NuvaLash EyeLash Enhansing Serum Review & Giveaway!

Nuvalash All Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

Have you always wanted thicker, longer, healthier lashes? You can achieve all of this with NuvaLash enhancing Serum! Best part, NuvaLash is ALL NATURAL! So there’s no need to worry about any harmful effects it will have on your eyes or the surrounding skin. An easy to use product, that works!

I have tried a few lash serums before but the results were always the same. They burned my skin! And to be honest, I couldn’t even tell you if they worked or not because I wasn’t even able to get that far as I needed to discontinue the products almost immediately.

However, when I heard Lauren Bilon’s story, founder of NuvaLash I knew I had to give it try! After the birth of her child she lost almost all of her eyelashes and tried countless ways to try to bring them back to life. From false lashes, to pharmaceutical products all resulting with serious side effects. See her full story HERE. She took matters into her own hands to create an eyelash serum that not only works, but one that will be safe for everyone.

With sensitive skin and prone to psoriasis and eczema break outs on my eyes, I was hesitant but as a true beauty fanatic, I had to see if this serum was indeed as safe as it claims and provided real results.

Best Natural Eye Lash Growth Serum

Fast forward 6 weeks….

My Results: I will start by saying that I lasted 6 weeks using this serum! No burning, no side effects, no psoriasis/eczema!!! If you suffer from any kind of skin condition then you are well aware at the amazing feeling when you try a product and have no flare ups! So this product definitely passes the safe test!

And YES! My lashes are noticeably thicker and longer! I started seeing results after a weeks use and they continued to get thicker and longer the longer I used NuvaLash.

You can also use NuvaLash on your eyebrows and while I didn’t want to waste it on my brows to assure I had plenty to get results on my eyelashes, there is still soooo much left since you use just the tinniest amount! This bottle will last you a long time 🙂

I highly recommend NuvaLash to any one out there looking to improve the look and quality of their natural eyelashes.

How to Use NuvaLash All- Natural Eyelash Enhancing Serum:

Shake well, apply nightly to clean upper lash line, lower lash line and brows if desired.

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  1. Thank for your tips. In my country, it is about to spring festival. 3 months ago, I try to take up Japanese makeup style. I feel my face very natural. Besides, I apply Japanese skin care and my skin day to day becomes pinky-white. So I want to share my tips with everyone who caring.


  2. As I’ve gotten older my brows are kind of wild and crazy. They’re very very blonde so its not a big problem I just pulled out the crazy one. Then, I called them with a little bit of brown color and follow my natural shape. And eyelashes have always been an issue! Love the giveaway.


  3. My lash struggle is I find as I get older my lashes are not as thick as they used to be. I would love to see if this product would help.


  4. My lash struggle is that they always seem to fall out and take forever to grow back! Glad to hear it worked so well for you and it didn’t cause any sensitivity. I also get psoriasis/eczema on around my eyes, and it can be a really painful healing process!


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