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The Lise Watier Holiday Collection is here and it is GORGEOUS! The romantic Arabesque Collection was inspired by the elegance and precision of ballerinas and embellished with touches of gold making this perfect for the holiday season!

Arabesque 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette ~ $42.00CAD

Two eyeshadow palettes were created for the Arabesque Collection.  Both palettes include a light highlight color, accent colors as well as transition and contour shades perfectly curated to create an array of looks with one single palette. Easily go from day to night with either of these palettes.

The cool shade palette, Coppelia, is in the gray/violet family, complete with 4 satin shades and 1 glitter shade.

The warm shade palette, Isadora, is my favorite with tones of champagne and copper.



The formula is buttery, silky soft, highly pigmented and incredibly easy to blend. I’ve always loved the Lise Watier Eyeshadow formula and it seems to be getting better and better!

The Arabesque Eyeshadow Palettes are Limited Edition.

Arabesque Powder Blush ~ $38.00CAD

When something really catches my eye (like this beautiful blush), I immediately go in for a finger swatch as I can’t help but need to see the colors in action for some sort of immediate gratification. Sadly, I was pretty disappointed with the color payoff. I could kind-of see it on my finger but any color that was there disappeared once I rubbed it onto my wrist.


When it came time to really give it a go on the cheeks, I really wasn’t expecting much of anything however, I was quite surprised that it did show up on the face! This is not some super pigmented blush with intense color pay off that’s for sure, but it does leave a nice natural glow to the face with just a hint of color that did last for a solid 6 hours.

While this is not my favorite from the collection, I can see that it would look beautiful on fair skin, leaving a kiss of sheer color for a natural, healthy glow.

The Arabesque Powder Blush is Limited Edition.

Face and Corsage Brush ~ $32.00CAD

This multifunctional, ultra-soft brush can be used apply all types of powders. Face powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, even set your under eye concealer with this beauty!

It is densely packed, yet flexible making it easy to work with and a joy to use for blending. And without a doubt, it is stunning to look at with its white handle, gold ferrule and frosted pink synthetic bristles.

The Arabesque Face and Corsage Brush is Limited Edition.


Arabesque Nail Lacquer ~ $9.00CAD

I mentioned in a recent post that I am slightly a nail polish snob. I’m definitely no professional, but I do my own nails and have a clear set of standards that a polish must meet to get my stamp of approval. The formula can’t be too thin, too thick, it can’t take too long to dry, but it also can’t dry too fast! The brush can’t be thin, too thick, too hard or too soft. Everybody has these standards right? :/


Shades from left to right: Arabesque | Cerise Noire

I am happy to report that the Lise Watier Nail Polishes live up to my high expectations and to top it off, the brush has a slightly rounded tip which absolutely seals the deal! It makes it so much easier to get nice and close to your cuticle without flooding them, leaving a smooth clean line.

Arabesque is a muti-chromatic polish with hues of lavender and gold. Cerise Noire is a deep deep wine shade that pairs perfectly with the Rouge Gourmand Lipstick (see below).

The Arabesque Nail Lacquers are Limited Edition.

Lise Watier Holiday Lippies!

Shades from left to right: Gold Glory (LE) | Swan Kiss (LE)| Cherise Noire (permanent)


Haute Lumière High Shine Lip Gloss ~ $24.00CAD

Wear alone or as a lipstick topper, either way, you get an amazing high shine finish! This non-sticky lipgloss is sheer in color with champagne gold micro glitter. Complete with a light up cap and mirror on the side of the tube makes this the perfect accessory for a night out! This Limited Edition shade won’t last long!

Baiser Velours ~ $28.00CAD

If you love liquid lipsticks, you will LOVE the Lise Watier Baiser Velours! Check out my review HERE. They are a non-drying matte finish lipstick that is long-lasting and crazy rich in color! For the Holiday Collection, Lise Watier has released a Limited Edition Shade, Swan Kiss, that is a deep mauve with brown undertones.

Rouge Gourmand Lipstick ~ $25.00CAD

I’m already a huge fan of the Rouge Gourmand Lipsticks and this new deep wine shade is a wonderful addition to the collection. The lipstick has a slight plumping effect and it moisturizes the lips making it super comfortable to wear. This intensely pigmented and opaque lipstick has a very mild metallic effect to it which really makes it pop! It is a truly stunning lipstick.

Lastly, I thought I would show you what the packaging looks like! Lise Watier is known for her beautiful packaging that changes with every seasons launch. The Arabesque Holiday Collection packaging is white with gold mirrored and glitter details. Fabulous!


The Lise Watier Arabesque Holiday Collection can be found at

Cheers, Victoria! kiss
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  1. Checked out your review on the Liquid Lipsticks and I think I need to place an order for all the shades! And the gold gloss is a must!


  2. LW always launches the best collections! She really out did her self with this one! I picked up the violet eyeshadow palette and may go back for that brush!


  3. Lise Watier makes wonderful shadows. The holiday palettes look so pretty! The gloss is pretty too but I’m not sure I’d wear it.


  4. Whoa. What’s with that boob top on the magazine cover . LOLOL OMG.
    Loving the nail polish shades SUPER pretty! I am going to make an attempt to paint my own nails tomorrow. Should be interesting.


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