Misslyn Satin Metal Nail Polish Review

Misslyn Satin Metal Nail Polish

Tired of having to wait for your nails to dry? In a rush and need a quick color that you can rely on? Look no further! Misslyn Satin Metal Nail Polish is da’ bomb!

These are matte polishes with tiny fragments of shimmer. They dry SOOOOO quickly and you can actually see them drying! When first applied it appears glossy but soon turns matte and at that time you can be certain that your polish is dry. I’m not talking ‘dry enough but still be careful for the next few hours’…I’m talking do the dishes dry! These polishes apply so smoothly and effortlessly as well. Seriously, the easiest nail polish application I have ever applied. And I have used ALOT of nail polish!

We’ve all been there when we paint our toes and ‘think‘ our polish is dry, only to remove our shoes and find all that hard work gone to waste! I will give you my utmost guarantee that the Misslyn Satin Metal PolishΒ is ideal for your toes no matter what shoes you choose to sport moments after application!

Misslyn Satin Metal Nail Polish

The new generation of metal polishes provides your nails with a satiny metallic effect, refined with subtle shimmer particles for a extremely glamorous nail makeup The matte finish develops after just a few minutes of drying time. The satin metal nail polish is not only a visual highlight but also feels like satin on the nails Apply the polish in two layers. The ultra-glamorous effect will be visible after a drying time of approximately 5 minutes. Ideally, do not use a top coat so as to retain the satin effect. ~Misslyn~

NO. 11F Edgy
Misslyn Nailpolish 11F Satin Metal Edgy

NO. 09A Interpretation
Misslyn Nailpolish 09A Satin Metal interpretator

NO. 11B Rebellious Attitude
Misslyn Nailpolish 11B Satin Metal rebellious attitude

NO. 11D Naughty Girl
Misslyn Nailpolish 11D Satin Metal naughty girl

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Check them out at www.misslyn.de

Misslyn Nail Polish

Misslyn Diamond Effects Nail Polish

Misslyn Top Coat NailPolish

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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