Will the ‘70s Continue to Rule the Runway in 2016?

Trending fashion spring 2016 70sSeason after season, designers debut collections inspired by various aspects from the disco era, from bell bottoms to bomber jackets, suede textiles to fringe embellishments, demonstrating that there were plenty of contemporary ‘70s trends to go around.

In Spring/Summer 2015, clothing lines underwent a sepia, tea-toned edit while the Fall/Winter collections received a That ‘70s Show treatment. The Studio 54 theme was very popular in the fall and winter months, and despite high fashion manifesting as unwearable for the masses, brands do their best to make it easy to love what you wear no matter what your size or what month it is, and at that time nostalgia it worked in the favor of labels. These labels premiered some of the most functional versatile styles that many of us could easily imagine ourselves pulling off on a day-to-day basis.

Although the folksy patchwork may not have been for everyone, military fashion, necktie blouses, earth tones and graphic black and white prints were certainly among the trends that could transcend the runway and find themselves in our wardrobes. When it came to the Spring 2016 shows, there was no shortage of reminiscing as the ‘70s maintained a strong presence on the catwalks, but what made the collections stand out this time around was the designers’ vision of the reimagined band babe. As Harper’s Bazaar states, the decade “has materialized mostly as a modern take on clean, casual separates in rich neutrals,” and this time, brands are giving the limelight to the chic ‘70s groupie.

This means more flares, mixed prints, chiffon dresses, suede vests and jackets, as well as Mongolian fur jackets. So if you were wondering what trends to expect this upcoming spring, don’t be surprised if people are still obsessing about the ‘70s. As the latest installment of NYFW comes to a close, we take a look at the style forecast of fall to see if the decade has run its course. Though collections bear some similarities with the previous season, the recurring silhouettes and motifs of Fall 2016 indicate that designers are ready to move on and seek inspiration elsewhere–from another decade, perhaps.

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Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

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