Best at Home Teeth Whitening System

Hey guys, I am so excited to share this product with you today because it has literally transformed my teeth! It’s a product called Fade to Bright and it is an at home teeth whitening system that gives you dentist results without the hefty price tag and of course, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

At home teeth whitening LED LightI have seen many of these LED teeth systems on social media, mainly sponsored by celebrities and while id like to believe that these celebrities only endorse products they truly believe in, it’s no secret that they get paid to advertise such products and assumably probably never even try the product! *Disclaimer ~ I was not paid for this review and yes, not only have I tried it, I use it all the time! Haha.

With that said, my curiosity got the best of me and as a 4 cup a day coffee drinker I am always looking for a way to get that brighter, whiter smile. So I took it upon myself to give Fade to Bright teeth whitening system a go for myself.

Fade to Bright offers a few different packages as listed below.

  • Essential Kit ~ $29.95 USD
  • Professional Kit ~ $39.95 USD
  • Premiere Kit ~ $47.95 USD

I got the Premiere kit as well as the Professional kit as I wanted to see if there would be much difference and in return, provide you guys with the most accurate information I could get.

The most important difference between the two to put in the simplest terms is that the Premiere Kit comes with a 7 LED light that vibrates and has a ten minute timer on it. In the premiere kit your will receive their strongest gel, at 44% Peroxide in the largest size which is 5ml. It also comes with a tray that has soft little brushes on them that claim to help push the gel into your teeth. Also included is a whitening pen which is great for touch ups on the go…no light or tray required.

Fade to Bright at home teeth whitening review

The professional kit comes with a 5 LED light which does not vibrate but does have a ten minute timer with the gel being 35% strength with two 3ml syringes. It comes with a ‘perfect fit tray’. It’s basically the same tray as in the premium kit without the little brushes on it.

at home teeth whitening light review

Each of these kits comes with an Remineralising gel that you apply after your whitening treatment to restore vital mineral and vitamins to your teeth.

Other additional accessories as shown below;

  • Oral brush up Deep cleaning teeth wipes
  • Cheek Retractor
  • Case to store tray
  • Brushes and tub for easy application (Premiere kit only)
  • Shade Guide (Premiere kit only)

Best at home teeth whitening system

As I’ve already disclosed, the system has worked remarkably well, and my teeth are whiter than I ever thought they could be!

I also want to note that I did not get any teeth sensitivity after using the teeth whitening gel as well I did not have any blanching of the gums.

I used the Premiere Kit while I got my husband to use the Professional Kit. I can honestly say that we both received incredible results so it’s hard to say whether one actually worked better than the other as our teeth were obviously different shades to begin with. However, considering that the gel is stronger and with more lights in the Premiere kit, I will assume that the claims hold true.

While I did like the 7LED light with the vibrations best, I didn’t like the tray with the brushes as much as I liked the perfect fit tray. For me, it was just more comfortable.

Both of the lights are hands free so I just plop myself down in front of the TV for 30mins while i’m whitening away while still being able to relax without having to hold it up. I suppose you could bounce around your house and do chores with the light in your mouth but I find it a great excuse to sit down and take some RnR 🙂

Also, it is not required to whiten for 30 mins, but heck, if you have it in there you may as well go for gold right? Or in this case white! lol.

They are super easy to use too! Just apply the gel to your teeth, and pop in the light with the tray attached. Turn it on by pushing the button and it will turn off in ten minutes. Use up to 30 mins (3x) before gel needs to be replaced. Do not exceed 1 hour treatment.

Full instruction come with your kit, as well, the Fade To Bright website is chocked full of useful information.

One last thing I would like to mention is that the gel is 100% made in USA, and organic. So rest assured that your teeth are in good hands 🙂

The Fabulous people at Fade To Bright were kind enough to offer my readers a discount! Whoot! Whoot!

So make sure you use Code: LIVINGDISROBED at check out to save 10%!

Buy Now at

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

18 thoughts on “Best at Home Teeth Whitening System

  1. Hey Everyone…… While we are always going to honor the 10% discount that is offered here – I just wanted everyone to know there is a SPRING SPECIAL going on right now where you save 30%!!! It expires on March 31st – so if you wanted to order – or if you need refills, now is the time – HINT: I use the gel, and put a strip of it over my toothpaste for the best teeth whitening toothpaste ever. 🙂
    Use Code MARCH at checkout and you save 30% on our products (exceptions, sample kit, accessories and BLOW). ENJOY! Mary, FadeToBright


    • HI Carolyn – I just posted that we are having a Spring sale – it expires on 3/31 – if you use code MARCH at check out you save 30%. AND you can always order just Gel Refills if your teeth are already nice and white. I like to put a strip of whitening gel over my toothpaste to make it the best teeth whitening toothpaste ever. Just an idea. 🙂 Mary – FadeToBright


    • These work great (if I say so myself…lol – I am FadeToBright…) – beware of the companies that have “celebrity” endorsements. While some are legit – others pay good money to have them ‘hold’ their light and they do a bait and switch with the gels they sell (I mean, do you really think Khloe uses a $30 whitening kit? NO, of course not) – I just posted about our Spring sale – use code MARCH and save 30%.

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  2. Awesome information! I have seen these and wondered about the sensitivity issue – on my February buy list now – thanks!


    • Cheers Michelle! The blue remineralising gel that comes with it also helps to combat any sensitivity. It’s certainly a nice addition to the system knowing that you are replenishing you teeth with vital minerals and vitamins.
      With that said, I don’t always use the blue gel after and still have never had a problem with sensitivity.


  3. Getting this product! I drink a lot of tea and coffee, and while snowy teeth don’t look natural, they, however, are attractive and make you take notice. Also make the whiter-than-white tooth person look clean, clean, clean.


    • Haha. For sure! The great thing about this product is that you have the ability to choose just how much whitening you want. If you aren’t into crazy white teeth, then simply don’t whiten as often or as long. Or when you purchase, choose the 35% gel rather than the 44% 🙂


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