Shiseido Eye on Beauty Tour VIP Dinner Vancouver!

Dave Lackie Eye on Beauty Tour Vancouver Shiseido

On Monday night I had the privilege to attend a dinner hosted by Dave Lackie, editor of BEAUTY the guide and celebrity makeup artist Nina Westbury to celebrate the launch of Shiseido’s Ultimune Eye! A Lavish event where we were treated like the best in the business! It was a real honor! Let me take you on a tour of the evening, so you can get the inside scoop on what really goes on at these glamorous events!

As I arrived at the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Vancouver, the first thing I noticed, as anyone would, was the giant Shiseido Ultimune Lab parked right out front! I will delve into that later…

Shiseido Ultimune Lab

After the kind valet swoop away my vehicle, up to the second floor I went. Immediately upon the elevators doors opening I could feel the vibe of the room that sat directly across. I was early…as usual…I refuse to be late so being early is always my thing. I sat patiently on a “Poof” as Nina Westbury called it before they formally opened the doors to the event. As I sat and anxiously waited, myself, Nina and a few other beautiful ladies created chit chat about nothing and everything as us women do. I realized very quickly, that Nina has a sense of humour like no other and I knew that this was going to be a fun night!

As I entered the room, a kind gentleman handed me glass of champagne with a single raspberry in it. The Shiseido signature drink! On point with the rooms pink theme.

I couldn’t help but to notice the incredible detail that was put into the rooms décor. Peony lined tables, lit only by candle light and soft lighting. The room glowed in soft pink in essence of Shiseido’s Ultimune Eye launch which is packaged in a beautiful gradient pink, mirror like bottle.

Shiseido Ultimune Eye

In the far right corner a Makeup table was set up where you had the opportunity to have a Shiseido makeup artist create any look! A tall vase full of lipstick was hard to miss and one was passed out to every guest.

Shiseido Makeup

We then broke into to groups, and a lovely young lady escorted us down to the Shiseido Tour Bus. AKA: The Ultimune Lab! As we entered the Lab we were greeted by none other than Elaine Shigeishi the Vice President of Shiseido Canada. Wow! What a treat! With incredible charisma and charm she began to explain what Ultimune was all about.

Elaine Shigeishi Shiseido VP

An innovative pre treatment to skincare. Pre treatment, meaning even before Serum! I was immediately intrigued as I have never heard of such a product. The benefits were undeniable. Check out for all the details!  Ultimune has been on shelves for just over a year now and has recently sold their 1 millionth bottle! Incredible! But this event was focused on their newest product which is Ultimune for the Eye. I have read many controversial testimonies regarding whether or not an eye cream is really necessary. Elaine put it in a way that was indisputable. The skin on your body is different than your face and you certainly wouldn’t apply your body lotion to your face. As well, the skin around the eye is much different than the skin on our face. Much thinner and delicate. She compared it to the inner lining of an egg shell. So putting face cream on your eye is no different. I have to agree with her on this one as I have always been a big fan of eye creams.

Another interesting fact she pointed out was how important it is to take care of your eyes! Aside from the obvious, that they too need love and attention like the rest of your body, but the eyes are the first thing to show signs of aging. The thin skin will wrinkle much quicker than other parts of your skin. That we blink over 20,000 times a day, so just imagine what kind of stress that puts on our delicate eyes!

Through another door we went into the second section of the lab. Different style vanity tables lined the walls showcasing some of Shiseido’s top Skincare lines. My eyes immediately were drawn into the white lucent line. Absolutely gorgeous packaging and the vanity was so classy too! A kind gentleman went through all of the lines on display and explained their benefits, innovative ingredients and formulations that are researched and curated by Harvard University! Shiseido graciously funds a program there so they are always the first in the know of any ground breaking technology…hence Ultimune was born! The educated man made it very clear that by utilizing Ultimune products along with any skincare will amplify your results.

Shiseido White Lucent Skincare

Just lil’ old me posing in front of the lab. Why do I bend over for every pic?!! Stand up straight girl!

Shiseido Ultimune lab Eye

As the evening progressed, conversations, networking and just plain old fun were in full swing! Time to eat! An amazing dinner was provided and I ate every last bite! (I always do 😉

Shiseido Eye on Beauty Tour Dinner

The night slowly came to an end and Dave and Nina eloquently took center stage (figuratively speaking), they shared stories and personal experiences. Nina provided some excellent makeup tips and of course they thanked us all for being there. What a fabulous night!

Dave Lackie Nina Westbury Shiseido

Meeting Dave Lackie and Nina Westbury was a definite highlight of the evening.  They are both amazing people with sparkling personalities. It’s no wonder they have made such names for themselves. Plus, it is very apparent that they are genuinely close friends which makes their collaboration truly unique.

Dave Lackie Victoria Styles

Nina and I were laughing pretty hard at the horrendous photo we took together!! There is something about that angle that just isn’t right! Plus….am I leaning in to give her a kiss or something? What is wrong with me??!! haha!

Nina Westbury Victoria Styles

The Swag Bag!! I almost forgot!
Shiseido generously provided all the guests a gift bag full of goodies!

Keep an eye for a full review of these Shiseido products once I get a chance to play around with these bad boys!

Shiseido Makeup Skincare

A BIG THANK YOU to Dave Lackie, Nina Westbury and Shiseido Canada for inviting me to this unforgettable evening!

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  1. This is going to sound super cheese but as another Canadian your pretty much my idol. I can’t wait to be doing these kinds of things, so amazing, looks like it was an amazing time!


  2. Well said and perfectly discribed!
    It was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully we will keep in touch! 😀


  3. I never gave Shiseido much thought, though my mom is a frequent user of their products. My bad that I didn’t learn a lesson from her. I should check out these Harvard formatted products. You’re looking stunning btw. 🙂


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