MAC is Beauty Collection! Review and Swatches

MAC is Beauty

The MAC is Beauty Collection is kind of a mystery to me…I still can’t really figure out what they were going for. Everything seems to be a mix of colors that don’t necessarily go together, plus half of their promoted collection is actually part of their permanent collection. What are your thoughts on this collection? Check out what pieces I picked up…

As quite a large collection, I didn’t get the chance to buy the whole lot…I wanted to though!!!! I diligently picked up a few items that I felt I couldn’t leave the store without. Head on over to the MAC website to see the entire collection.

MAC is Beauty Collection

Mac is Beauty Eyeshadow ~ $19.00 CAD

To be honest, I wasn’t terribly excited about these colors but I got them anyways as I will never pass up a Limited Edition anything! I was very interested to try Bouffant as I love a good peachy color but the color pay off is next to nothing! Yogurt, which is the one color part of their permanent collection has amazing wear and pigmentation. I will find good use for this. The others, Lavender isn’t my thing, however, it wears great as well. Preening, the green color, (Green is my favorite color of all time) is an extremely lack lustre color similar to Bouffant. (I swatched the crap out of them to get the color to be as bold as they appear.)

Mac is Beauty Eyeshadow

Yogurt (Permanent) Chalky pale pink (Matte) 
Mac is Beauty Yogurt Eyeshadow

Bouffant (LE) Pale peach shimmer (Veluxe Pearl) 
Mac is Beauty Bouffant Eyeshadow

Wow Factor (LE) Medium lavender (Satin) 
Mac is Beauty Woe Factor Eyeshadow

Preening (LE) Pale mint-green shimmer (Satin) 
Mac is Beauty Preening Eyeshadow

MAC is Beauty Lipstick ~ $19.00 CAD

I am very happy with the colors I chose from the collection. They are all great subtle summer colors. The High-Lights color can be applied over top of any color to give it a glossy, slightly shimmer glow, or be worn alone for a dewy natural look. All in MACs Lustre formula, a great easy wearing lipstick.

MAC is Beauty Lipstick

Highlights (LE) A very Pale Creamy Peach

Call the Hairdresser (LE) Rosie Mauve
MAC Lipstick Call the Hairdresser

Real Redhead (LE) Mauve Nude
MAC Lipstick Real Redhead

MAC is Beauty Nail Lacquer ~ $14.00 CAD

Loving these Polishes for the Spring! Same great MAC formula. Sometimes takes an extra coat to get rid of streaks but worth it in the end. Quick to dry, and doesn’t chip too easily.

To Dye For (LE) Pale Peach
Doll Me Up (LE) Pale Mint GreenMAC is Beauty Nail Polish

 MAC is Beauty, Beauty Powder ~$31.00 CAD

MAC’s Beauty Powder has always been a bit of a mystery to me. What is it really? They come in all sorts of different colors and textures so some are highlighter, some blush, some contour?? Yet they all remain with the same title ‘Beauty Powder’. It’s rather odd. Either way, I suppose if you like what you see, pick it up and use it for what ever you feel is best for you. In my opinion, this Alpha Girl Beauty Powder is clearly a blush. Unfortunately, for me it was a bit too subtle. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with olive skin or darker, perhaps if you are fair, this would suit you great. The staying power also wasn’t that great. In the pile of never to be used again this goes. Plus, the Gold Nuance is none existent!

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

Alpha Girl (LE) Soft Peachy Pink with Gold Nuance
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Swatch

 MAC is Beauty Eye Kohl ~$19.00 CAD

I actually hate this liner for my eyes! It did not apply smoothly at all and rather drug my eye lid along with it. I will use it maybe to highlight my lips from time to time but this is not going near my eyes again. The pencil looks like a golden color (which I love) however, it is really just an everyday pink metallic. And it’s not really all that metallic. Two thumbs down for this one!

I Get No Kick (LE) Metallic Nude
MAC I get No Kick Eye liner Kohl

MAC is Beauty Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel ~ $19.00 CAD

FABULOUS! Love these gel liners!! Amazing colors, amazing wear, amazing application! The swatches don’t so them justice as I swatched with my finger…I should have used a brush to really show off there intense color. I had a really hard time choosing only a couple of colors as they have a ton on display. Some Limited Edition, some permanent. The two I chose were of course Limited Edition within the MAC is Beauty collection.

MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel

Looking Good (LE) Sparkly Burgandy
Mac is Beauty Fluidline Eye Liner Gel Looking Good

 Copperthorn (LE) Glittery Bronze
Mac is Beauty Fluidline Eye Liner Gel Copperthorn

 MAC Came out with a new eyeliner brush in essence of their new Limited Edition Fluidline Gel Liners. It is the #267 Curved Angle Brush.

MAC Curved Angle Brush Eye Liner

I was in the market for a new liner brush so I asked the MAC consultant about this new angled brush. He advised me that in order to apply accurately, you need to dab on the liner rather than use strokes. Well that was enough for me to take a pass. I can dab with a straight angled brush as well as use strokes, so instead, I picked up their #266 Small Angle Brush which is part of their permanent collection.

MAC 226 eye liner brush

What did you get from the MAC is Beauty Collection?

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

34 thoughts on “MAC is Beauty Collection! Review and Swatches

  1. Ahh! Alpha Girl and Doll Me Up is now on my shopping list! They’re gorgeous! Thanks for the fantastic post and review 🙂


  2. that burgundy fluidline looks so interesting – and on a sidenote you made me go through my eyeshadows, i noticed i dont have a green one besides the 120 color palette O_O


  3. I haven’t really bothered with this collection to be honest. I’m usually the first one to want to get all the LE lipsticks but because they’re lustre it’s just not my thing. However after seeing those gel liners (and already being a huge fan of the black for everyday) I think I might need to check those out! Hahah.
    But I agree with you in the sense I don’t really understand what the aim is with this collection. It’s a little bit all over the place and I barely heard anything about it beforehand.
    Love this post though ❤


      • I got a few bits from it because it’s already out in the UK! The packaging is beautiful and I think I’m going to get another lipstick when it comes out in stores this week. It’s all sold out online so I think it’s one of those collections where people might be disappointed they don’t get anything.


  4. I don’t have anything yet. It means a trip to Nordstrom’s and a pass through the shoe department which is an extremely dangerous adventure for me. I was totally cracking up when I read the part about the eye liner. That is one thing Lancôme does really well – Kohl eyeliners.


  5. Haven’t tried any of these yet, but Bouffant looks like it could work as a really beautiful cheek highlighter rather than an eye shadow. I really like the lipsticks, especially Highlights. I used to have a gold one from Este Lauder I believe that I was in love with. Great post, thanks for sharing!


  6. I did not notice this collection yet! Didn’t have it in the store last weekend when I was in…Hmm…I am guessing the point is to sell and feature more of their permanent products – so that people notice them…plus introducing some cool colours for the summer collection…all in all – nice pastels! I love pastel colours – but not sure about pastel makeup…although when done right! – woohooo…Love the polishes and those gel liners…soooo pretty! Green is also my fave colour in general! too bad the colour payoff is not the same as others…That purple is intriguing!
    Awesome post…as usual!


    • Sounds like we have the same taste! Not incredibly keen on pastels, and greens are amazing!!! Their next collection Wash & Dry is coming out May 21st in stores I believe…It looks awesome!!

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