Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder and Face Blender Brush Review

Bobbbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder Review

While my usual finishing powder looks something similar to the color of my skin, this Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder is a game changer!

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder ~ $63.00CAD
Color: Brightening Nudes

An all-over powder that instantly illuminates skin with a healthy-looking glow. ~Sephora

I have oily skin. It sucks. That’s right…sucks! From my moisturizers to makeup, everything tends to fall into the ‘Matte’ category. Most times, leaving my face dull looking. So I’m always on the hunt for something to brighten up my look without adding anything that will create additional moisture. I was instantly drawn to this finishing powder whilst it sat on the shelf and oozed utter fabulousness! Is that even a word?…i’m using it! Anyways, it was screaming pretty damn loud “Buy Me!” So I did. When I got home and opened it up, I was still unsure at what this product was really going to do for me or what it was all together. It says to blend all over face, so that’s exactly what I did and was amazed at what I saw!

Bobbbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder Nudes

With a silver, metallic case, aside from the dreaded finger prints, this compact is stunning. Simple and sophisticated.

Bobbbi Brown highlighter Review Swatch

Below is the color of the powder when swirled together on the brush. A light pink. Hmmm…interesting. Never would I think to apply a pink powder all over my face yet here I sit telling you all about it, and actually liking it! This powder definitely gives you that brightening effect. Radiant as if you are applying a light highlight all over your face, but subtle and pretty. When I first applied it and took a good long look in the mirror, I could see it!…Sparkle! Not a ton, but enough to make me steer clear of this during the day to avoid that disco ball effect! What a shame really. It is totally unnecessary to have added it in there. Why Bobbi, why?  So I would not recommend this as an all over powder for day time use but certainly can be used as a daily highlighter.
Bobbbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder Swatch Review

Bobbbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder Swatch

Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush ~ $58.00CAD

So let’s talk a little bit about the Face Blender Brush. The box on the finishing powder suggests to use the Face Blender Brush to apply. So as usual, I got the brush. I know, I know…I have ZERO will power because the other dozen face blender brushes I own simple won’t do right?! :/ Moving on… the brush is quite nice. A great size for it’s purpose. Dense yet flexible. It applied the powder where I wanted it without a mass poof of powder all over the place. The handle is a tad shorter than a standard brush and it’s weight feels very comfortable in my hand. The black ferrell is sturdy and overall the brush is great quality. It is a soft, non-synthetic brush.

Bobbbi Brown Face Blender Brush Review

I would definitely put these two products into the luxury category as they are certainly not essential and both come with a fairly hefty price tag. A luxury that I am glad to own however. You will definitely catch me sporting this powder at my next event!

 Cheers, Victoria! kiss

34 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder and Face Blender Brush Review

  1. I only have one Bobbi Brown brush, but I noticed it “opened up” significantly with use. At first, it deposited too much color, but now it works brilliantly. Maybe go back to the powder once the brush is broken in? It might be sheer later.


  2. WOW! I am not of fan of the shimmery look but I think I just fell in love with this! It’s so pretty. I hope you post a pic when you decide to wear it!!


  3. These look amazing!! Great review! The brush looks so nice! I think you definitely needed the brush. 😉 xo


  4. That brush has been a wish list item of mine for ages. I just am not sure if I need it. Let’s be honest, I don’t NEED any more brushes! But I do like a multi-purpose brush like that shape. And I really do like brushes with shorter handles. Did you find the bristles to be scratchy at all? It’s natural haired, right?


  5. The pink tone of the powder should give a brightening effect and also somewhat cancel out yellow tones which make people look sallow. So, it’s doing what it should be which is good! I get what you are saying about the unwanted glitter. This was an issue I had with the shimmer bricks years ago. There was not just shimmer but also glitter which prevented me from using the product in the day. In the sunshine I was like a disco ball!

    There is a pink toned Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder that I think you’d love. If you really like the brightness that pink offers with your skin tone, the Hourglass product, which I secretly have purchased and hidden in my bathroom, offers the brightening effect without the glitter you are seeing in the BB product. You might really like it for day time use.


    • Thanks for the tip Janine! I haven’t tried the pink colored ambient powder but the ones I do have would seem to be far to shimmery for an all over look. I will definitely check it out though!
      I wonder sometimes how many products are hidden around the house that I have forgotten about?! Haha!


      • They have a little shimmer but no glitter. I can pull off the ambient powder in the day….But you might still find it too shimmery if you feel the others are (it’s totally similar). Just has the pink undertones. I had to look for it today as I forgot where I stashed it. It’s similar to Ethereal light as far as shimmer goes. That’s the cool white one.


  6. I would love to try this product, but as you’ve pointed out, Bobbi Brown products are a little on the pricey side. Is there a similar product from a different brand that gives just as good a finish as this one that you would recommend?


    • I honestly haven’t come across anything less expensive. More expensive but not less. As well, you definitely wouldn’t want to sacrifice quality on a product like this as an uneven, thicker (less milled) formula could be a disaster! I will keep my eyes open for you and let you know if anything pops up! 😊


  7. Arrrghhhh!!! I have to be honest. I’m not a Bobbi Brown fan. Her foundations just are not a good match for my freckly face–add to that I’m at that “mature” age when women like me are all but ignored by cosmetics companies. But–that being said, this product looks very enticing! I could use a powdery illumination but the sparkles COULD be a deal breaker. I’ll have to try it out first. Can you compare it to Guerlain’s Meteorites? I’m a huge Guerlain fan! Thanks for the review…and don’t feel bad about the brush thing. I, too, am suckered into the brush purchases! Great post! Thank you!


    • Funny, as I have a ton of Bobbi products yet haven’t tried her foundation 🙂 Her concealer is great tho!! I too urn for some makeup suited for the ‘mature woman’ Everything looks great on a flawless 20 year old right?!
      Add in a few fine lines, more noticeable pores and it changes everything!
      The sparkles aren’t super crazy but still as I said, I don’t want any for daytime use. Plus this powder is so radiant in its own that it’s completely unnecessary!
      I would say that this illuminator trumps the meteorites when it comes to radiance. However, it may be too much for some. I really think it’s prefect for a night out! Plus it’s cheaper than the Guerlain product.
      Have you tried the Bobbi Brown foundation stick? If you’re looking to cover the freckles you would love it! If looking for a lighter foundation that won’t cover them up, I find the MUFE HD foundation to be effective but natural and light.
      Thanks for stopping by! I have a post coming up that you will like. Definitely products for those over 30 and includes skincare benefits!

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      • Thanks for the heads up on the BB foundation stick. Yeah..I cover the freckles during the winter, but in the summer, they go with the territory–but I think some of them are morphing into age spots. Yikes! I have the MUFE HD foundation–I’m actually on my third jar of it..but I really really have to layer it and blend it in with a brush (I use a Tarte brush). I’ll be on the lookout for that posting geared to non-nubile skin!! Thanks!


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