A Beginners Guide to Contouring


For everyone out there that believes contouring is for the highly skilled, seasoned professionals, think again. The truth is, contouring is not intimidating at all and rather, quite a simple technique that can be easily incorporated into anyone’s daily makeup routine. Follow these simple guides and you will be on your way to a perfectly sculpted face!

First and for-most, you must choose the right shade! Just like foundation, one shades does not fit all so carefully picking the right shade makes all the difference.

How to Pick the Right Contouring Shade:

Always pick a contour shade in your SAME skin tone. If you have warm undertones, use warm shades. If you have cool undertones, use cool shades.

Your contour Shade should be 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin color.

Makeup Geek has recently launched contouring powders in 8 shades, designed specifically to suite any and all skin tones. These contour powders are super soft, buttery smooth and blend out seamlessly to help you achieve an effortlessly flawless look!

While choosing the right color is important, applying it properly can make or break your look. So lets chat briefly on using the right technique and/or tools in which you apply the contour.

What Type of Brush to Use for Contouring:

For a natural looking contour, use an angled stippling brush. It will create beautiful soft lines and the shape of the brush is a perfect fit under the cheekbones. A stippling brush will help you create an airbrushed finish, but can be more time consuming.


Makeup Geek Angled Stippling Brush


An angled contour brush is perfect for everyday use as it is quick and easy to use. This brush can be used all over the face to contour so it’s also a great choice if you are on a budget or want to stream line the amount of tools used.


Makeup Geek Angled Contour Brush


Using a smaller rounded brush to apply contour will assure smooth, blurred lines. This is a great brush for beginners to use as it will do most of the blending for you. Just make sure you don’t use too much product!


Makeup Geek Rounded Blush Brush


For a more chiseled look, use a flat top Itabake brush. This look can be tricky to achieve and pull off but when done correctly, it is absolutely gorgeous! This type of brush also requires some practice so if you’re new to contouring, then I would suggest trying some of the previous methods first.


Makeup Geek Chiseled Cheek Brush

How to Apply Contour:





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20 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide to Contouring

  1. Thank you for this because I was going to purchase the Scandal shade, but now I think I am going to try out Complicated and Half Hearted first. I’m new to contouring, so this has been a great read.

    nahida t akhtar xoxo


      • I ended up buying Complicated. It arrived yesterday and it is perfect colour for my skin tone. I love the formula as well. I now just need to buy a better blending brush so I can blend it without having to rub my face a million times with a small brush, haha!

        nahida t akhtar xoxo


  2. Great tutorial! I’m so g happy to see makeup brands coming out with different shades to contour with. You recommended me the Benefit Hoola bronzer and it has been fantastic. But honestly, it was extremely difficult before that to find a count out colour for very fair skin. I was using a Tarte contour kit and it was lovely but even their shade of contour was a bit too warm or orange for my skin. Great blog!


  3. I see so many women walking around with poorly blended contour! They skip step #3. I still think contouring is a bit much for everyday wear… it’s great for photographs but it doesn’t look natural in person.


    • What you see in photographs is applied heavily, for that reason exactly. To stand out in the photo. That is not how you should be wearing it for everyday. If you are able to find the right shade (not too dark and in your color tone) You definitely can wear contour for everyday where it looks natural. I think we are all so inundated with flawless IG photos that we forget that makeup isn’t created just for those ultra glam looks, but for everyday wearers like myself and like you 🙂 When creating anything for an everyday look, a light hand can go a long way 🙂


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