Jouviance Makeup Review and Swatches

Jouviance Makeup Review

Jouviance is a well known cosmetic company that boasts an amazing array of high quality skincare products. They have pulled that same quality and proven ingredients into their makeup line. Some truly innovative products that are not only safe but help to promote even healthier, younger looking skin.

Rouge Magistral ~ $20.00CAD
Colors from left to right:
10 – Montreal Je T’aime ~ A coral pink, semi-opaque with shimmer
15 – Escapade A Deauville ~ A pinky peach, semi-opaque with shimmer
02 – Valse A Vienne ~ A satin rosie mauve

Jouviance Rouge Magistral Lipstick

Formulated to hydrate and plump, these lipsticks are extremely comfortable to wear. Lasting approximately 3 hours before re-application is needed. These are highly comparable MACs lustre lipsticks. Great choice for everyday wear. Not to mention, the tubes are gorgeous with a magnetic closure.

Lip Pencil ~ $19.00CAD
Color: Rouge Caviar

Jouviance Lip Pencil

An excellent water-resistant lip liner! It glides on smooth without drag and there was no feathering of my lipstick. A lip brush on the opposite end makes this a great on the go pencil for touch ups!

Beauty Stick ~ $26.00CAD
Color: 03-Extase

Jouviance Beauty Stick

A Rose colored Beauty Stick with hints of golden shimmer.
I found that it didn’t apply as smoothly as I would have liked. Good blending was essential to even application. Once blended, the product did last for hours and certainly omitted a beautiful glow. For me, I did not like this as blush as it is too sheen for my preference, however, I found it to be a phenomenal highlighter when applied just above my blush on my cheekbones.

Mim’Injection ~ $32.00CAD

Jouviance MIM Injection

The Mim’Imjection is an innovative product that claims to brighten, lift and plump depending on how you apply. The name ‘Mim Injection’ is short for ‘mimicking the effects of injections’. That is serious claim for a pencil to live up to! If you check out the Jouviance website, they give you some application tips depending on what effect you are looking for.
I didn’t quite see the results you would expect from it’s claims. I found the formula to be quite drying and thick, creating a powdery like white cast were applied. I didn’t blend well making it difficult to work with.
I did enjoy it on my cupids bow as a brightener and could definitely notice a plumping effect on my upper lip. I didn’t find any other plumping results on other areas.

Rejuvenating Lift Radiance ~ $35.00CAD

Rejuvenating Lift Radiance Jouviance Foundation

A great sheer foundation that is long lasting, effortlessly applied, and comfortable on the skin.
It is formulated with Osilift, which gives skin a firmed look; silica micro-particles that softens the appearance of fatigue, fine lines and wrinkles; and coconut oil for day-long comfort and hydration.

Color Mix ~ $29.50CAD

Jouviance Colour Mix

I love this product! A thick concentrate of warm color that you can add to almost anything to add some radiance. Mix with your favorite moisturiser or sunscreen and now it is tinted! Use in the summer months to deepen your existing foundation to match your beautiful tanned face!

Wet & Dry Compact Foundation ~ $29.50CAD

Jouviance Wet Dry Compact Foundation

AMAZING! Silky, smooth, non cakey, non drying, non creeping, full coverage with a natural look!
I’m going to quote Jouviance on this one because the benefits in this compact foundation are incredible. See below.

This convenient, multi-purpose powder foundation is the perfect way to match your make-up with your mood! Enriched with L-Lysine, a key ingredient in collagen development, as well as anti-dehydration agents, it evens out skin tone to hide imperfections. Plus, it’s formulated with micronized powder to keep fine lines or wrinkles concealed. Fine, silky texture rich in vitamin E protects skin and delivers variying degrees of coverage – from natural to intense luminosity. Choose Wet & Dry Compact Foundation for a stunning, radiant complexion and flaweless appearance!

Sunkissed Powder ~ $32.00CAD

Jouviance Sunkissed Powder Bronzer

The perfect matte bronzer! Not too orange, not too gray, not too pink and no shimmer! I just love it! It blends so well and compliments my complexion remarkably. Now a staple in my collection!

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*These Products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own with the utmost honesty. Please see my disclaimer HERE for more details.

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  1. Is this brand available in stores like Shoppers or Rexall? I like the look of some of those base products especially the Colour Mix and Compact Foundation… they’re quite reasonably priced too. Thanks for this review with swatch photos too!


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