Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches!

Elizabeth Arden Bold Liquid Lipstick Review

Elizabeth Arden releases a new Color Collection – Liquid Assets. Promising bold, long lasting, highly pigmented, luxurious products for the lips, eyes and face.

Included in the Liquid Assets collection are the Liquid Lipsticks which I will be chatting about today, as well, liquid eyeliners in 5 gorgeous shades and an illuminating liquid highlighter all which will be on the hot seat next week!

Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick Review

 I was definitely intrigued when I first laid eyes on these liquid lipsticks. The packaging is certainly different than what you’d typically expect as the lipstick is pumped out onto the flock tip applicator by pushing up the lever of the click pen style package. This allows you to release just the right amount of product which is nice especially when you need just a small amount for a quick touch up.


The formula is lusciously creamy, intensely pigmented and it glides on so smooth with vivid rich color. It creates the high impact effect of lipstick with the finish of a brilliant gloss.

Are you thinking what I was thinking? With the name ‘Liquid Lipstick’ I was expecting a matte formula as I guess that’s just what I’ve become so used to. But really, if you think about it, and I did, obsessively, as a laid in bed with my little friend the hamster running in his wheel I like to call my mind…I came up with the most unimaginable theory!…What if Liquid Lipstick means just that…a lipstick…that is liquid! I mean, I don’t know about you, but i never read anywhere in the ‘makeup handbook’ that a liquid lipstick must be matte. Right?!

Truth is, I find it incredibly refreshing to take a break from what can be a dry, uncomfortable and unflattering experience of an uber matte liquid lip. With the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipsticks you can expect your lips to be fabulously moisturized and extremely comfortable all with long lasting color that doesn’t bleed or feather.


Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick Swatches

The Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Liquid lipsticks are currently available in 9 shades ranging from nudes to brights. I would however like to see more shades in this collection as I really enjoy the formula and effortless application. I’m sure it won’t be long before they expand the color range as I can only imagine these will be flying off the shelves!

Elizabeth Arden Bold Liquid Lipstick swatches

01 ~ Extreme Pink
02~ Darling Beige
03~ Luscious Raspberry
04~ Pink Lover
05~ Lavish Pink
06~ Fiery Red
07~ Fearless Red
08~ Passionate Peach
09~ Seductive Magenta

Available now at London Drugs ~ $28.00CAD

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11 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches!

  1. I just came accross your blog and just wanted to THANK YOU for you thoughts on the liquid lipstick theory. I dont know why people say “i its not a liquid lipstick, its not matte” i’ve never read anywhere that a liquid lipstick had to be matte! I would even dare to say that the elizabeth arden formula is what i what i thought a liquid lipstick was before all these brands came out with their own.. I enjoyed reading your post and will definitly be picking up a few shades (who am i kidding? All of them ! Lol) x


  2. These look great. I love the look of the applicator and like you I’m quite happy that they are not matte as my lips hate that. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! 😊


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