The Best Damn Sheets! bedface Review


There’s a new bedding company in town, bedface, that claim the have the best damn sheets in Canada and I have put them to the test! That’s a pretty big claim, and I wasn’t about to be easy on them either because it’s fairly possible that I love sleep even more than my kids on some days 😉 so if I was at all on the fence about this brand and their product, you guys were gonna get an ear full!…Nobody messes with my sleep!

About Bedface Sheets…

Bedface, a new Vancouver start-up lets you ‘dream in color’, as they offer custom bedding by allowing you to mix and match colors to suite your decor and your personal style from the duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases.

They have a really cool live tool on the bedface site, allowing you to pick and choose your sheet colors to custom create your set allowing you to see it all pulled together so that you can have confidence that it will look just the way you want before placing the order. I chose some pretty crazy color options in the image below to give you an idea of just how creative you can get!


For me, I chose a more basic route, going with the simplicity of White and Grey. And rather than creating my own set, I opted for one of their many pre-created sleep sets in ‘White Story’.


The trendy shades and the ability to mix and match the bedding’s color already set’s bedface apart from most other brands, but to be the best damn sheets, they aimed to create quality, breathability, comfort, and durability! So do I think that bedface was successful with all these claims? Hell Yes!

bedface Review…

Last year I wrote a post titled, The Truth Behind Beauty Sleep and How To Achieve It, where I offer a bunch of tips on how to get that much needed beauty sleep! I am officially adding bedface Sheets to the list not just because they are super comfortable, but because they breath exceptionally well, regulating your temperature so you’re never too hot or too cold making each night a great night sleep, all year round!

The moment I laid in bed for the first time after putting on my new bedface sheets, I was in heaven! They feel so luxurious as if I were staying at some fancy hotel.


The fabric is much thicker than traditional sheets as bedface uses large threads woven in a looser weave. The best way I can describe them is that they are similar to a very thick linen. However, they are made with proprietary facetech™ cotton which is the key that allows these sheets to be temperature-regulating giving you that extraordinary nights sleep.

Bedface claims that their sheets get better and softer with each wash and use so to provide a thorough review, for two grueling weeks I washed the sheets every other day for a total of  8 washes!  (*Special thanks to my husband for putting them back on everytime 🙂 )
It was the third wash that I really started to notice the sheets getting softer and by the fifth wash, I was convinced that these really are the best damn sheets I have ever slept on!

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Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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