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I remember back in grade school buying mood rings and having a blast seeing what me and the rest of my friends moods were at any given moment. We would laugh hysterically at anyone who’s ring turned black as that meant they were the devil or something, haha, I don’t know. But what I do know, is that it was something fun to do. Something different and also scientific! Was it possibly that we were learning something from playingย  with these mystical rings? Nah. Most of the time, it was just fun to see Monica down the street cry every time she got the ‘sad’ color. She took things very literal.

Come full circle, now as an adult (and still obsessing over jewelry I may add), brings mood changing lipstick! Also now that I am a tad bit older, I am able to see the science behind it all and realize that it’s not your mood that changes it’s color, it’s your pH balance!


On with the lipsticks!…

Hello Sailor is a blue looking lipstick that when applied it shade shifts into a cool bluish-plum toned shade. It is a very sheer formula and is meant to be a nod to a nautical theme with blue still being quite present in the end result. If you aren’t into blue lipsticks (even if it’s just a hint of blue), using this shade over top of an existing lipstick will help make your teeth look just a little bit whiter due to it’s blue hues.

Frog Prince is visibly green in the bullet and is meant to adjust (shade-shift) into a vibrant rose color once warmed up on the lip. Technically, since it reacts to your personal pH, this should look different on everyone creating a truly unique shade just for you. I quite like that actually! This shade was very sheer on me and I did like how it enhanced the natural color of my lips giving them a bit of life.

Both Hello Sailor and Frog Prince lasted about 3 hrs without eating and as it’s fairly sheer, it’s super easy to quickly reapply even without a mirror. They are jammed packed with moisturizing properties and are very comfortable to wear.


The next lipstick in this line up is part of the Saint collection from Lipstick Queen. While technically this is not a shade shifting lipstick, you can create different looks as the semi-sheer formula is very buildable allowing you to have just a hint of color or build it up to for a more intense look giving you a few options with just one tube.

Again, it too is very comfortable to wear, moisturizing and wore for about 4 hours before any touch up was needed. The swatch above was layered so I would call that the more intense version of this lipstick.

The Saint Collection offers 20 different shades ranging from nudes, to pinks, corals, reds and berries so there’s definitely something for everyone.
The shade I got is Pinky Nude. More of a pink than a nude if you ask me, but still a very pretty color.

I actually really like this buildable formula as sometimes you just want a touch of color but it’s always nice to be able to intensify the look for say…an impromptu selfie shoot or something?! It’s just nice to be prepared is all i’m sayin’!

For those in Canada wondering where you can get you hands on Lipstick Queen Products, they are launching in Murale in September! So exciting!! I always get the warm fuzzies when great brands become available so close to home ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Sailor $32.00CAD
Frog Prince $32.00CAD
Saint Pinky Nude $30.00CAD

Have you tried any Lipstick Queen lipsticks? I see that there are many different collections in a ton of different formulas. I am super excited to explore this brand further and would love some recommendations.
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Cheers, Victoria! kiss
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  1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚This post made me laugh so hard!! I can totally relate to the mood rings *back in the day*
    Great post!!


  2. I love the Silver Screen Collection. MADE IT is on my wish list for fall. It’s a deep wine color. So pretty.
    I have frog prince and love it!


  3. I have a few of the high end lipsticks from lipstick queen. They are all great, so I’d recommend anything ๐Ÿ™‚


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