U.S. Makeup Haul Using International Shipping Service, GoSend!


Hey Guys! Last week I shared my latest online purchases on twitter using GoSend, an international shipping company and as promised, I said I would do a blog post on how us Non-Americans can shop just like we are in the U.S! Get the infamous U.S sales, gift with purchases and even buy from sites that don’t ship to your country! Plus, GoSend has since offered my readers a free 3 month VIP membership, so make sure you take advantage of this offer! (I am not affiliated with GoSend, this is simply a perk for you guys!)

As a Canadian, you will often find me cursing at my computer screen when I find out that a retailer doesn’t ship to Canada. Or, when I find a really good online deal only to find out that the promotion is for U.S customers only. I know you guys are with me on this! Oh, and lets not forget the ridiculous shipping costs for us ‘international’ shoppers. *Roll Eyes.

And then came GoSend. (Very similar to God Sent) haha, because that’s how I feel about this shipping company! They have allowed me to make online purchases with all of the benefits of a U.S customer!


You simply make your purchases through GoSend.com and your items are shipped to your U.S address which is GoSends facility in Delaware. Now for the best part…With your Delaware address, you will be exempt from paying U.S. sales tax as Delaware is one of 5 states that are exempt from U.S. sales tax!  Also, keep in mind that most U.S retailers offer free shipping within the U.S, therefore your item(s) can be shipped to your GoSend locker for free.

Your GoSend locker is where all of your purchases are held. With a paid plan you can store your purchases for up to 60 days before they are released (Shipped to your home). You can also choose the method of shipping.

GoSend will notify you when a package has arrived for you. They also take photos of the products to assure that your order is correct.


With this particular haul, I ordered from 4 different retailers. Mainly, I was after some Lorac products that are sold at Ulta Beauty. A retailer that doesn’t ship to Canada. And since I was placing this order, I figured I may as well order some other goodies I was after because as a VIP Member I am able to consolidate my purchases once they all arrive at GoSend. Basically, GoSend packaged them all into one box saving me a ton on shipping costs as I was now only paying for one package…and lets not forget that I didn’t pay any sales tax, another major savings. The VIP membership costs only $10 a month which you can cancel at any time. Just with this one order, the membership has paid for itself with all of the savings.

As well, I also used GoSends ShopAssist service, which is their personal shopping option. All you do is enter the URL of the products you want to purchase into your GoSend account and they will do the buying for you!  This is a great tool to use where retailers don’t accept foreign credit cards or for those like me that can’t be bothered with all those online buying forms.

GoSend also offers a basic membership at no cost. However, like I mentioned before, GoSend is offering my readers a 3 month VIP membership at no cost to you! Just use the code LIVINGDISROBED when you create your account at GoSend.com.

Happy shopping my international friends!! 🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

25 thoughts on “U.S. Makeup Haul Using International Shipping Service, GoSend!

  1. Great post! How much was your shipping? I want to buy 6 Makeup Geek shadows. Do you think it would be better for me to get it sent to GoSend? Do you think the shipping be
    about the same for 6 makeup geek shadows?


  2. Victoria – I wish I saw this earlier – we are having the worst time getting our shipments to our customers internationally! Not only does it cost to much (for business and customers) – then there is another fee to customers (customs) even if we mark it “gift”; it takes far to long for deliver (how in the world is 2-3 weeks acceptable?) BUT the worst part is, many times the packages come back to us as “delivery fail – return to sender”. As a matter of fact, a very important package of BLOW (Lip Plumper for those reading this and do not know what BLOW is – lol) we just found out is on its way back to us and our customer in the UK has been waiting far to long for it. She is furious. We are furious. So I am going to propse this method to her.
    Question –
    1 – when they mail your package from Delaware to whatever country, will it get stopped for custom fees/taxes?
    2 – can they ship right away? not hold up the package? I know many of our customers want it NOW (your article said they can hold up to 60 days – I am assuming the customer has control of that?)
    I need to tell some people about this asap!


  3. Yes finally! I live in the UK and there’s soo many products that I wanna get but either they don’t ship here or they if they do shipping and tracking is such a hassle. Thanks for sharing this!xx


  4. Brilliant! Especially the option of them purchasing the item for you in lieu of having a US based credit card.


  5. One of the benefits to living in the US is not having to get creative about shipping…now if only there was a service like this that shipped to the U.S. from the UK!


  6. I will not have anything shipped from the US unless it’s by USPS and I see it’s an option. I may have to check it out once our dollar gets stronger


  7. Oh my gosh, this is my dream come TRUE!!! I want to be able to order off Ulta SO badly! I keep wondering why Shoppers Drug Mart doesn’t get Lorac in their stores! There are SOOOO many sites I want to order from that don’t ship to Canada. Although, the Canadian dollar continues to suck so I’ve been limiting my US online shopping. I’ll have to look into this service – how long is your promo code good for?


  8. Thanks so much Victoria! I have often wondered about this type of service – but have always been a little wary to actually give it a go!


    • Hey Michelle! There is definitely nothing to worry about with this company. Their customer service is outstanding! They offer so much that I couldn’t even fit it all into one post. Lol. I LOVE that they send pics of the stuff that arrives.


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