The Truth Behind Beauty Sleep and How To Achieve It!

Beauty Sleep

Are you struggling to get a good nights sleep? Did you know that when you skimp on sleep, it shows on your face?! Tired skin sags, bags, and loses its brilliance! Getting the right amount of quality beauty sleep will keep you looking younger, longer and will make you feel ALIVE again!

Allow me to share with you a few facts so you get a good understanding of why getting a good quality sleep is truly the ultimate fountain of youth!

 Scientifically speaking…lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate, causing the look of dark circles. As well, if you don’t sleep well, the growth hormone (which is released by the brain into the bloodstream during sleep to aid in rebuilding and repairing skin cells) is impaired, ultimately leading to acne breakouts, skin allergies, and delayed skin healing. It also makes the skin more susceptible to premature aging and the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, creases and folds.

Chronic lack of sleep can cause you to become stressed. When this happens, the capillaries tighten up, affecting the flow of nutrients to the skin and scalp and causing the skin and hair to look dull.

Researchers have also linked poor sleep to weight gain! The less quality sleep you get, the less energy you have making it less likely for you to exercise, as well, poor eating habits tend to follow as your sleep deprived body craves high calorie, high carb foods. No thanks!

My secret to getting the best beauty sleep!

There are certainly a number of things I can attest to getting an amazing Beauty Sleep. I don’t eat after 8pm (when possible), no caffeine past 2pm. I limit my exercise after dinner to steady walks only. But none of that matters if you are aren’t comfortable and supported once you hit that pillow!

Sleeping on the right mattress plays one of the biggest roles in getting an amazing shut-eye. You may not realize it but if you are sleeping on an old, saggy and lumpy mattress or one that is too soft or too firm you will be sure to toss and turn interrupting that oh-so important REM sleep that we all require to ensure a peaceful, quality sleep.

Did you know that your mattress should be replaced every 5-10 years? That dust mites and other allergens that have made a home inside of your mattress and over the years have doubled your mattresses weight? Aside from being totally disgusting, those dust mites and allergens are causing you puffy eyes and a swollen face!
How old is your mattress? :/

About 4 years ago my hubby and I bought a brand new (very expensive) name brand pillow top coil mattress. And I kid you not, after the first year, the mattress was already sagging! We thought that buying an expensive mattress from a reputable company would ensure the ut-most quality but clearly we were naïve in believing that you get what you pay for. We paid for worldwide advertising, commissions, and mark ups. Period!

That said, when Endy (a new start-up company from Canada) contacted me about trying out their mattress, I was in no way turning it down. A new mattress sent from the gods? But my scepticism was on high-alert as I had been burned before.

The mattress arrived in a golf club sized box. That’s right…a box! To my surprise, it was super easy to get the mattress out and set up. 5 minutes tops! Immediately, the foam mattress started to decompress and a mattress had been born 🙂

Endy Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Endy mattress is soft to the touch, yet surprisingly firm once you lay on it. If you have ever laid on a foam mattress before, then you will know that they can be very ‘Squishy’ for lack of a better word.  That is not the case with the Endy. While it is firm as you lay, you can definitely sense the release of your pressure points as they gently mold into the mattress. Unlike the other squishy foam mattresses, the Endy doesn’t need all that extra time to ‘bounce back’ when you change positions.

The top layer of the mattress is infused with cooling gel to disperse body heat within the material in order to help you stay comfortable as you fall asleep. It is also wrapped in a luxurious, super comfortable cover.

I have noticed a dramatic difference in my quality of sleep since sleeping on the Endy. It is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I wake up feeling amazing, and looking great!

While mattresses can be very expensive, replacing them can be a major financial burden to most, however, Endy has changed all of that! They have cut out the middleman to bring you prices that are unbeatable!

You simply order online and it is delivered to your door step with free shipping! Awesome!
As if that isn’t good enough, Endy offers a 100-night, risk-free trial and easy returns (they come pick up your mattress free of charge, if you are not satisfied within the first 100 days) but trust me, that won’t happen! You will love your new mattress!

Luxury Foam Mattresses for a steep discount…yes please!

Shop Now at and receive $50 off any  size mattress using this Promo Code: ENDYLD50
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Memory Foam Mattress Endy Canadian Review

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