SmashBox LA Lights ~ Blendable Lip and Cheek Color Review and Swatches


“Photographers call the natural light just before sunrise or after sunset “magic hour”. It’s perfect for shooting because it casts golden, diffused light onto the models’ faces. Now you can re-create the amazing effect of L.A. magic hour anytime, anywhere!” with SmashBox L.A Lights Blendable Cheek and Lip Color. —Davis Factor, Smashbox Founder and Photographer.

L.A Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Color ~ $36.00CAD

I love color sticks! They are so versatile and you will find a lot of Brands are now making them, such as Nars, Josie Maran and Clinique to name a few. When I saw that Smashbox had come out with their own, I knew I had to pick them up! If you are an avid reader of my blog, then you know that I love Blush! Probably my favorite product. I also love when products come with their own applicator. Cleaning Makeup Brushes can be a pain in the Ass, and when using cream products like this you’re going to want to wash your brush after each use as you can’t just dust it off on a towel like you would with a powder product until ‘cleaning day’.

The SmashBox L.A Lights Blendable Color Sticks comes with a flat buffing sponge one end of the stick. I wouldn’t say it’s the ideal applicator, but for daily use, it does the trick.

SmashBox markets this product as a multipurpose cheek and lip color for on-the-go touch ups. Considering they are meant to be blended, whether alone or together to create addition highlights etc. I would for-go this product as a purse friendly touch up stick unless you simply want to add spot of color to your cheeks or lips. Keeping in mind that it’s a lot larger than a tube of Lipstick so not too convenient for your purse.

SmashBox LA Lights cheek Lip color Swatch

Malibu Berry is a Rich Berry
Silver Lake Sunset is a Warm Coral
Venice Beach Bronze is a soft Bronzy Shimmer
Beverly Hills Blush is a peachy pink with Golden Shimmer
Hollywood & Highlight is a Sheer Pink Pearl

On with the review…
Highly pigmented, easily blendable, and definitely makes your skin luminous! I love the colors they chose and I also like the fact that they kept it to 5 Sticks. There is nothing worse than having to chose a color from a collection that has 30 shades! I always get my self worked up that maybe I should have gotten the lighter one, or the darker one, the pinker one etc. etc. In this case, I bought them all! Certainly not necessary but I love that I can play around with all of them.

They are quite creamy so I wouldn’t wear them in super hot weather…that’s what stains are for 😉 However, a light dusting of finishing powder will help keep your color lasting all day.

My Least favorite is the Venice Beach Bronze, simply because I don’t like shimmer in my bronzer, and I don’t particularly like using a brown shade as a cheek color, but that’s a personal thing. I’m sure I will find a good use for it.

Silver Lake Sunset, the coral color, is the least pigmented of the bunch. Almost like a different formula all together. Makes me a bit sad as that is my favorite color. It still works wonderfully, I just wish it had a bit more kick to it.

To sum things up, I would highly recommend the Smashbox L.A Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek color.

Inspired by the light from L.A.’s “magic hour”, this Blendable Lip & Cheek Color gives you a natural-looking, West Coast glow. A multipurpose color for the cheeks and lips, its shades range from a subtle sheen to a full-on flush. They’re infused with a lightweight, brightening formula that feels like your own skin—only more illuminated. The double-ended design features a flat buffing sponge on one end and a curved dome on the other for blending on-the-go looks. ~Sephora~

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  2. Nice! Really love the Hollywood and Highlight and the Silver Lake Sunset. They look like great highlighters for the cheeks.


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