Clarins Aquatic Treasure Collection ~ Review and Swatches

Clarins Aquatic Treasure Collection

Clarins is very well known for their established, innovative skincare products. Their Makeup is just as phenomenal and their new summer collection, Aquatic Treasures, proves just that!

Being a Beauty Blogger definitely has it’s perks! But it certainly comes with a lot of hard work, knowledge and patience. That said, I received a $100 gift card from London Drugs! So grateful I am! I of course ran to the beauty department and instantly I was in awe of the Clarins Aquatic Collection. If you actively read my blog, then you are well aware of my obsession with green. So obviously this collection had my name written all over it!

Clarins Aquatic Tresures Collection Review Swatches

As I pondered over the collection, anxiously trying to decide which products to choose, I decided that maybe I should step out side my box just a little and leave the beautiful Aquatic green Liner and shadow behind as that would usually be my first choice. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! As I create this post, the more upset I get that I don’t have those two items. I will be going back, this is a fact!

I also picked up a few other items that I just fell in love with and couldn’t leave the store without!

Truly Waterproof Mascara ~ $27.00 CAD
(LE) 03 – Aquatic Green

Soooo Beautiful! A waterproof mascara in aquatic green! Don’t be afraid of the color…it is subtle when applied, and simply omits a stunning color when the light reflects on it. It truly is gorgeous! It provides excellent length and volume to the lashes with NO clumping! I will be sporting this all summer!!
Clarins Mascara Aquatic green

Product Claims

A double volumizing & lengthening effect, intense colour. 12-hour* non-stop waterproof hold.
A long-hold, ultra-resistant formula that protects the lashes against moisture and the harsh effects of seawater (salt), pool water (chlorine) and the sun.
Protective conditioning action.
Thicker, longer lashes; intense colour on the eyes.
Its oblong brush perfectly hugs the natural curve of lashes to ensure optimal distribution of mascara over every lash. The hollow, ultra-supple fibers grip the lash from root to tip.

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil ~ $23.00 CAD

I wasn’t really sure what this was when I purchased it, but I love skincare, so when makeup and skincare are combined, I get giddy like a school girl on cupcake day! It took only one application for me to fall in love. It’s not so easy to explain, but it is so smooth on the lips, not like an oil at all, rather a very light textured gloss. It has a beautiful shine to it and best of all, it is working to give you healthy lips! It’s applicator is larger than you would typical see from a product like this but it doesn’t hinder the application process at all.
It has a very faint sweet smell that personally I really like. This is part of Clarins permanent collection.
Clarins Instant Light comfort oil

Product Claims

A truly revolutionary formula.
A unique fusion formula rich in plant active ingredients, directly inspired by the expertise of Clarins face and body oils.
Nutrition, comfort.
Leaves a shiny film on the lips that is not sticky and slightly sweet.
A cocoon applicator that increases pleasure upon application.
Awarded “One-Minute Miracle” by The Kit in the “Beauty Multi-Taskers” category.

Ombre Matte Eyeshadow ~ $24.00 CAD
(LE) 05 – Sparkle Grey

OMG! AMAZING!!! Incredibly smooth, long lasting, HIGHLY pigmented! I would consider this a metallic shade, although Clarins does not advertise as such. There are two other Limited Edition colors in this collection, the aquatic green and aquatic rose. I will getting them both as this is such a beautiful shadow.
Clarins Eyeshadow

Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadow Swatch Review

Product Claims

A new “cream-powder” texture that combines the comfort and smoothing effect of a cream with the fineness and holding power of a powder.
A cream that is soft and light to the touch. A smoothing, mattifying and long-lasting compact powder that glides over the eyelid and blends evenly into the skin upon application.

Instant Light Complexion illuminating Base ~ $37.00 CAD
(LE) 05 – Golden Bronze

Clarins has created two new Limited Edition shades of their permanent Instant Light Complexion illuminating Base. Golden Bronze and Apricot. I chose Gloden Bronze as I will wear it mostly in the summer when my complexion is a bit darker and my skin needs a bit more hydration. I currently find it a bit to moisturizing for my oily skin but that will soon change in the summer months as my skin tends to become much dryer.
It is a radiance booster at it’s best. You can wear it alone or under your foundation. I have been blending my foundation and this radiance booster prior to application and it works wonders.
You can see in my swatch below how the skin is much more radiant with this product.
Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base

 Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base Review Swatch

Product Claims

This base gives you a perfect complexion, all day long! It naturally illuminates and corrects your skin tone, in addition to hydrating and soothing the skin with katafray bark extract.
The new “High-Lumitech” Complex brightens the complexion and illuminates shadows.
Fast and easy to apply: in a few seconds, the complexion is naturally luminous, transparently enhanced. The skin recovers its vitality, freshness and suppleness.

Jolie Rouge Lipstick ~ $28.00 CAD
700 Cedar Red

Lipstick obsessed, I browsed through Clarins multitudes of colors and textures. I ended up picking up the Jolie Rouge Lipstick in Cedar Red as it seemed like a great, easy wearing, safe red.
I love that it plumps the lips and offers deep hydration. Aside from the gorgeous tube it comes in, this lipstick definitely lives up to it’s claims and is a wonderful addition to my collection 🙂
Clarins Lipstick Jolie Rouge Cedar Red 700

Clarins Jolie Rouge Lipstick Swatch Review

Product Claims

This classic, creamy lipstick delivers stunning colour and silky-smooth shine. Formulated with the innovative extreme shine Maxi Lip Complex to help plump and hydrate for full, soft and supple lips. Deeply moisturizing and long-wearing with a fruity, floral scent, this lipstick feels amazing from the minute you apply it.
~London Drugs~

A special thank you to London Drugs for allowing this shopping spree to happen!

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  1. I have got to try the Clarins mascara! Hot summer on the way, pools & beaches & sprinklers oh my! Save the lashes and avoid raccoon eyes with waterproof. I use waterproof all year.


  2. Hello! Thank you for following my blog! I really enjoyed flipping through your posts, the pictures are all beautiful, especially in this post!


  3. It always surprises me when I go to a bigger London Drugs and I see the wide array of beauty. For ages I didn’t know they sold Real Techniques. Then again, I mostly go to London Drugs for two things: snack runs and the post office. Maybe I’ll spend some time on the other side of the store!


    • Absolutely you should! They also have a great clearance section if that is your thing, as well they offer a stamp card that will get you free products once you reach a certain amount 🙂


  4. Ugh, I want so many items in this post. The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, the Ombre Matte Eyeshadow (in ALL the colours available!), and even that lipstick look like a “safe red” as you described. Lovely collection – thanks for posting this! (and how nice of London Drugs!)


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