Nars Dual Intensity Blush Review ~ Frenzy

Nars Dual Intensity Blush Review

I love a good blush. So I was super excited when Nars released their Dual Intensity Blush Collection! I knew right away which color had my heart…Frenzy!

You can use the Dual Intensity blushes wet or dry, however my personal preference would be dry just for the sake of the added of time to apply wet.  I did try the blush as a wet application and it made it much more difficult to work with, as it didn’t blend as easily. If I want a wet blush, I would buy one. Also, the wet application definitely emphasised my pores and any other imperfections where the dry did not. I do however, love the idea of having a perfectly complimentary highlighter right along side your blush. Definite bonus points for that!

Nars Dual Intensity Blush ~ $45.00 CDN

Nars Dual Intensity Blush Review

The Nars Dual Intensity Blushes are available in 6 different shades and chose the color Frenzy because I felt it was the most natural looking color and highlighter for Spring. Plus, I love a good Peach color and I can never get enough of a golden highlight!

I took the swatches as soon as I got home. The swatches were beautiful (see pic below) so I was so excited to get these colors on my face!

When it was finally time to try it on, I found myself extremely confused.
Where is the product? It is not applying to my face?! I was expecting super pigmentation and effortless application. Apparently not the case. I had to work very hard to get the color to show through.

When I swatched it, I am guessing that the pressure of my flat finger was able to pick up the product without any problems, but my blush brush was struggling…BIG TIME!

I have many other Nars Blushers and they are crazy pigmented and apply almost with too much color! So there I sat disappointed because I REALLY wanted to love this product. Plus, I really, truly wasn’t expecting not to.  Here I thought I was going to pick up this this new blush and post a rave review.

Don’t get me wrong…I am not saying I don’t like the Nars Dual intensity Blush, I just wish I didn’t have to work so hard to get it to apply. The product does however claim that it has “Translucent Prismatic Technology” Does that mean that it’s supposed to be translucent? Maybe. However, they also claim that it is “true color application“. So confusing this product!

To sum things up, I am still happy to have this blusher as a part of my collection and I won’t be returning it. I will continue to try to make this work as the color really is sensational…if you can manage to get it on your face! Haha.

I have been contemplating purchasing the Nars Dual Intensity Eye shadow palette as well but at $90 CAD I will pass as I wouldn’t be as patient with an eye shadow if it was as difficult to attain color like the blush.

I would definitely like to know if you have tried the Dual Intensity Blushes, perhaps in a different shade and how you like it and/or if you had the same problem as myself.
So please comment below.
Nars Dual Intensity Blush Swatch

These dual-intensity, silky, wet or dry blushes are uniquely formulated with NARS’ exclusive Translucent Prismatic Technology, which allows for multidimensional effects. With a lightweight texture for a flawless finish and true color application, each duo features two ultra-modern shades that can be worn alone or layered together for limitless looks. Apply these shades wet to achieve a high-impact flush or dry to get a natural-looking glow. ~Sephora~

   Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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30 thoughts on “Nars Dual Intensity Blush Review ~ Frenzy

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  2. hi! I purchased panic and had some difficulties as well. Finally I got it applied but I’d been so fanatically dragging it on my cheeks that it was a mess. I also attempted it wet with my elf blush brush-epic fail. My mother didn’t raise a quitter so I persevered. Eventually I picked up the brushed curated by NARS for this product and tried again. Once I scraped the surface away where I’d damaged the product with TOO much moisture, I went to work. The product applied so easily with a sheer wash of color on my cheeks. I swatched the product on my arm with my new LIGHTLY dampened brush and created more of a stain type look. So far I prefer it dry but the wet application maybe perfect for days by the pool this summer. I look forward to playing with this product more…bye:) mskaneshasherri..


  3. i love the shadows and the blushes look so amazing! I’ve heard so-so reviews for them. Several people were just saying for the color you can get cheaper. That the “wet” is a gimick like you said most people would probably just use it dry. But love the swatches! I think you picked the best of the 6! Xx


  4. It’s a shame the color didn’t work for you. I had to pick a deeper color myself for it to look effective. I have noticed that they are best used together, it adds that sheen to the skin with color. I got the peach one and returned it because it’s a hard color to develop on the skin unless you are really fair. Yes, but these can be a hit or a miss. Have you tried blushes from YSL (cream pots) and Bobbi brown (powder), they have given me quite nice results ..


  5. It’s a shame how hard it is to get the product onto your cheeks. Maybe you can apply with your fingers and then use a brush to blend it out. The colors are beautiful!


  6. What a letdown! I really liked the Adoration pallette. But you know, if it takes a stone age to apply, it just wouldn’t be worth it in my mind. Too bad; they’re so cute. Thanks for the review!


  7. Thanks for the review! I have been tempted by these blushes but since the color pay off isnt that great-you just saved me some money! I will stick with the regular Nars blushes


  8. Oh I am a little sad to hear this: they look so lovely. Given the super pigmentation of their normal blushes I would prefer those, though I agree the idea of a matching highlighter is just lovely.
    Also, why would you want to apply a blush wet? Makes no sense to me 😛
    xxx Anne


  9. Great post! I was a little skeptical of these blushes myself; I’m not to sure I like the idea of using a powder blush wet. I own the dual intensity shadow palette and I find those shades to be pretty pigmented dry or wet, so I’m surprised that concept didn’t translate to the blushes too.


  10. I own Adoration and really love it! I do agree it is work to apply on and I don’t like using it wet. It dries super fast and doesn’t blend nicely but dry I really enjoy it and love having the highlighter with the blush 🙂 xoxo Janet


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