The Skincare Brand I recommend to my Family and Friends ~ NeoStrata!

Best Anti Aging Skincare Neostrata

When it comes to skincare, it’s hard to know what works and what is just a huge waste of money. We all have that drawer of miracle creams that turned out to be less of a miracle and more of a debacle! Today I am going to share with you the skincare brand that I recommend to my family and friends as well as the reasons why.

Truth is, I use a lot of different skincare products and brands. And I do it in the name of love! My love for you guys of course 🙂 What kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t experiment constantly with skincare, makeup, tools and so on. That’s my job and for better or for worse, breakouts and irritation, redness and inflammation, I will continue to do so until my skin can’t take it any longer.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are a ton of brands and products out there that I love, I use and I recommend. But when a friend or family member asks me, and I get it ALL the time…”What should I be using?!” I tell them every time, without hesitation, Neostrata. And for good reason of course…

A. It is easily available at most drugstores
B. It is reasonably priced
C. It has an array of lines for every skin type and concern

I’m not about to send someone I love on a mad online hunt to retrieve an extravagantly priced cream from over seas that’s going to take 10 to 12 weeks to arrive with an outrageous shipping cost on top of it all. I mean i’ve heard it all…creams curated from minerals extracted from the top of Mount Everest to water derived from the deepest levels of the Pacific Ocean. While all of these ingredients may make for luxury skincare, and perhaps even better marketing, you are paying a price for those deep sea dives, and hikes up the mountain except that you don’t get to enjoy the adventure! And lets be honest with ourselves here…if these wonder ingredients are really so remarkable, wouldn’t everyone be using them? So take a minute before purchasing your next skincare product and do a little research. The ingredients lists should reflect what has been scientifically proven to work. Ingredients that you recognize. To nourish, regenerate, and protect. No more, no less.

Neostrata Skincare Review

Neostrata is a cosmeceutical brand that is recognized for its development of leading-edge technologies that are supported and endorsed by the medical community. Proven, superior skin care solutions that really work.

On their website, they have a Skincare Consultation tab that takes you through your skin concerns to help you choose products for your specific needs. Whether you have Very Dry to Oily skin, looking to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, age spots and discoloration to acne control and much more, Neostrata has the products for you. Skincare that is proven to work.

The medical ingredients found in Neostrata products can be as high as allowed before becoming pharmaceutical grade. What does that mean exactly?…No more high priced trips to the dermatologist! Get those same great results, over the counter, with a much lower price tag. Neostrata has also created products with slow release technology they’ve named ‘The Amphoteric System’. It controls the release of potential irritating ingredients to minimize discomfort combined with soothing and anti-irritant ingredients allowing even those with sensitive skin to be able to use their products safely.

Neostrata is the brand I turn to when my skin goes awry. When I’m testing out new products, thing don’t always go o well :/ but I can always count on Neostrata to bring my skin back to life. Every. Single. Time. Go a head and take a look through their site HERE. Get familiar with what they have to offer and be confident that you whatever you choose, you have made the right steps to getting that youthful, radiant skin you’ve always wanted.

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

*These Products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own with the utmost honesty. Please see my disclaimer HERE for more details.

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  2. I use their hydrating serum and it’s become my HG. I’m looking forward to dabbling more into this brand – I like no frills skincare brands that WORKS. I’m going to try their online skincare consultant to see what they recommend for me! 🙂


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