Skincare for Eczema and Psoriasis

Skincare for eczema and psoriosis

Being a long time sufferer of both eczema and psoriasis, I am always on the hunt for new natural products that will help soothe and diminish these itchy, painful and unsightly skin conditions. More so, skincare for eczema and psoriasis that wont causes flare ups! So naturally, when Emu Dundee reached out to me to review their line of Emu Oil products, I wasn’t turning it down! Keep reading to find out what I thought of these products and the benefits of Emu Oil for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.

What are the benefits of Emu Oil?

Emu Oil contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 which have been proven to balance the proper functioning of cells within the body by encouraging cell growth and healing, making a great skincare for eczema and Psoriasis. Emu Oil has the ability to be easily absorbed by the skin and penetrate deep into the layers of the skin making it an amazing skin moisturizer. Emu Oil contains contains sterols, a natural anti-inflammatory and is very similar in composition to the fats in human skin allowing a deep penetrating ability.  Emu Oil can effectively reverse the effects of dryness and itchiness as well as reduce pain for joints and muscles.


If you have eczema and/or psoriasis, then I’m sure you are very familiar with the symptoms…dryness, itching, scaling, inflammation and even painful arthritis for us lucky ones with certain types of psoriasis. So as you can see, emu oil effectively addresses all of these concerns.

So let take a look at some of the Emu Dundee products that are available and that I have been using.

Emu Dundee offers Emu Oil in it’s purest form, 100% Emu oil. It is a light weight dry oil that is cloudy white. It absorbs super fast and being that it’s a dry oil, it leaves behind no oily residue. I have been using this directly on any flare-up and instantly the area is moisturized. I definitely noticed a reduction in inflammation on my knees and elbows where my psoriasis is mainly present. While it didn’t magically clear up my spots, there was definitely significant improvement.

FACT: Emu Oil will not irritate even the most sensitive skin

I also tried out a couple of skincare products for the face. Refreshing Milk, a light weight moisturizer with high concentration of emu oil, that is calming and soothing. The light texture is perfect for those with oily and acne prone skin. I am an oily skin girl myself and found this moisturizer great for wear under my makeup. It absorbs the quickest of all the products I tried and I did not get oily throughout the day. It melts into a gel like form when applied to the skin.

FACT: Emu Oil will NOT Clog your pores

emu-oil-for-eczema-and-psoriasisNext up is Emu Dundees Anti-aging Moisturizer, Alys. This day and night cream contains only active ingredients from plant sources for optimal results. Aside from it’s moisturizing properties, Alys will reduce wrinkles and imperfections and significantly reduce the look of dark spots. Alys, is designed for all skin types. It is not a heavy cream but with a bit more slip than the Refreshing milk. The main thing I noticed while using this cream was the immediate plumping of the skin. My face looked much more radiant and fine lines less visible.

FACT: Emu Oil increases the production of collagen and cell turnover

I also wanted to point out that when you suffer from such eczema and/or psoriasis or even if you just have sensitive skin, sometimes simply using products that won’t cause flare ups is your no.1 goal. Emu Dundee products are 100% natural and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. There is nothing worse than to get excited about a new skincare product to find out that it causes flare ups! I know you get me! 😉


Two of my favorite products from Emu Dundee are the Eczemeu, an anti-itching cream as well as their hand cream. I have psoriasis on my hands, so I keep the hand cream in my purse and apply throughout the day. It helps keep the redness and inflammation down while keeping my hands moisturized. The Eczemeu anti-itch cream works SOOO good at cutting out any itch! It is a thick cream that is very soothing and moisturizing.

As I mentioned earlier, Emu Oil is also good for easing muscle and joint pain! Emu Dundee has created a product called, Emu Flexo-3. This Muscle balm is made from 12 plants and flowers known for their medicinal properties. It is a thick cream that has that typical minty smell you’d expect from a muscle and joint pain cream. I really enjoy using this cream when my elbows and knees start to ache. It really helps to soothe any discomfort or pain.

Emu Dundee has so many more great Emu Oil Products available, from Shower gel and shampoo, to eye creams and Lip balm. So definitely check out the Emu Dundee website, HERE, and know that you are on your way to happier and healthier skin 🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

*These Products were sent to me for review purposes. I was not paid or compensated in anyway. All opinions are my own with the utmost honesty. Please see my disclaimer HERE for more details.

14 thoughts on “Skincare for Eczema and Psoriasis

  1. Interesting. I wonder how long it will take for emu oil to be the next argan oil…
    Also, do you know the ratio of oleic to linoleic acids?


      • Ah – see I prefer oils with higher lineolic acid, as those higher in oleic tend to break me out. So I probably won’t be trying it. Good ‘ol grapeseed oil is still for me 😀


  2. Fantastic posts! I’m glad their has been advancement in the way of products to deal with these skin ailments. For almost my entire life, I had psoriasis on the back of my head, under my hair. No one saw it but it would bother me. I used Mazon medicated cream for the longest time, and It kept the rash at bay. What finally got rid of of it was every night using a shampoo called Sebcur with 4% salicylic acid and coal tar topical solution 10 % on the infected area. That was about 3 yrs ago I finally got rid of it. Hoping it doesn’t pop happen again, but I’m glad there is these products now too!


    • Isn’t it the worst! You are lucky that it went away for you 🙂 I’ve had it for about 15 years and it tends to pop up on a new area every year 😦 It started just on my elbows, then knees, then hands, feet, shins, ears, and even my face! Oddly, my sister who has never had it just got her first spot at the age of 37!
      I have used every prescription cream out there and while they do work, sometimes…(I’ve never had it completely go away) they stop working after long term use, so that’s when I started looking into more natural treatments. I definitely found the emu oil has worked the best to help sooth, hydrate and cut the inflammation!

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      • Awesome, I’m glad the products are working for you. It’s very frustrating to worry about psoriasis on top of other things. Thanks for the article.


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