Boost Your Mental Performance with Rollerball Aromatherapy by Tazeka ~ #GIVEAWAY!

Tazeka Aromatherapy

This isn’t your mothers aromatherapy! With a chic, and trendy design, Tazeka brings Aromatherapy to the 21st century for the modern woman! It’s on the go roller ball packaging makes them the perfect accessory for your purse as-well-as makes application quick and easy as we all have busy lives that we need to get back to!

Wise Woman Aromatherapy

No one wants to smell like a health store! I know I sure don’t!
I fork out quite a bit of money every year on fragrances that I WANT to smell like!…so the last thing I need is to have that ruined with a strong essential oil smell. Don’t get me wrong…some essential oils smell wonderful and I know a lot of woman that actually use them as their fragrance, but that’s not my style. However, the Tazeka blends are very mild and I love that!

What exactly is Aromatherapy you ask?
Allow me to quote the Tazeka website… “Aromatherapy is the use of highly concentrated aromatic oils distilled from plants to heal the body, boost mental performance, and influence emotions. Essential oils can calm us down or cheer us up; help us sleep or sharpen our focus. They can soothe irritated skin, help fight infections, and facilitate the body’s natural healing process.”

Not all essential oil are created equal!
Just like everything else in the world, quality plays a huge role in aromatherapy. Tazeka uses 100% organic, unsprayed, or wild-crafted pure essential oils, pure organic jojoba wax, and natural Vitamin E. They use only the highest-quality, ethically-farmed and harvested ingredients, sourced from farmers and distillers they trust. They pride themselves on the integrity of their products.

How do you use aromatherapy?
“Each Tazeka blend comes with it’s own simple set of instructions (you’re going to use Slim Solution a little differently than Peaceful Slumber), but all of our oils are designed to be rolled right on your skin—this means your pulse points, wrists, neck, temples, chest, inner elbows, the backs of your knees, and your ankles.”

How to use aromatherapy

The Tazeka Aromatherapy website is full of easy to read guides, lessons and instructions. I would definitely check it out!


As much as I would have loved to share my thoughts on all of the blends that I reviewed…12 in total! I figured that would make for an awfully long post so I narrowed it down to my top 5 blends that I reach for almost daily.

Nonstop Thoughts ~ As an anxiety sufferer, I now never leave the house without this bottle! I also apply it every night after dinner to help me unwind for the day so I can enjoy my evenings and relax instead of thinking of everything I need to do the following day!

Concentrate ~ I keep this blend close to my desk and I use it frequently when I need to really focus an get my work done!

Headache Helper ~ Need I say anything more? A life saver!

Peaceful Slumber ~ A staple on my nightstand, I use this every night before I go to bed 🙂

Motivation ~ As a writer, motivation can be the key to success! However, it’s not always easy to come by. When I need a little pick me up I roll this bad by on and get on what ever the task may be!

Tazeka Aromatherapy Review Rollerball

 Directly on the bottle is an adorable saying tailored to each blend. I absolutely love this added touch!

Tazeka Aromatherapy Review

Tazeka Aromatherapy comes in 2 sizes. Try out a 2 ml sample for $14.50USD or opt for the full size 8ml rollerball for $39.50USD.
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Win an Aromatherapy Rollerball from Tazeka!
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Winner picks their blend of choice!


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44 thoughts on “Boost Your Mental Performance with Rollerball Aromatherapy by Tazeka ~ #GIVEAWAY!

  1. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. I am never calm, so I would want to win the Liquid Lullaby to try to help calm and soothe me,


  2. I’d love to try the Headache Helper. I have severe migraines and will try anything for relief! Thanks!


  3. I Follow @LivingDisrobed & TazekaAromatherapy on Instagram: @ butterflies_amy
    Facebook: Like Living Disrobed & Tazeka Aromatherapy = YES
    Twitter: Follow @livingdisrobed & @TazekaAromas = @butterfly_012

    I would choose peaceful slumber.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. There are so many amazing ones to pick from its so hard to decide! I’d have to say NON STOP THOUGHTS because I need this hamster in my head to shut up! 😜 Thank you for the great giveaway!!


  5. I seriously need the nonstop thoughts one! just this morning I was thinking about how I wish there was something to just settle my over nervous thoughts and my mind that thinks way to much into everything. It’s driving me slightly insane lol.
    Iv also got loads of anxiety from it.


  6. I have been doing single essential oils and essential oil blends as of the last couple of months and I was a tad skeptical going into it but oh-my-gosh….there is absolutely 100% NOTHING gimmick-y about them. They have helped SO many things in my life from sleep, to aches and pains, headaches. I have never seen this brand before but I have seen the “roller” method and I’ve been looking into it because WHAT A PERFECT IDEA. I love the oils but the roller ball packaging is just ideal for when you’re on the go! I’d love to try out the Nonstop Thoughts blend. What a generous giveaway!


  7. Ooo! I definitely need to purchase the anxiety and migraine/headache one’s.
    Quite seriously, thank you for blogging about this product! 🙂


      • Hope you’ve been keeping well! 🙂
        (Also hope my silly workout story regarding trying to sit made you grin a wee bit.)
        As for the products in your blog post I have a feeling once I do get around to buying a few (I’d love to try them all but oh well..) I won’t be able to live without them. Living in Calgary (as I am sure you probably know or have heard) is one of the worst places for migraines. Add in the hormone changes mid to late 30s with the body preparing for the 40s a person can’t win. So I’ve no doubt once I get my paws on at least the anxiety and migraine one’s I’ll probably be lying in bed thanking you a million time’s over for posting about these. 🙂
        (Sorry, I didn’t mean to write you a mini book! Just ANYTHING that helps with either of the above two problems is like a God send.)
        Cheers! x


      • I have been very well thank you 🙂
        I did make laugh…very hard!! Lol!! You will definitely be thanking me!!! And Tazeka of course 😉 The blends have really helped me so much and I know they will help you too! Time to kick those migraines and anxiety to the curb!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. When I am having NONSTOP THOUGHTS, and I need to CONCENTRATE, I take a HEADACHE HELPER to get me through the day, and then it is off to a PEACEFUL SLUMBER. I awaken refreshed, with the proper MOTIVATION to get through yet another day. After I TAKE SOME MENTAL TIME OFF, I can now FOCUS and ACHIEVE all my goals! Then it is back to bed for some much needed PRESSURE RELEASE that will send me sailing into a LIQUID LULLABY because after you REV YOUR ENGINES like my baby and I just did, it’s time for sleep! Sweet dreams! Thank you TazekaAromatherapy and Living Disrobed for a chance to win this amazing collection! As you can see, I would like to win ANY of the blends, especially CONCENTRATE, since now that I have told my tale, I am a little unhinged. Hope you enjoyed my little story, written exclusively for TazekaAromatherapy as the picture detailed. Thank you! Truly Living Disrobed and Disturbed, Jamie Johnson


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