Skincare to Correct Dark Spots and Discoloration | GIVEAWAY


I have struggled with Dark Spots and Discoloration for  quite some time now so I am super excited to share with you what skincare products have worked for me and what you too can do for a brighter, more even skin tone!

There are two main ingredients that I highly recommend for someone looking to even out their complexion:  Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These two powerhouse antioxidants are essential in any anti-aging skincare routine to help reduce the look of fine lines, revitalize skin’s surface for a more youthful, brighter appearance, and of course, even your skin tone.

I discussed the benefits Retinol (Vitamin A) in an earlier post; The Ultimate Anti-Aging Ingredient and today, I will discuss a few more products that also contain this magical ingredient in conjunction with other skin brightening ingredients to give you the ultimate skincare cocktail to correct Dark Spots and Discoloration more specifically.


NeoStrata® has a line called SecureWhite™ which is dedicated to brightening and lightening the skin. They have an array of products in the line from serums to creams, and even an eye brightening complex for dark circles!

Each product in the SecureWhite™ line offers a proven combination of brightening ingredients such as Retinol to help illuminate the skin, Titanium Dioxide to immediately conceal the appearance of dark spots, Genowhite™, a new generation of brightening peptides from Asia that allow very fast results on dark spots, as well as Radianskin™ and Actiwhite™ which have been proven, when used together, to provide superior brightening effect.


I’ve mentioned many times that Vitamin C has been an essential key in my skincare routine for a while now. Within the first week of incorporating a Vitamin C serum into my routine, I noticed a major improvement in the look and feel of my skin.  Fast forward to the present, any dark spots I had have either lightened dramatically or have vanished all together. Regardless of what skin care I am using at any given time, I apply Vitamin C everyday as part of my A.M. routine and I strongly encourage everyone to do so as well.

I recommend Vitamin C products from NeoStrata® as they are available in two concentrates of 10% and 20%, both packaged in such a way that the product will remain stable in an air tight container so you never have to worry about your Vitamin C oxidizing. The 10% Vitamin C concentrate is capsulated for individual use and optimum potency while the 20% Vitamin C Skin Brightener is packaged in an air tight pump and can be used as a spot treatment on dark spots or all over for uniformity of skin tone.

My must have combination of products I mentioned today are the 10% Vitamin C capsules which I use in my morning routine and the SecureWhite™ brightening Serum which I use at night. Together these products have completely transformed my skin so I wanted to do a GIVEAWAY! One of my lucky readers will WIN this ultimate skin brightening combo! I’m also including a bottle of the NeoStrata® Detoxifying Micellar Gel in the giveaway because it has quickly become a holy grail product for me as it is so amazing at removing any and all traces of makeup and daily grime at the end of the day!

Giveaway details posted Below 🙂 Good Luck Everyone!


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NeoStrata® Vitamin C Concentrate
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NeoStrata® Detoxifying Micellar Gel
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8 thoughts on “Skincare to Correct Dark Spots and Discoloration | GIVEAWAY

  1. You know how fair I am! I have used every product in the world I can get my hands on for dark spots. I swear, EVERYTHING. If it’s sold in the US and marketed to lighten dark spots, I have bought it. Sampled it. And probably returned put into the graveyard that is under my sink. You know where you put the stuff that if there was a flood you’re ok with it being messed up. The only thing I can use that truly gives my skin the most even tone of all time – transformation.. it’s prescription strength hydroquinone (4-5%). Non-prescript won’t do it though for me. I wonder how this compares. They don’t sell Neostrata here but they sell Exuviance, and I think that’s the same line, no?


    • I’m not sure how much the same they are to be honest, but it does seem as though they are connected some how. I myself have never tried Exuviance.
      The NeoStrata products have worked wonders for my skin! If you get a chance to tey them out, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised )

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      • I thought the brands were connected but I might be confusing them for a different line. I’ve looked for NeoStrata here but haven’t seen them in the stores. I’ll just keep accepting donations from you. =)


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