Estee Lauder Launches New Line for the Younger Generation…Estee Edit!


Estee Lauder is launching a new brand, Estee Edit! It’s an edgy makeup and skincare line full of attitude, fun and an array of trendy colors that will allow you to effortlessly create a look unique to your style and attitude!  Lucky for me, I got to try out a few of their products before they exclusively hit the Sephora shelves in March!

So lets take a look at a few of the Estee Edit products…i’ll share my thoughts, and I’d love to hear yours as well, so make sure to comment below and let me know which products catch your eye!

First up we have the Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss. A high tech gloss that contains an iridescent blue pearl to bring out the white in your teeth.


The gloss it self is that perfect finish where it’s not too sticky but without too much slip either, allowing it last comfortably for a few hours. This thick, moisturizing gloss smells great too! A soft warm vanilla scent. But I’m sure you are all wondering if this flash photo gloss actually makes your teeth appear whiter?!

The answer is…yes! We can thank the color wheel for this. On the color wheel, blue is on the opposite side of orange and yellow. This means when paring yellow with blue, scientifically speaking, they will cancel each other out.  So basically, wearing a lipstick with a blue undertone (or a lip gloss in this case), any yellow stains on your teeth will be less noticeable.

Next up is the Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick. A shadow and liner in one that will not budge all day! I got to give the Black Viper color a whirl and I am absolutely loving it! It goes on smooth, is highly pigmented as well as being safe for the water line making this an incredibly versatile product that is a must have in every ones collection! The Estee Edit Shadowsticks are also available in 9 more shades…all of which I will be picking up no doubt 🙂


I absolutely love dual glitter shadow pots (well that’s what I call them anyway 🙂 ) and the Metalishadow Crème and powder from Estee Edit are no exception. Currently only available in 3 shades, I am certain that Estee Edit will soon expand this product to include far more colors as they are so fabulous! Incredibly pigmented and long lasting makes this formula an A+ for me! You can wear the cream or powder alone but together they create this magical metal foil finish that is absolutely gorgeous! Look at that Swatch!!!!


Another product I know will be a hit amongst the new Estee Edit line, is the Beam Team Hydrate and Glow. A complexion hybrid combines, a hyaluronic acid packed illuminating moisturizer that will give your skin a subtle glow. It makes the skin look so beautiful and naturally dewy! Under the cap is shimmer concentrate to add a little extra glow to where ever your heart desires.


Last but not least, the White Mud Exfoliating Scrub + Mask is a dual-action detoxifying and pore refining mask and exfoliating treatment that draws out impurities and removes excess oil and shine. It is a clay based mask with tiny little jojoba exfoliating beads. It’s not too abrasive which I really like because I have a tendency to scrub too hard so the gentle beads are perfect for me! I also really like the two in one aspect, allowing you to save some money by purchasing one product rather than two!


My face feels so incredibly clean after and not dry at all (going to attribute that to the moisturizing properties of the jojoba beads) I can clearly see this as a new staple in my skincare routine.

If you suffer from blackheads, the Estee Edit White Mud Exfoliating Mask will definitely help you eliminate them!

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss

*These Products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own with the utmost honesty. Please see my disclaimer HERE for more details.

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  1. Interesting concept but without knowing the price point of these products, difficult to say. Although, I think the packaging is ugly… sorry EL. Just because it’s aimed for young people, it doesn’t mean they don’t want the lux packaging that EL is known for.


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