Trending for Halloween: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks!

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

Happy Halloween Everyone! Today I thought I would share with you some fun Lipstick options that are perfect for this dark and dreary holiday. A couple of Kat Von D’s Studded Lipsticks in the shades Poe and Slayer. It’s time to get some serious Vamp on!

Poe is a deep navy blue with a slight magenta and blue shimmer and a Matte finish, while Slayer is  described as a ‘Matte Pitch Black’. Both colors aren’t what you’d typically wear but certainly a great addition to any lipstick collection! I mean black lipstick? F*ck ya! Why not?  Takes me back to the nineties when Marilyn Manson was at the top of his game. But lets be real, we have come a long way since the nineties, and we are far more accepting of those that don’t follow what is set out as ‘normal’. Wearing all black doesn’t mean you are goth and wearing black lipstick simply means you are adventurous! So I say go for it!

Marilyn Mason Pic

I went ahead and read a few reviews on these shades and for the most part I’m hearing that they are extremely dry and will pull the lip when applying. However my experience is quite different. I find them both to be quite a creamy matte and not drying at all?! I suppose they could have reformulated the studded kiss collection or perhaps I just got a good batch. Regardless, I am quite pleased with the formula.

They claim to be a one swipe application but common, with these dark colors, that’s nearly impossible and certainly not the case with these shades. It does take a couple swipes to reach their true color but definitely worth it in the end. I highly recommend using a lip liner with these studded kiss lipstick shades as they are so deep in color that you don’t want to take a chance at it bleeding, smudging and even fading. While I didn’t find these things happening, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions.Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Swatches

When the studded Lipstick collection first came out, Poe was a color that was on my wish list, but my god, it was out of stock FOREVER! I couldn’t get in stores or online for nearly a year! So that tells me that while we may think that these atypical colors wouldn’t be a “bestseller” we would be terribly wrong. It does make me wonder why this particular color is so popular? I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone walking around with blue lips, yet thousands have purchased this lipstick. Including myself. So what’s my reason for purchase? I guess I wanted it simply because it’s different. I have yet to actually wear it out the house, other than for costume parties, but I was instantly drawn to it and had to have it.  Is that a good enough reason?

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Would you wear these bold dark colors?
Leave a comment below with the boldest lipstick you have ever worn 🙂

 Cheers, Victoria! kiss

35 thoughts on “Trending for Halloween: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks!

  1. I wear ‘weird’ coloured lipsticks all the time – be it pale lavender, teal/turquoise, deepest purple – and I’m always frustrated by the number of horrid comments or filthy looks I get, so I’m not sure that people are all that accepting of people wearing unusual colours. But I’d totally wear Poe if I could get hold of it!


  2. Woah, the packaging on those is fabulous! I think I’d just stare at them on my shelf, because no way would I be able to wear them now in my advancing years (seriously, though, I’m getting mad flashbacks to the very brief moment in high school where I wore makeup like the Crow. Oh my lord.)


  3. I love both. I would absolutely buy them and hardly wear them. It’s just something you have to own because it’s too cool not too. So your reason sounds reasonable to me. Lol I’m envious!!


  4. So cool! I have the MAC Hautecore, and I don’t think it is drying although the Mac formula for mattes is really all over the place. I have never tried Kat Von D’s products, but that navy is calling my name!


    • OMG! You have to try her products! They are always so well formulated! You won’t be disappointed!
      And I totally agree with you that MACs mattes are all over the place when it comes to finish. So odd.


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