 CDN (Limited Edition)

A powder that delivers a subtle luminescent glow. Micro-fine, sheer and silky. Pressed for portability. Goes on lightly. ~MAC~

No review available.
MAC Bao Bao wan Summer opal Beauty powder

High-society darling, artist, pop philosopher, muse and jewellery designer Bao Bao Wan is one of China’s most renowned style stars. Her debut collaboration with M•A•C is inspired by her womanly and brazen aesthetic, with metallic golds and rich jewel tones reflecting her trademark decorative designs. Eyes are gilded in bronze, skin twinkles like a diamond, lips flicker like rubies and nails outshine even the most precious gems. The collection is outfitted in velvety brown packaging featuring burnished metal, embellished with her signature. Nodding to tradition while trailblazing new trends, M∙A∙C and Bao Bao Wan invite every face to take centre stage.  ~MAC~

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

18 thoughts on “MAC Bao Bao Wan Collection Review

  1. That is seriously one of the worst things an employee of ANY company could tell a customer. Like, who would even do that? It’s horrendous, and not just because she told you but because it’s probably the truth. I’ve heard other stories like this about Mac and it always really bums me out because they have some great products obviously, but every time I hear something like this it really causes me to reconsider shopping there! I’m glad you were able to get as many of the items from the collection as you did!!


  2. Goodness, I need to keep better track of these! They sell out like crazy. Anyways gorgeous swatches! You’re so lucky you got them but you were dedicated lol. I can’t believe that lady said that! It would have been better if she just said she didn’t know.


  3. Stunning collection! And that’s so weird that they don’t have the collection in all the stores because there aren’t many Asians living there… Weeeeird! Either way, another beautiful collection by MAC


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