Darphin! Luxury Skincare Review!


Sometimes a girl needs a lil’ luxe in her life and Darphin Paris has done just that! From exhilarating aromas, velvety soft textures, gorgeous packaging, and high performance skincare, this brand has it all. With Darphin Skincare, everyday is a spa day!

Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk and Toner Review

To start my new skincare routine, each morning and night I cleansed with the Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk. It is very soft and gentle on the skin, yet still managed to remove all the dirt and impurities. It doesn’t foam or lather up, it is like washing your face with a cream. What I love most about this cleanser is that it is gentle enough to use around my eyes helping to get rid of any residual eye makeup.


Followed by the Intral Toner, my face feels clean and fresh and not dry at all. As most of you already know, I have oily skin so it is very important not to strip the skin of it’s natural oils as your body in turn will produce more! So the Darphin Intral cleansing products are great for all skin types. Oily skin, as I mentioned. Dry skin as it is non-drying as well as it leaves the skin lightly moisturized and sensitive skin as it is super gentle.

For me, these two products are a Win Win that anyone can incorporate into their daily skincare routine.

Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk ~ $42.00USD
Darphin Intral Toner ~ $42.00USD

Darphin Exquisage Review

Exquisage is a new line to the Darphin anti-aging family. Formulated with the breakthrough “CelluVie™ Complex” and skin strengthening Probiotics to boost skin’s natural collagen production,visibly enhance elasticity and firmness as well as smooth the look of lines and wrinkles.

I’ve been using the Exquisage Serum, Cream and Revealing eye and lip Contour cream.

The serum is exquisite! It melts into the skin leaving it soft and lightly hydrated. The Exquisage cream is a bit too heavy for my oily skin to wear throughout the day but I find it perfect to use as a night cream. While it is very moisturizing, it is not greasy at all.


I am all about eye creams and have become very picky when it comes to what I will use as I have fine lines under my eyes and they are very dry. Needless to say, without the right cream, things can look pretty rough around that area! The Exquisage eye contour cream definitely is a keeper! It is super moisturizing without being too oily or greasy! I find that when eye creams are oily and/or greasy, makeup just doesn’t apply right and it makes my lines stand out even more and I just can’t have that! The Exquisage eye cream is absorbed easily and keeps the area hydrated all day long. It’s love. True love!

Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Serum ~ $155.00USD
Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream ~ $135.00USD
Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Eye and Lip Contour Cream ~ $95.00USD

Darphin 8-Flower Nectar and Orange Blossom Essential Oil Elixirs Review

I always get a little frightened when trying out a new facial oil. I have oily skin and it just terrifies me. I am educated enough on the topic to know that adding oil to your daily routine will actually help reduce your natural oil production but I still can’t help but take a deep breath each time I go to try something new.

So I started with the 8-Flower Nectar oil a night for a couple weeks to assure that it would treat me well before I would brave using it throughout the day. The results were unbelievable! Every morning I’d wake up and my skin was so radiant and naturally glowing! Did I mention soft?…oh so soft!!!! The smell of these oils are so delicious in essentials oils too. The 8-Flower Nectar Oil is CHOCKED FULL of antioxidants, the ultimate power house of facial oils. I know my skin is silently thanking me every time I apply 🙂


The day came to start using the Orange Blossom oil during the day and I’ll be honest…I started on a day that I knew I wasn’t going to leave the house. I wanted to see just how it was going to penetrate, how it would work with my foundation and would I be an oily mess at the end of the day?!

I am happy to report that it went better than I could have ever imagined! It absorbed quickly leaving a just a slight trace of oil behind that somehow blended into my foundation making it possibly one of the best ‘makeup days’ I’ve had in months! My skin was radiant and beautiful! Over time, I have noticed that it has brightened my skin in general, leaving it much more even. I am officially a face oil lover and couldn’t imagine my skin routine without it!

Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Oil ~ $150.00USD
Darphin Orange Blossom Oil ~ $80.00USD

Victoria’s Verdict!

Overall I am SO pleased with all of these products. I didn’t break out or have any reactions to any of the Darphin Products used, plus I get excited every time it’s time for my skincare routine because it’s literally a spa like experience every single time.

My face is brighter, more radiant and super soft! I also find my skin much more naturally hydrated. I have had de-hydrated skin for as long as I can remember trying to fight off the oily skin and everything else that comes with it. These Darphin products have brought the life back into my skin, so for that, a big ol’ Thank You to Darphin!

I am really looking forward to trying out some of the other Darphin products. They have so many great looking collections, face masks and even body care! OMG, I HAVE to try their body care!!

Have you tried any Darphin Products? Chime in below 🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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  1. These products sounds so amazing and luxurious, but a bit out of my price range. I also have oily skin, and have been scared of facial oils. Do you have any slightly more budget friendly oils you’d recommend for me to try? Thanks!


  2. Lovely products, but a lot of $. Have heard great things about them. I find myself quite satisfied with Clinique year after year, since I was seventeen 🙂


  3. I used to use the instal cleanser and toner and stopped. Why?!!! Thanks for reminding me, I must purchase these again BecUse as you mentioned, they are so great for all types of skin even me with super sensitive skin!


  4. I Love Darphin! I have used many of their products but I have never seen this Exquisage line before. I need it! Haha.


  5. Those bottles really do scream luxury!! I’ve got my eye on the nectar oil! And I’m interested in the face wash! My current one stings my eyes so that can’t be good :/


  6. I drool every time I walk by these in the store. The packaging and displays are so pretty! Thanks for the post, I think I’m gonna take the plunge and pick up some of those oils!


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