Tweezerman Mini Face Contour Brush Set Review

Tweezerman Makeup Brush Review

I have been wanting to give the Tweezerman brushes a try since the moment I saw them last year at a beauty event, but for some ungodly reason, I never picked them up! BIG MISTAKE! Drawn in by the gorgeous, sleek design in all black, but it was the softness and density of the brushes that really got them added to my lengthy wish list. Needless to say, I was so excited when tweezerman reached out to me to give their new Brush IQ Mini Face Contour Brush Set a review!

The Mini Face Contour Brush Set includes a mini pointed foundation brush, mini contour foundation brush as well as a blending sponge. The set costs a mere $45.00CAD, a steal for two good quality brushes and a blending sponge!


Tweezerman Mini Contour Foundation Brush


This brush is so amazing for so many reasons…It’s unique shape allows you to effortlessly blend out contour lines, and apply bronzer like a boss. It’s density and width make it the perfect brush for applying your bake too! It’s soft synthetic hairs, pick up and put down product with ease all while looking fabulous! This brush has a new permanent home in my everyday brush collection 🙂tweezerman-brush-review


Tweezerman Mini Pointed Foundation Brush

tweezerman-pointed-foundation-brush-reviewWhat I love most about this brush is that it doesn’t absorb all your product, so you don’t need to use as much saving you dollars!! It fits perfectly around the curves of your face making any application super precise. I didn’t experience any hair fall out with either of these brushes and they washed up extremely well and bounced right back to their original shape. They are very comfortable in hold and are very well made. The ferrules are strong and the brushes in general scream high quality.

Tweezerman offers a wide range of brushes and I assure you that I will be picking up a few next time I’m at London Drugs! I’d love to try out some of their eye brushes!…something you can never have too many of 😉tweezerman-contouring-brushes


Tweezerman Blending Sponge

A blending sponge has become a must have in any makeup application and I’m thrilled that Tweezerman included one in this travel friendly set. It blends out all types of makeup impeccably, cleans up well, and I am really loving the shape of the tweezerman blending sponge! The flat rounded bottom allows you to blend out foundation very quickly while the pointed tip is perfect for getting into those tighter areas of the face like under the eyes.



Tweezerman Birds of a Feather Mini Slanted Tweezers



Also included in my lovely care package, were a pair of Mini Slanted Tweezers. A great addition to the full size tweezerman tweezers I already own and have been using for years. Nothing beats these tweezers, they are simply the best! They come in so many fun and playful colors and in my experience, they are the longest lasting, non dulling tweezers I have ever used.

Tweezerman actually won an award for their stainless steel slant tweezers. It’s no surprise as they are perfectly aligned and the tips are hand-filed to ensure the utmost precision every time!

Have you tried any Tweezerman brushes before? Tell me in the comments below what brushes you are loving that I need to get! 🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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2 thoughts on “Tweezerman Mini Face Contour Brush Set Review

  1. Tweezerman Tweezers are all I ever use! I totally agree that they are the BEST! I haven’t tried their brushes but will check them out next time I’m at the store. They luck Luxe!


  2. What a great set!!! I have some of their eye shadow brushes and love them but these contouring ones look like they need a home…my home 🙂


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