Sweet Leilani Makeup Review ~ Pure Natural, Mineral Makeup

Sweet Leilani Makeup Review

I have official found the most AMAZING foundation! It’s all-in-one! No need for primer or powder…this foundation does it all! This, amongst many other fabulous treasures from Sweet Leilani Cosmetics are on the hot seat today.

Sweet Leilani Cosmetics is truly a brand that stands out for all the right reasons. While it was built from a desire to help anyone, man, woman or child from the effects of cancer, burns and scarring by utilizing makeup as well as paramedical tattooing techniques it quickly evolved to so much more. I won’t be discussing these techniques today but I highly encourage you to check out their site to see some before and after shots. Amazing Transformations!

This pure and natural cosmetic line uses optic technology with reflective minerals that are mixed with soapstone, unlike other mineral makeup brands who only use mica powder. This allows for longevity of wear, less sparkle as mica powder used alone, as well, it absorbs excess oils allowing people with oily skin such as myself to wear mineral makeup! It’s natural ingredients act as an anti-inflammatory for sensitive and acne prone skin. Among many benefits Sweet Leilani Makeup provides, it is all priced under $25, packaged with 100% post consumer products and best of all it is CANADIAN!

Mineral Makeup

Island Goddess Prep, Prime & Powder ~ $22.99CAD
COLOR: Nude Beach
Sweet Leilani Island Goddess Prep, Prime & Powder

This is absolutely hands down the most innovative foundation I have ever tried! It acts as a primer, foundation and powder all in one! While I was a bit confused at first at how this would apply, I was amazed at the results. You need just the smallest amount to cover your entire face and you are left with a smooth, uniform, full coverage look that literally lasts all day, from the moment you put it on until you take it off at night. To top it off, it is loaded with good for you ingredients, such as Rose hip, grape seed and infused with green tea to nourish your skin. It contains a non-chemical sunscreen and is waterproof.
The swatch above shows my regular skin on the left with the foundation blended on the right as well as a non-blended spot.
Seriously the BEST foundation ever!

Hawaiian Petals Lip Plumping Lip Shades ~ $14.99CAD
COLOR: Aloha

Again, this lipstick contains a non chemical sunscreen. So important for keeping those lips youthful looking for years to come. It contains peppermint to plump the lips and is high in emollients to keep the lips hydrated.
This is a sheer lipstick with slight shimmer. A beautiful lavender shade that lasts approximately 4 hours of rough wear. I did not feel any burning or tingling sensation from the plumping ingredient, however, the plump effect was very minimal.
Sweet Leilani Hawaiian Petals Lip Plumping Lip Shades

Mineral Eye Illuminator ~ $16.99CAD

I suffer from the dreaded hereditary dark circles 😦  As much as I try to rid myself of them, they always seem to be there. I have finally come to conclusion that they aren’t going anywhere and I have shifted my focus on covering them up rather than wishing them away. This illuminator is just the product to do that! It is to be patted under the eye before or after applying foundation to deflect dark circles, brighten and fill fine lines.
It creates a smooth surface before applying concealer and you can really see the brightening in action! I look more awake and find my concealer doesn’t crease…as much. For a quick pick me up, I tap this on mid day for a boost of much needed hydration.
Sweet Leilani Mineral Eye Illuminator

Seaside Mineral Jewels Eye Shadow ~ $14.00CAD
COLOR: Ukelele, Seaweed

Sweet Leilani’s shadows are triple milled, pressed minerals. You can use wet or dry which is always a bonus in a shadow! Highly pigmented, and true to color. These shadows last all day even without a shadow primer! The special blend of mica and soap stone absorbs oil so you don’t have to worry about your shadow creasing!
Sweet Leilani eye shadows are available in singles as or duos as shown below.

Sweet Leilani Seaside Mineral Jewels Eye Shadow

Sweet Leilani Seaside Mineral Jewels Eye Shadow Swatches

Seaside Mineral Dual Jewels ~ $16.00CAD
COLOR: Sword Fish

Sweet Leilani Seaside Mineral Dual Jewels

Skin Care Cover Foundation ~ $22.99CAD
COLOR: Suntan

This foundation is what started it all. For many years, Leilani volunteered with the cancer society to teach people how to camouflage skin discoloration due to the effects of cancer treatments. In a failed attempt to find a foundation that was gentle yet effective on sensitive and post-operative skin, Leilani took it into her own hands developed this revolutionary foundation. A foundation that masks and conceals bruising, scarring and even tattoos all while keeping a natural look with natural ingredients.
While this product does live up to its claims, a full cover foundation with amazing ability to conceal, the color options are very limited. With five shades to choose from, I chose the second to darkest shade; Suntan. As you can see in the photo below it is quite light with pink undertones. I think the color descriptor ‘Suntan’ is deceiving as I would have expected it to be much darker. If you can find a color match for your skin tone then you are one lucky gal because this product is a must have as it not only covers impeccably, but it is a skin treatment that protects and revitalizes your skin!

Sweet Leilani Skin Care Cover Foundation

Final Note…

Leilani is a true inspiration and the makeup she has created is of highest quality. I would recommend any product I have talked about today.
If you suffer from eczema, rosacea, sensitive skin or are just looking for an eco friendly, good for your skin natural brand then look no further. Sweet Leilani cosmetics has got your back!

Shop Now at www.sweetleilani.com

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

*These Products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own with the utmost honesty. Please see my disclaimer HERE for more details.

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      • Sure. The reason is that bismuth oxychloride is based on bismuth, oxygen and chloride. Bismuth(in the same family as arsenic and it’s lead and copper metal refining) is a heavy, but non-toxic metal, oxygen most people know what is and chloride as well.

        It’s used instead of talc, because it’s heavier and “better”, but talc is a much more “clean” product than bismuth oxychloride.

        It’s the ingredient that gives a pearly finish, like the original Bare Escentuals foundation it’s “glow”.
        If you would read the Material Data sheet for bismuth oxychloride you would see that this may irritate the skin. And the fact that it is claimed to be a natural mineral is all BS, it’s rarely or never occurse in nature. It is manmade.

        Not everyone gets an allergic reaction to it, but I’m one of them. Some people also see a change in the skin after using BE foundation after a while, me included – the skin becomes more gray and itchy. People with sensitive skin should avoid it, but in general I do belive everyone should avoid it – specially if it’s listed high on the ingredient list.

        So mineral foundation is said to be very natural, but I never belive it until I read the ingredients.
        If the mineral foundation gives someone a itch – it’s most likely due to the crystals in the bismuth oxychloride.

        But all in all, it’s not an unsafe ingredient – it’s just not that great on the skin in the long run for some of us.

        *puh* not sure if that was the answer you wanted, but it’s the one that I have to give you 🙂


      • Indeed. Not everyone reacts, but most people I know have had a reaction after using products containing it for a long time.

        But there are other options that don’t contain it. Like Sweet Leilani, Tikei (swedish brand), Mineral hygienics and a bunch of others 🙂


  1. Both the foundations look really interesting. Too bad Suntan isn’t that dark… from the swatches online, that looks like it would be more like NC40 but it’s almost a NW15 in your swatch! Nice brand overview! 🙂


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  3. These products sound wonderful! I’ve never heard about this brand before, but I want to try their foundation!


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