Too Faced Sketch Markers Review and Swatches


Inspired by Japanese Calligraphy pens, the Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliners are nothing short of adorable and fun!  These waterproof liquid eyeliners offer a wide variety of colors from pastels to deep, bold shades with a precision felt tip allowing you to get as creative as your mind will take you. 

Too Faced Sketch Marker Review

Available at Sephora & ~ $26.00CAD

Let me start by telling you guys that the felt tip on the Sketch Markers are absolutely amazing. These flexible felt tips seem to carry a lot of product so that you can get the whole job done without having to shake the pen upside down to get more out…if you wear liquid liner then you know exactly what i am talking about! 😉 With the flexible tip you can easily create thin lines, thick line, any size line your heart desires just by simply adjusting the angle.


The Too Faced Sketch Markers are definitely waterproof and smudge proof and yet I found them very easy to remove with a gentle eye makeup remover.

The color range is amazing for getting super creative…a makeup lovers dream! And while most of the shades are effortlessly applied, super pigmented and opaque, there were a few that didn’t quite stand up to the rest…

The two black shades as well as the emerald green do feather slightly as they are a bit too liquidy. But I did figure out that using a lighter touch with these shades certainly helps. On the other spectrum, the yellow and white shades apply a little patchy needing two coats to attain a solid line.  With that said, while looking at the Too Faced website it states the following; “Range of shades from sheer washes of color to rich pigment saturation.” So maybe the yellow and white are supposed to be sheer washes? :/

Too Faced Sketch Marker Swatches


Charcoal Black | Black | Smokey Emerald | Deep Espresso | Deep Navy Blue | Steel Blue


Sky Blue | Deep Lilac | Candy Pink | Papaya Peach | Canary Yellow | Pure White

I’ve been wearing Sky Blue and Papaya Peach all week! The colors just pop next to black coated lashes….so pretty! I already know that the Deep Navy Blue and the Emerald Green shade will be staples this fall and winter.

Which shades stand out to you? Do any of these make your must have list?
Leave a comment below and lets chat 🙂

Cheers, Victoria! kiss

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22 thoughts on “Too Faced Sketch Markers Review and Swatches

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  2. I love your honesty. I don’t usually comment online but had to let you know that I really appreciate all your posts and honest reviews. So many bloggers only rave about products and there’s no way that every product is awesome every time. I will definitely be buying the papaya peach shade.


  3. What a great post! I had no idea I could get colors like this in a liquid liner. I MUST get all those blue shades! And maybe the pink one too 😉


  4. Oh gosh, these are adorable! And the colour payoff is really remarkable. I like the deeper shades like Deep Lilac and Smokey Emerald. I’ll have to check them out next time I’m at Sephora.


  5. Currently, I’ve been using the Stila waterproof liquid eyeliners, which are pretty much the same thing but they do not have the beautiful selection too face has here, not to mention I’m impressed how the liners showed up so well on your swatches. In the past I have found, using lighter coloured liquid eyeliner pens, the lighter the colour, the less they show up. I’m excited to go try one of these babies out maye skyblue or the deep lilac 😉 Wondetful post 🙂


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